Sunday, September 09, 2007

just chatting

So many new commenters to my blog on that last post. Thank you all & welcome!

Who knew that an 8.5 inch cut boder used up so much fabric... :o)

I actually have to figure out if I have enough brown for the exclaimation point quilt.

The quilt I want to make is on the cover of Quilts and More. The issue after this one. I am a bit snarky over the fact that the website is not up to date on this... (I wonder if that is a reslut of my blogging? More specifically, my wanting to blog the magazine?)

You see, I do not usually purchase large pieces of fabric - apparently when I do, I want them to LAST & LAST & LAST.

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susan said...

Hi Amy, wow you did have a lot of comments on that last post! Just wondering what is a good quilt magazine - I noticed you mentioned Quilt and More. Is it your favorite? How many do you get?

Love the Zipper!