Monday, January 29, 2007

The anatomy of a cat quilt

I will attempt to explain my cat charm quilt & some of the things that I think/thought about when makeing it.
similar yet different Some of the fabric lines come in different color ways. Here you see bright & natural. I chose to use the same kitty to emphasize the fact that they are similar but different.

different fabrics different scenes On the same line of thought, using this selection, I chose different views from this line of fabric. (The red & yellow prints also had a cat hiding behind an URN as shown on the blue print, etc.)

In general, I tried to keep the "similar but different" prints in differnt "blocks." This was not hard for those two examples because there were only 2 and 3 prints, but I have quite a few Nancy Wolf prints and Catberry Tales prints... I was moderately successful in regards to that goal.

I also tried to vary the scale of my prints - so there are some tiny prints, that you could make into a charm with out fussy cutting. Most of them did require special cutting & I few even required my deliberat selection of jut the "front" of the cat...

I have other prints that were WAY to big in scale for this project. I was considering using then in the setting triangles, but decided against that as grain is more important - "Whoa did I say that?" I even considered using them on the back, but I got a scrumptious flannel instead!

I also managed to avoid using my 30's kitties at all! They are my least favorite... & I have some "new" prints that also did not make it into this quilt, so I am lamenting a little...

general 1/2 layout for cat charm quilt Here is almost 1/2 of the layout - complete with Quilt Inspector, Rhapsody.

The cat charm top exploded & here is the same view exploded - so you can see the 9 patches ans 25 patches. The points of the 9- patches will be at the edge of the quilt while the points of the 25 patches will "float." I would have needed a 36 patch for them all to meet at the edge... I only figured that out when I layed it out... Oh well, it will still be quilt...

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my insanity...

Oh and when I compare this endeavour to my last cat charm quilt, I see some from the old one that are not in this one... The quest is eternal!

As I ahev said before, no kitty print will be turned away from my doorstep. Meow >^..^<

The anatomy of a cat quilt

Just a small sampling (Small being relative.):
tourist kitty A tourist kitty in Hawaii with a camera! (For Barb!)

x-ray kitty An X-ray kitty - If you have made an alphabet quilt, you will know how hard it is to find "X" pictures... This print kind of creeps me out, but...

a cat viewing her Image "I" is another hard letter to find, so this kitty is looking at her image.

cat on TV Cat on TV - I have quite a few prints by this designer, Nancy Wolf. I tried to not have more that one in each block... Do you see the tiny kitties next to this print - I think varying scale is important...

Tonkinese cat This kitty looks just like my little girl cat, Rhapsody. The word next to this kitty is Tonkinese - her breed! Very clever...

do you see the cat on the mug This was not a cat print, rather a novelty print of coffee mugs, one of which has a cat on it. BTW the newspaper print next to the coffee mugs (we all crink coffee & read the paper, right?) is a new paper article about Terry Tonkinese... I read quite a bit of that "paper" to find the Tonkinese reference.

cat in a bakery Again this was not a cat print, rather a bakery print. Luckily the bakery has a shop cat.

knitty kitty Knitty Kitty - this is as close to knitting as I will get. (remind me if I ever get to close... I have a TON of cat fabric to use before starting a yarn stash.)

a halloween calico cat print One Halloween print, I am sharing it because of the calico cat!

cat with a walkman! This cat is litening to a walkman - will my kids even know what a walkman is? The print itself is too old for the kitty to be listening to an Ipod!

kitten on a dog Kitty on a puppy - for all of you dog lovers!

the back of a cat The back of a cat - to add variety to the images!

Asian kitty This is one of my favorite prints, that is a cat all curled up into a ball sleeping... There are alos Temari balls on the print - so if you are not looking closely, you will miss the kitties!

