Friday, September 28, 2007

Why I can't be a Tee Vee cook...

So I took another trip in the way back machine yesterday. This time I was in Sam's blog, Diary of a Mad Fabri-holic, way back in October 2005. First let me say that I thought her old posts just rolled off & died - her blog only shows the last 12 months, you have to "look for" anything older...
I was looking for her pumpkin cookies recipe.

(I am SOOOOOOO ready for Fall! Maybe some pumpkin cooking will force it to come and stay for a while.)

It is very good, but in reality on Thursday after work, I do not need that many ingredients... & I recently bought a bag of "old" bananas - so I found this recipe & decided to give it a go.

Banana Bread Pie
2 very ripe bananas
1/2 cup biscuit mix (like Bisquick)
2 large eggs
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
1 Tbsp. butter; melted
1 tsp vanilla
Place bananas in a large mixing bowl and mash with an electric mixer until smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix until well blended. Pour the mixture into a 9 in pie place and bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes. The pie should be caramelized on the edges but still a little soft in the center.

Just what the doctor ordered... simple & good & warm.

So what about that blog title...

Lets just say that 14 oz. of canned sweetened condensed milk is a goal, not a requirement. You can get away with say 13 oz. just fine...
You see, I opened the can, but that last little bit did not come apart from the can... So I am trying to pry it off with out cutting myself or getting the bit on the lid on the counter... so I start rocking it back & forth - not paying attention to the fact that the can contains a liquid.... I spilled some from the can onto the counter & my hand & the floor, by the time it was all said & done. So I dumped into the mixer before losing any more of it... Yes, that is when the lid came off into the mixer....

Every thing else worked out just fine - I spilled some of the Bisquick - but that was expected...

Enjoy the pie, I did!

Oh and on a quilty note, I had EVERY intention of honoring my own pledge to Take a Stitch Thursday, but I failed miserably... Hopefully I find my groove again real soon. (I bought a lot of batting this week...)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What were you doing 15 months ago?

I was enamoured with KC Quilter's "to go" project. Curious? Take a look in the way back machine to July 2006. I asked for the details on the pattern - printed pre-websites... I finally found a copy. :o) I have a little thing for Noah's Ark & love the simplicity of this green work piece.

With all of my current UFO's and need to do's, I am not sure when I will try my hand at this, but...

I have a question or two for all of you hand embroiderers out there....

Would you use linen as the fabric on which you are stitching? Do you "need" a hoop? I haven't even considered embroidering since I was probably about 8 years old. (Cross stitch not included.)

But I would love to add bits of embroidery to my little doll quilts - & I have a WHIMM* that will use my hankies and some old croched bits** where some embroidery would be nice too.

*WHIMM = Work hidden in my mind.
** my great grandmother croched the edges of pillow cases, hankies, etc. I have the croched ends off of several pillow cases - no idea what to do with them, so I am thinking maybe something like this: Arsenic & Old lace. Only mine won't be halloweeny, nor will I tea dye... I also don't really want an over the top 30's vibe either.... So the idea is still germinating. :o) BTW At that link is a tutorial, so you can play along with Calamity Kim. :o)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Is this what the moon looks like where you live? This is what I saw on my way into the office this morning, a beautiful orange moon. (only it was way bigger looking in real life...)

Yes, I really do get to work before sunrise...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HELP... (Some that I need & some that I provide)

You can get this pattern from the designer here: Oy Vey. I own it & made it back before I knew that you could use your own fabric choices in a quilt pattern... I am not a plaid girl, so I sent my version of this to Morah. I am about to make it again - but I want to throw out my color idea first...

I am making it for a new born (unknown gender). I have heard that black & white are "stimulating" for infants.... So black & white prints for the background with red letters? Yes/No? Other ideas?

Kathie asked about the Alpeh Bet fabrics that I shared yesterday... This is my source for those prints (she sells this quilt pattern too.)

I have also ordered Judaic fabrics from this location: Fancy Delancy. (The have Taupe, CW repro, Oriental, and the kind of prints that you expect. & They have paper pieced patterns... The letters kind of have a Free Pieced look to them.)

BTW last night, I started to piece a crib sized Zipper using the Aleph bet prints & coordinating solids. And I started a graphic strippy quilt using the candles print & coordinating solids.

I want to try out quilt as you go - but the batting that I got is polyester & I don't care for its feel, so I need to return it to Joanns and get the kind that I have been using on my doll quilts at the LQS - luckily I have a coupon that is valid on batting this weekend.

