Monday, September 24, 2007

This past weekend

Now that my final swap quilt has arrived at its destination, I can share it here.
Four seasons doll quilt - Fall
four seasons doll quilt swap - back

The recipient likes it, so I am happy. I used this book for the pattern, but I did not pay attention to the value or color placements that they used. I have a blue & yellow UFO (or 2) that will use those theories. I made a second fall version for me to keep. I quilted it last night, but I forgot to switch to the "invisible" thread & my binding is horrible. Oh well, it is done & If I hang it high enough, no one will notice, right?

Bebbs little needle books hit me in just the right spot. You see, my husband has been wanting my to sew a button onto his shirt for a long time - you see I have a sewing machine and a needle & thread, so I must sew on buttons - NOPE! I did show him how & I helped a bit with the threading & knotting. Do I feel bad/guilty, nope. Sorry, quilting is my hobby not my avocation.

I finally got some fabric to make the pants that are being modeled here: Gone Aussie Quilting. I first saw these on flickr - it was part of a sew-a-long... I hadn't even seen the book by that point. But I have been wanting a lounge pant pattern for some time...

After, I got my pot roast into the slow cooker (crock pot - are they the same thing?) I met up with my GF and used the full punch card at the shop where I will no longer be spending my quilting money. (I got a solid to go with the Hanukkah print below.) then we went to a shop near where hse lives that I had not been to yet (I had seen them vend at local shows). & then we went to Patches & I finally got to meet Toni. She could not have been any nicer...

I got the "high loft" poly batt at Joanns - yuck! But I am button tufting with it anyway... It will work, but I won't be doing it again - with that batting! (I found some mini buttons, I hope to tuft a doll quilt or several on the near future!)

I got some new fabrics in the mail - nice! (but first...)
hannukah print fabric (Alexander Henry?) I got this at my LQS. I like how it is graphic. I bought some solids to go with it & plan to make a graphic "modern" quilt. I saw it at Joanns & I could not tell any difference in quality - but it was more expensive at Joanns - I kid you not!
A while back at Joanns I got this:
aleph bet fabric It was on sale. :o)
it is so nice to find Judaic prints that are not just for Hanukkah.
So I went to my favorite purveyor of online Judaic fabric & purchased these:
aleph bet fabric
aleph bet fabric
aleph bet fabric Jus tlike with cat prints, I apparently like to have it in every color option available. :o)
I found some solids that will mix beautifully with these - I am thinking ZIPPER - and/or something simpler, but still graphic.


Rosalyn Manesse said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and in answer to the question about my puff quilt--I'm just making it a hit and miss of all sorts of scraps. A "Trip around the world" puff quilt would be pretty, though. I love the fabric that you showed. I want to buy some of the alef-bet fabric to use for borders around the boy's quilts that I'm making right now.

Unknown said...

I've always liked letter forms of all kinds and I about fell off my chair when I saw those Hebrew letter prints. Fantastic! And I'm not even Jewish, but I have to find those fabrics.

Hedgehog said...

Love those fabrics!! Like Kathie, I love all letter fabrics, too. Zipper sounds like a good idea...

Your swap quilt is cute, too.

JoAnna said...

Your new candle fabric is AWESOME. That will be lots of fun to work with. I love the backing fabric on your little quilt too.

If I were still in DC, I would steal your stash.

Nicole & Phil said...

The colours look graet in this one...waht no cats??? I can't see any ;)
I always enjoy seeing the quilts you have been working on, I will try and get back here more often!

Jeanne said...

Oh, your new Judaic fabrics are WONDERFUL! The stylized designs and the colors really look like YOU!
I allow about 1 button a year for Tony ... no pants hemming though. I explained to him several decades ago that I'm not a tailor.
Jeanne :)

Holly said...

That little fall quilt is beautiful! Glad you got to put that one shop behind you forever and move on to better business.

Amanda Jean said...

I love the doll quilt that you made, and I love the book that you got the pattern from. I haven't made anything in it yet...the thought of all that cutting those tiny little pieces scares me.