Alexander Henry's nap cats Another of my most favored cat prints. The is "Cat Nap" by Alexander Henry. It came in 4 colorways & I am lucky enough to have one of each for my charm quilt. (I lucked out on my first charm quilt in that respect too - as I have NEVER seen the green for sale.) Unfortunately for me, these came onto the market right before I started to quilt. I got a little bit at my LQS, but I did not know "how to shop" so I did not get enough... I did get lucky though, Keepsake Quilting "found" a bolt in blue after the fabric had been out a while - I bought a lot when I saw it that time! Also I have seen this on Ebay for over $20 per yard! Jane, this is the "all Siamese" print...

The anatomy of a cat quilt

(This will be the last cat charm quilt posting...)
gifty fabric Many of my charms were gifts!

kitty on a quilt If you see a kitty that you sent for the cause,

Asian Kitty Thank you again for your support & generosity.

rainbow kitty. Many I had never seen before & haven't seen since.

kitty with yarn I love them all!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Where are my cats & what have I been up to?

RB This is RB, he is apparently too tired to deal with me...

Rhapsody Here is Rhapsody, with her RB pillow, I was happy to snap a pic without red eye!

Rhapsody & RB re: the cryptic title - My kitties are in my closet! That is so not a cat spot!

The onion This is what I have been working on. The onions are fused, but I did the quilting using my Pfaff - I did a cross hatch. Can you see the quilting? I used smoke nylon thread, so you may not be able to see it. I am happy with how it turned out! I did not want blakc thread on the onions and I did not want white or green on the black background, so this worked fine for my purposes.

My husband & I went to the movies yesterday & saw the Judy Dench movie - superb! (Although the subject is probably not everyones cuppa. Not that it is "mine" but the movie was still superb! In the same way that I do not condone mobsters, but I could watch a mobster movie.)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to me - almost...

My birthday is next Tuesday, but last night I came home to a lovely gift. All the way from the UK. (I almost tore in to the package before doling out cat food & cat Rx - but I live with a boy cat who can be quite insistent!)
wrapped Here it is wrapped. Isn't that a sweet star? I wish I had that attention to detail when it comes to gift wrap. As of late, my recipients are lucky to have any wrap at all. Now I know that it is not my birthday yet & you would think at my "advanced" age that I would have the will power to wait a few days, but you would be WRONG...
unwrapped Here is is unwrapped. I am so in love with that toy sewing machine & the concentrating look on the little girls face. & her curly hair... - I am one with straight hair, so I have a thing for curls... Do you see that kitten on the card? Isn't he the cutest... Well not "THE" cutest, but cute none the less. :o)

Thanks again, Fiona, for the lovely suprise!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Because I would rather blog than work...

(My lunch hour started late...)

Am I the only one who stalks "quilt" photos on webshots and flickr?

They are kind of dangerous...

I get all kinds of inspiration - especially when I see kitties...

BUT (yes there is always a but) When I see somone using cat fabrics, I immediately do a mental inventory of my own cat fabrics - specifically those in the current charm quilt & pine over those that I "KNOW" I am missing. (Even with more than 700 prints, I still know that I am missing some... I just do.)

& I see new & exciting ways to use my lovelies... Which is a good thing considering my extensive collection.

Guess what, my cat charm quilt is all in blocks now - 25 blocks of 25 & 12 blocks of 9 = don't worry about the layout, I drew it out & did the math & it works! YAY! Now I need to chose my setting triangles fabric (or fabrics) I was thinking to use the larger scale & newer cat fabrics that did not work in the body of the charm quilt... Can you say AUDITION... Not something I usually do - like on my last one, I chose the tan yarn fabric & stuck with it... I am not so decided on this one & am willing to audition... Maybe I am growing as a quilter & will start to use a design wall... (I can buy a portable one from Nancy's Notions with my birthday gift certificate....) Oh my, the concept boggles my mind!

Oh & while inspiration is a good thing, "Miss I have 80 items on my quilty to do list" at the begining of January & now already have more apparently does not need inspiration.

Oh and Mrs. Flickr & Mr. Webshots teach me humility... I am so in awe of so much of what I see. (I also can not wait for my next in person dose of humility at MAQS next month!) So many ideas & well executed projects!