Monday, September 24, 2007

This past weekend

Now that my final swap quilt has arrived at its destination, I can share it here.
Four seasons doll quilt - Fall
four seasons doll quilt swap - back

The recipient likes it, so I am happy. I used this book for the pattern, but I did not pay attention to the value or color placements that they used. I have a blue & yellow UFO (or 2) that will use those theories. I made a second fall version for me to keep. I quilted it last night, but I forgot to switch to the "invisible" thread & my binding is horrible. Oh well, it is done & If I hang it high enough, no one will notice, right?

Bebbs little needle books hit me in just the right spot. You see, my husband has been wanting my to sew a button onto his shirt for a long time - you see I have a sewing machine and a needle & thread, so I must sew on buttons - NOPE! I did show him how & I helped a bit with the threading & knotting. Do I feel bad/guilty, nope. Sorry, quilting is my hobby not my avocation.

I finally got some fabric to make the pants that are being modeled here: Gone Aussie Quilting. I first saw these on flickr - it was part of a sew-a-long... I hadn't even seen the book by that point. But I have been wanting a lounge pant pattern for some time...

After, I got my pot roast into the slow cooker (crock pot - are they the same thing?) I met up with my GF and used the full punch card at the shop where I will no longer be spending my quilting money. (I got a solid to go with the Hanukkah print below.) then we went to a shop near where hse lives that I had not been to yet (I had seen them vend at local shows). & then we went to Patches & I finally got to meet Toni. She could not have been any nicer...

I got the "high loft" poly batt at Joanns - yuck! But I am button tufting with it anyway... It will work, but I won't be doing it again - with that batting! (I found some mini buttons, I hope to tuft a doll quilt or several on the near future!)

I got some new fabrics in the mail - nice! (but first...)
hannukah print fabric (Alexander Henry?) I got this at my LQS. I like how it is graphic. I bought some solids to go with it & plan to make a graphic "modern" quilt. I saw it at Joanns & I could not tell any difference in quality - but it was more expensive at Joanns - I kid you not!
A while back at Joanns I got this:
aleph bet fabric It was on sale. :o)
it is so nice to find Judaic prints that are not just for Hanukkah.
So I went to my favorite purveyor of online Judaic fabric & purchased these:
aleph bet fabric
aleph bet fabric
aleph bet fabric Jus tlike with cat prints, I apparently like to have it in every color option available. :o)
I found some solids that will mix beautifully with these - I am thinking ZIPPER - and/or something simpler, but still graphic.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another gifted doll quilt & some questions for all of you in bloggerville

This is the last of my photos that I have not shared yet - I think...
My second doll quilt
This is also a doll quilt hat was a gift several years ago probably in 2005.

Has anyone used Glad Press & Seal for marking quilting designs?
Any advice? What kind of marker should I use? If I want to trace that mark from a book, how would I go about that without sticking the press & seal to the book?

Button Tufting...
I plan to Tuft this quilt...
In Stitches quilt
You see the pattern was not a "normal" quilt pattern - right sides together 1/4 inch seam...
To find out how this should have been pieced, check out this book:
Amy Butler In Stitches (either link will work, one is her website, the other is Amazon.)
I treated it like it was & consequently the quilt top does not lie flat. I figure if I exaggerate the "fullness" with a puffy batt and button tufting that I have hide my sins...
I also plan to "birth" the quilt - that always adds "fullness" to my tops, too.

BTW I am undeterred from making other things in that book - like the strippy circles pillow (as a doll quilt) that is on the couch & the lounge pants...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My first doll quilt circa 2004 - it was a gift

My first doll quilt circa 2004
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

Quite a few people (on the blog and in real life) have asked me what I am going to do with all of those doll quilts...

Well I have a plan to do a wall/hall of quilts. I love variety in style, color, size, construction methods, etc.

This one would be my first doll quilt. It was given to me as a gift back in 2004. I like the Monet feel of this bargello quilt. I also still like the way the tops and bottoms of the strips are longer that the parts in the middle more traditional bargello area.

Reminds me of a quilt that I saw in a museum once - the quilt was bed size - the tops and bottoms on the bargello were all plain muslin and long - like a couple of feet long, so that the twisty bargello in the middle was a lot like a cloud in a field of blue sky. (No photo taking was aloud - if I even had my camera to take the picture...)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

an update (of sorts)

So I showed this quilt top last month.

