Friday, September 07, 2007

A littl bit of this a little bit of that

First from The Quilting Pirate, Toni - Friday 5!
1. How often do you use coupons for quilting related items? Every chance I get!
2. Do you find coupons for local quilt shops? A couple of my LQS's have a coupon book. One is far better than the other, but both are fiddley... Like you have to buy a nature print on Arbor day to save 10%...
3. Do you shop online with coupons? YEP - but not as often as I would like... (I recently completed a questionnaire at equilter & got a GC & I have scored free shipping in the past.)
4. What was the best coupon/sale you took advantage of? In the less favored coupon book (see 2 above) there was a 40% off 1 in stock item if you brought in a quilt for Project Linus. I got a bolt of Kona Snow. I bought 2 coupon books & did two quilts, so I still have another 40% off coupon - I might get another Kona Snow bolt....
5. What would you like to see your local quilt shop often in a coupon or sale? Not sure...

Take it if you want it... (If I do this will no one notice that I failed miserably at Take a Stitch Thursday? Ahem...)

My package from Finn came in last night... :o) I now have proof that my quilt of 1050 cat charms does not have all of the available cat prints... :o(

But I got a nice assortment & some ideas.
For example, just using the solids - sew the squares together in a gradited manner - and create "On solid ground." (Yes, I am a fan of the play on words.)
The cat bits will join my other cat bits an become "something" like the quilt seen here: Lady Harvatine's whiplash quilt.
If I join the winter four seasons doll quilt swap & get someone that wants something Christmassy - I will probably do that again with the Christmas prints...

For the majority of the rest, I will trim them to 1 inch squares and do a tiny charm quilt. :o)

After I finish a million other projects...

Like a quilt made out of this
Heather Ross
& this
I have some ideas...
for using them like this lovely quilt found on Flickr. (The concept of which you don't "need" a pattern for but which is in one of my new magazines (sorry not sure which magazine) & is in Bend the Rules Sewing by: Amy Karol aka Angry Chicken. Or the cover quilt on yet another magazine that I can not recall the title of to hyperlink to... (I'll try to remember to photograph them for Monday, "k?") This one has the look of exclamation points... (I think the sparrows in the circles would be neat...)


Laurie Ann said...

Love those Heather Ross prints! I wonder if she makes anything with dog prints?

JoAnna said...

So jealous of the Joel Dewberry! I'm on a fabric diet (3 months and counting!) but, if I weren't, that is the line I would splurge on. Reminds me of spring in DC.

Can't wait to see the result!

Shelina said...

Amy that whiplash quilt is gorgeous! Makes me want to dig out all my scraps and start sewing! Thanks for sharing the link.