But you know, I am seeing so many more "modern" quilts on flickr, while the quilts on webshots are more "how do you say?" I hope you know what I mean...

Being a dandylion - I like them all!

Oh and number 3 on my first MeMe from this morning - I have a swimsuit photo that shows the spot that I am talking about that I have shared with a few other bloggers who also do not know what to call that spot... I'll share it with you if you ask...

A MeMe

I had a photo filled blog planned, but I did not get the pictures taken last night... so you get a MeMe, this one is from Quilting Fitzy. (I know you thought I was going to say Deb!)
1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? Right now, I don't really care, anywhere where I could then afford to live would be nice...
2. What's your favorite article of clothing? my Northface fleece jackets...
3. Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? One of those spots (actually two) that you can't actually write about on a blog - but it's not x-rated....
4. What's the last CD that you bought? Do people still buy those? I thought about buying the latest CD by the first American Idol - but I can't think of her name, besides that would take away from my fabric budget... (Kelly...)
5. Where's your favorite place to be? At home with a 2 cat lap!
6. Where is your least favorite place to be? in traffic
7. What's your favorite place to be massaged? You know, for the most part, I don't care to be massaged... Rubbing can be o.k., but it isn't anything that I crave....
8. Strong in mind or strong in body? Mind
9. What time do you wake up in the morning? @4:45 - not really sure & I don't really want to know the exact time...
10. What is your favorite kitchen appliance? My new blender isn't too shabby...
11. What makes you really angry? IGNORANCE
12. If you could play any instrument, what would it be? harp, not sure why...
13. Favorite colour? BLUE (if I have to name one, but in truth I tend to like them all)
14. Which do you prefer...sports car or SUV? either... (are you buying?)
15. Do you believe in an afterlife? No
16. Favorite children's book? Anne of Green Gables
17. What is your favorite season? Fall, closely tied with Spring
18. Your least favorite household chore? All of them...
19. If you could have one super power, what would it be? the ability to see into the future
20. If you have a tattoo, what is it? No tats here...
21. Can you juggle? My life is nothing but juggleing - work, school, home, quilting, appointments, etc.
22. The one person from your past that you wish you could go back and talk to? I like to leave stuff in the past in the past, there is too much going on in the present to dwell...
23. What's your favorite day? Friday, the last day I have to work each week.
24. What's in the trunk of your car? It would be easier to tell you what isn't in there...
25. Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger? Sushi (Anyone planning on taking me out to dinner for my birthday better take note of that one, I'm just saying.....)

BUT..... (Yes, there always is a but)
I did get this MEME from Deb! (2 MeMe's in one post, what is the world coming too?)

Imagine you’ve made a connection with another blogger who lives in a completely different part of the world than you do. This blogger is about to take a trip and the connection you’ve made is so strong that she is going to make your house one stop on her trip. (Yay!) Unfortunately she can only stay at your place for 24 hours (boo!), but she’d like to see some nearby sights while visiting with you.
Keeping in mind that time is quite limited so you have to stick pretty close to home (although not necessarily right IN your town - just anyplace you could go as a day trip), try looking around you with the eyes of someone who has never seen your area and tell us some things you’d share with…
A Visitor to Your Hometown
1. Your visitor wants to see something historical. Where would you take her and why?
I live right neat Washington DC - take your pick!
2. She wants to see something hysterical…well, mildly amusing anyway. She’d even go for cute, quirky, odd, or unique. Where would you take her and why?
One of the Smithsonian's has "outsider art" including an aluminum foil shrine - to me that is quirky...
3. She wants to take some beautiful and/or interesting photos to fill her albums when she gets home. Where would you take her?
The national mall - especially near the Jefferson memorial
4. She’d like to buy a souvenir that will remind her of your area every time she sees it. What would you suggest and where would you go to get it?
One of those "Why the heck do the the tourists buy those FBI t-shirts?" (These aren't too bad, there are some that I doubt make it through 1 wash...)
5. Wow, it’s been a long day and you’re both ready for a snack, or maybe even a meal. Where would you take her to really get the flavor of your area?
Ben's Chili Bowl
(That MeMe was so easy it almost felt like cheating!)
Please feel free to take one or both, I'd love to hear about your hometown!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Road to California Quilt show photos...