Here it is now (well Ihave added a bit more quilting since I took the photo):

current doll quilt for me
(I have actually quilted it enough to remove the pins...)

An arty photograph...
pink & brown tumblers
(post basting, pre-in the ditch quilting by hand.)

Some of the quilting on the back:
Hand quilting in progress

I need advice on the binding...
I guess since the sides are not straight that I have to use bias binding, right? when using bias binding, to I fold it in half and attach the "double" raw side by machine on the front first - or....?

Monday, September 17, 2007

In the mean time

I posted earlier about some new fabrics. (Ones that I had to get online because these are nto to be found in my locale... At least I haven't found them yet, locally.)

I have been making more "decisions" regarding some of these prints... I got some Natures Pallette fabrics to go with the Heather Ross prints.


Excepting the two light pinks & the purple, I will be using these as the centers of the blocks in the quilt called "What a Bunch of Squares" by Denyse Schmidt. (Luckily those templates fit on legal size paper, so that I did not have to deal with Kinko's again...) Pattern in her book, Quilts. (If you do the search inside thing & look at the back flap - it is the quilt on which the author is seated.)
But you can see it in other variations here and here. Take a look at this one on abmatic/k. Do you see how her exterior portions have yellows mixed in with her blues? I plan on mixing in the prints above with yellows. Using the dark natures pallette fabrics for the centers. Here is a Denyse Schmidt Flickr group with a few of these quilts as well as other projects from her book & projects using her fabrics. (But my idea is most inline with the one on abmatic/k and the ones on the Denyse Schmidt website, since she uses more that one ornagely yellow & I have 4 or 5 pulled to try out, so I will definately use more than one...)

Something quilty

Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

I actually finished this top about a week ago... I don't think I shared it. (If I did, forgive me, I don't want the first post that someone stumbling onto my blog to be a whingey post...)

So I listened to a few of you & really concentrated on separating the blues and reds. I am pretty happy with it overall.

I think this will get an allover quilting job in brown, so as not to distract from it's "design."

Maybe Sour really begets sour....

Even so...
After reading Angela's post, I feel the urge to whinge too.

So my mini-group (not a guild - I thought about that after reading Judy's post.) meets in the back of a LQS (one of the "members" is very friendly with the owner.) once a month to sew & eat. No politics, no projects, etc. But that is not what I am whinging about today...

I have finally decided not to spend my quilting dollars at that location...

Apparently the owning half that was in the store - does not realize that the idea of haveing a quilt store is to sell fabric...

I have a coupon for "X" off of one instock item.

I was going to get a bolt of Kona Snow - but alas there were only 3 partial bolts of Kona Snow.
(Being a business owner, would you rather sell 9 or 16 yards?)
I asked if I could combine the bolts to get to the full bolt size... It's not my fault that they had 3 partial bolts of the SAME thing...

I was told, "No." The coupon says 1 thing... Kona Snow is 1 thing, is it not?

So I passed up the opportunity to buy a new book, thread, 16 yards of Kona Snow, and a couple 1 yard pieces of some other fabrics...

& I have decided that is a quilt store rich area that I do not need to spend my dollars there... I mean seriously, I was shopping for Kona Snow - you can get that almost ANYWHERE!

Now to figure out what to do with my full punch card (worth $10 - whoopdeedo - they have a better deal at my "favorite" LQS anyway) and that "X" coupon - no need to let it go to waste, someone else can use it. I'll have to ask next month if anyone has a big yardage purchase planned.

Sorry to whinge, but I do feel better. :o)

I am taking my GF to the store where Toni works on Friday... she has never been there & depending on the time, she will then take me to a shop near her that I have never been to. :o)

Steps to the Altar quilt

Steps to the Altar quilt
Originally uploaded by swim notes

I think this is how I will use a lot of the scraps that I got from Finn, mixed in with my Y2K charms...
This is a 2 block quilt essentially, both of which are 7 x 7 squares. One is scrappy - the other has the "Altar." I would probably keep the black (or switch it to white - you know me & that Kona snow.) and use yellow with blue (an old tried and true combo. for me.)

Don't anyone start holding their breath on when this might be completed...

Photo from American Patchwork & Quilting, August 2002. Photo posted by "somone else" on Flickr.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

1 for 1 doll quilt swap

1 for 1 doll quilt swap
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

And this is the Quilt that I sent to McIrish Annie. (You can see the back & the quilt that she sent me a couple posts back.)