I hope this links you to the webshots album.... Rd2Ca quilt show. Enjoy!

WIP on Wednesday

I am actually going to finish that last BAQ block!
my last block to do Not because of the guilty feelings that she raises in my gut, rather just to be that much closer to being done with it... While I am at it, I will add the sashing & corner stones to the rest of my blocks too.


Q. Who snores louder a sweet furry precious little girl cat or a husband?
A. It's a toss up!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mimi's BAQ fabric....

My mini-group meets monthly in the back of a quilt shop, Seminole Sampler, in Catonsville, Maryland. This shop is on that Mimi Dietrich frequents & there was a lot of evidence of that waiting for us this past Sunday....
Machine appl. BAQ by M.D. This one uses the fabrics and is machine appliqued. (The border is from the "cheater" fabric. Sorry, I don't know what else to call it... "Cheater" is not meant to be "bad.")
16 block BAQ fabric by M.D. All of the rest of the quilts use the Cheater blocks...
1 BAQ fabric by M.D.
9 blocks BAQ fabric by M.D.
TATW BAQ fabric by M.D. as seen in the magazines This is the one being used in the advertising.
star BAQ fabric by M.D.

I thought about buying some... (Why the hell not, I bought the taupes that I himmed & hawed about last week - My LQS had them & they are nice...) But there are only 8 blocks... Album quilts are supposed to have all different applique blocks... When did I become such an album snob, stickler, rule follower... If I could have thought of a way to use 8 blocks I might have made a purchase... But not unlike the last time I was tricked into buying fabric because Mimi bought some I persevered and did not/will not buy any!

Did I tell ya'll about the time I went fabric shopping & ran into Mimi? It has been several years now, but back when the Blue Bird of Happiness (the only photo I could find of it - it is that old) fabric came out, I was star stuck... (You know that way teens buy "x" because the celebutant of the moment has one...)

I di dnot buy as much as she, but I bought too much... It is no longer in my stash, I finally made a HUGE YBR & sold it - it did look "matchy matchy" in a decorator way....

Oh that reminds me, at my other LQS, they are about to teach YBR & haveone one the wall in reds & blacks - someone was looking at it and asked out loud - so somone else who did not know - "Why is that called, Yellow Brick Road?" Tee Hee! (I should have told them, but I did not want to feel soooo nosey...)

Taupe BAQ

I am almost 100% sure that I want to make a Baltimore Album Quilt where the blocks are baskets and urns of flowers and fruits using my Japanese taupe fabrics...

Was that anywhere close to my "stuff to work on in 2007 list?" HECK no.... & it is only January.... Which reminds me, my birthday is at the end of my month & my MIL got me a GC to Nancy's Notions... Fun, but I am having a hard time choosing what to buy from the catalog....

Back to the Taupes... I did/do have a few quilts on my list using them... Card tricks, bears paw, tumbler charm, the new Pinwheels BOM - Ping. (That one is a recent entry too...)

I know they are an acquired taste, but I love them! (Now to finish a faux log cabin, a cat charm, an irish chain variation, an Austrailian convergence, etc. so that I can start to play with them!)

My BAQ blocks

I promised Jeanne that I would share these... No one in my class chose anything like my colors... I never have been a conformer. Most people chose a theme fabric & pulled fabrics to go with it. many of the other gals in my class stuck with the tradiditonal basically read & green color selection... On the cut out blocks, most of the gals use their theme fabric, but they had white or cream backgrounds... Since my background has a subtle print, all of my other fabrics read as solid...

I am not sure if I will make 1 big quilt or 3 small quilts... I have been going back & forth on that issue for years...