We are both Dandylions, hence the dandylion on this quilt.

Friday, September 14, 2007

1 for 1 doll quilt swap

1 for 1 doll quilt swap
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

This is my answer to, "Do you really cut up fabric just to sew it back together?" Not only do I do that, I cut it up again! I also like the juxtaposition of the rounded shapes with the straight grids. I sent this quilt to Martha (sorry no hyper links I am blogging from Flickr) in a 1 for 1 swap. She signed up for the Pinwheels BOM after I did, so I knew that she would like the taupes. She also has an artistic leaning, so I let my inner artist out. (this one also has an Asian cat fabric on the back.)

Answer to a question about this quilt - the circles in the background are part of the fabric. I quilted it in horizontal lines to emphasize the horizon. (I forgot to mention that I called this Taupe Boulders on the beach. Martha lives near the beach...)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Look who got a quilt!

Here is RB's new quilt from McIrish Annie of Quilt til you Wilt fame.

RB on a doll quilt

We did a one for one doll quilt swap. Here is the quilt that came to my house yesterday.

quilt for me

(Do you see that paw? He did not want me to take a picture of that quilt without he being "involved.") He is such a big helper...

Here is the back of the quilt that is headed north...

The back of a 1 for 1 doll quilt

From the front it "goes the other way" but I could not show the cats on their sides...

This should go out in todays mail along with another one for one swap & the four seasons doll quilt sawp - fall quilt. (I'll blog those when they arrive at their destinations.)

Monday, September 10, 2007

now that is skinny

Has anyone seen this yet?
Grass quilt in progress by Brenda Gael Smith. I don't even have a concept for 1/14th of an inch... (let alone how to sew it...)

I have enjoyed seeing the quilts that she makes & I occasionally catch her patterns in the Australian patchwork magazines that I look at the book stores. Here is her art quilt "gallery." (She has other gallieries, just poke around the blog.) Le Prentemps is my favorite... It really does have the feeling of Spring. Her pattern Synchronicity is on my to do list... (I'll get to that after I get round to getting the pattern...)

I finished the binding on the 3 doll quilts that I am currently swapping - YIPPEE! & I stared to hand quilt the taupe tumbler quilt - stitch in the ditch... The clam shells idea caused a brain cramp & there are tooo many seams.

Camera - at home, so no "in progress" photos.

I've got a question...

What goes with Lavendar? I got a couple books on color theory & am even more confused now that before I tried to look at it from the "proper" perspective. (Yellowy orange - limey yellow?) The lavendar is a Kona Solid, so I can't pull something to go with one of the other shades/colors in the print.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

just chatting

So many new commenters to my blog on that last post. Thank you all & welcome!

Who knew that an 8.5 inch cut boder used up so much fabric... :o)

I actually have to figure out if I have enough brown for the exclaimation point quilt.

The quilt I want to make is on the cover of Quilts and More. The issue after this one. I am a bit snarky over the fact that the website is not up to date on this... (I wonder if that is a reslut of my blogging? More specifically, my wanting to blog the magazine?)

You see, I do not usually purchase large pieces of fabric - apparently when I do, I want them to LAST & LAST & LAST.

Friday, September 07, 2007

To finish is divine

I once saw a sign in a shop or at a show oh heck it might have been on a blog or shirt that said something to the effect of "To quilt is human, to finish is divine."

Well, I have another finish to report.
zipper back Cheryl, do you see my "faux bias binding?" Thankfully they printed those stripes on the diagonal. :o)

Another view:
angled zipper The pattern is Zipper & it is in Modern Quilt Workshop by Weeks Ringlr & Bill Kerr of Fun Quilts fame. They did the pattern for Plain Spoken - the quilt I showed a couple day ago.

As of Saturday, I attached the 3 bindings, whew! & I attached a border to the Brown quilt that I shared a few day ago.

The magazine that I could not think of is Quilts and More - I am going to do the cover quilt with the Joel Dewberry prints - using Kona Show where they used White & Brown where they used solid pink. I'll worry about the border when I get there....

A littl bit of this a little bit of that

First from The Quilting Pirate, Toni - Friday 5!
1. How often do you use coupons for quilting related items? Every chance I get!
2. Do you find coupons for local quilt shops? A couple of my LQS's have a coupon book. One is far better than the other, but both are fiddley... Like you have to buy a nature print on Arbor day to save 10%...
3. Do you shop online with coupons? YEP - but not as often as I would like... (I recently completed a questionnaire at equilter & got a GC & I have scored free shipping in the past.)
4. What was the best coupon/sale you took advantage of? In the less favored coupon book (see 2 above) there was a 40% off 1 in stock item if you brought in a quilt for Project Linus. I got a bolt of Kona Snow. I bought 2 coupon books & did two quilts, so I still have another 40% off coupon - I might get another Kona Snow bolt....
5. What would you like to see your local quilt shop often in a coupon or sale? Not sure...

Take it if you want it... (If I do this will no one notice that I failed miserably at Take a Stitch Thursday? Ahem...)

My package from Finn came in last night... :o) I now have proof that my quilt of 1050 cat charms does not have all of the available cat prints... :o(

But I got a nice assortment & some ideas.
For example, just using the solids - sew the squares together in a gradited manner - and create "On solid ground." (Yes, I am a fan of the play on words.)
The cat bits will join my other cat bits an become "something" like the quilt seen here: Lady Harvatine's whiplash quilt.
If I join the winter four seasons doll quilt swap & get someone that wants something Christmassy - I will probably do that again with the Christmas prints...

For the majority of the rest, I will trim them to 1 inch squares and do a tiny charm quilt. :o)

After I finish a million other projects...

Like a quilt made out of this
Heather Ross
& this
I have some ideas...
for using them like this lovely quilt found on Flickr. (The concept of which you don't "need" a pattern for but which is in one of my new magazines (sorry not sure which magazine) & is in Bend the Rules Sewing by: Amy Karol aka Angry Chicken. Or the cover quilt on yet another magazine that I can not recall the title of to hyperlink to... (I'll try to remember to photograph them for Monday, "k?") This one has the look of exclamation points... (I think the sparrows in the circles would be neat...)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Plain Spoken

Plain Spoken
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

My Plain Spoken quilt is quilted!

It's early, & I am tired. Work is busy...

Not really inspired to do much in the way of sewing. I better fix that attitude by this afternoon after all it is Take a Stitch Thursday... Maybe i will do some hand quilting.

I should do some binding.... (I have 3 doll quilts that "need" binding.)

I washed the flannel for my cat charm back - I should piece that...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

How I spent yesterday... O.K. I had about 4 of these done before yesterday & I started working on the templates on Saturday night... I will be adding a brown border. I have more of the yellow floral for the back. Any strong opinions on which fabric to pay attnetion to when sewing these together? I am thinking either the brown print or the red... (The two yellow prints, and the 3 that read as gray in this photo seem to disperse more naturally.)

I used Denyse Schmidts pattern, Hop, skip & jump from her book. Well I actually used the free version that is available from the company that manufactures her fabric, Free Spirit. ( That way I did not have to fight with the Kinko's guy over making the 400% enlargement of a pattern in a book that I own - where the page says to enlarge 400%...

For my next foray into Denyse Schmidt, I have made my copies - I needed legal sized paper - when was the last time (excepting when you are in the real estate/legal business) you saw that stuff? I have my templates, my mechanical pencils, my fabrics, my book, now for some TIME.

I have had the blocks for my blue & white version of this quilt finished for a while - but they seemed "off." As soon as I pieced my first brown block, I realized what i had done wrong on the blue & whites - I sewed a top to a bottom... so they are not "rectangles." I will be "squaring up" those blocks before sewing them together. Good thing i had already planned on adding a border to it...

Monday, September 03, 2007

cat charm quilt 2

cat charm quilt 2
Originally uploaded by aviva_hadas

Here it is in all of its 103 inch square glory...

On saturday M. & I went to the You pick farm again (After a jaunt to the bicycle shop and Patches Quilting) & got a lot of berries, apples and cucumbers.

When we got home, I made a honey apple cake - dry run before the holiday - to make sure that it turns out o.k., a blackberry crisp, 3 pints or refrigerator raspberry jelly, and 8 pints of refrigerator pickles.

Yesterday I chose a Kona cotton to go with my Bleeker Street collection to make an Atkinson Designs quilt - not take two & add a few, even though I bought that booklet at patches. I think it will be neat, but very unexpected. (Thanks everyone who helped with choosing a color that would be unexpected.) I think I chose Rian's color choice. (sorry no hyperlinks - I am blogging from flickr) I auditioned everything from monochromatic to orange to tomato to berry....