BAQ block No specific order.... My overall theme was "hearts." Not sure why... I did not "need" a theme... When I look at all of those points, I can not believe that I finished this block...

more of my blocks 4 more blocks... Do you see the hearts? Do you see the kitties? (You knew cats had to be in there!) The blue toile in the pink hearts has a cat & the appliques below that are cats...

my BAQ blocks with sashing The first 3 completed blocks have sashing & cornerstones... The green paper cut is of cats... I really liked the paper cuts (a lot).

my cutwork hearts I was only supposed to do one of these to learn reverse applique, but they are hearts and paper cuts, so... I still liek them both!
my last block to doMy last block to do...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Quilt photos from the Tokyo quilt show

Check them out here! (Includes several antique American quilts.)


Does anyone follow this blog? (If you like cute EVERYTHING you should.) I am so in love with these fluff balls (don't tell my cats!)! I am especially in like with the photo of the south side of a north facing kitty. Check it out!

Do you remember Project Spectrum & my orange quilts?

You can see them on Suzanne's blog. She quilted them as part of The Quilt Studio webring's service project! Thanks Suzanne for quilting them! I think they are off to Debra for binding. When all of them are done, I will deliver them to The Children's Inn here in Bethesda, Maryland. I guess now is a good time to remind you (especially those of you with kids needing/wanting service or mitzvah projects) that you can send "Thoughtful Treasures."

BAQ part 2

I failed to mention that I took a year long BAQ class with Mimi Dietrich. I looked at my blocks last night (My husband used the batteries for the remote contro so still no photos until after I run to the store.) and I have one where my pattern is traced onto the fabric, all the others are done & a few even have sashing and corner stones attached (I attach sashing & cornerstones like a 4-patch instead of in a long row).

While I may seem to talk a lot more that work on quilting, this morning, I made several scallions fusible style for a gift block & I worked on my McKenna Ryan cat quilt some more!

A MeMe 6 weird things....

I've been officially tagged by Barb!
Only 6 things, huh?

Let me start by sharing the rules:
THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.
Not that I am a rule follower... I know some people do not like to be tagged... So if you want it, take it & let me know - just so I can prove that I am not sooooo weird!

1. I never wear make-up (I was made-up for my wedding, but that is completely different than applying make-up myself just to go to work or shopping.)

2. I don't shave my legs. (Not even for my wedding or honeymoon that included snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.)

3. I prefer to drive a stick shift car.

4. I talk to my cats in English & cat - we have conversations...

5. I only like to read mysteries & only a very small segment of that genre. (The kind like Sue Grafton & Nevada Barr.)

Friday, January 19, 2007

What is up with this?

Can anyone explain wrist cuffs to me? Is it just a bracelet... I've been seeing them around & wondered about them... Have you seen them? Have you made one? thought about it? (Interested in making one now that I have proveded some inspiration?)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baltimore Album Quilts

Has anyone out there made a Baltimore Album Quilt (BAQ)?
Started on?
Thought about it?

Well I have one that is very started - I might have 1 more block to go... (I was going to share a photo or two, but I am having a batteries problem again - I know "I'm HOPELESS!")
& I "want" to make another one or two album quilts... (Want in quotations, because I want them done now, not in the 1+ year time frame that it takes to hand applique them...)

As I was looking at those Taupes yesterday, I was thinking wouldn't that make a great BAQ? (Expensive but GREAT!)

So I started to look beyond the fabrics and into the quilts... So I went to google and searched... I found some good stuff!

Maryland Historical Society & Quilter's Muse (Click on Baltimore Album - but don't stop there, lots of great stuff on that site.) The Applique Society to name a few sites. You can see quite a few BAQ quilts here on the Baltimore Applique Society website.

What/Who got me thing about this? Deborah, thats who. We have the same book, Baltimore Bouquets by: Mimi Dietrich, Deborah is adding neat embellishments to her blocks... I plan on using the same book, but I will swap out some of the patterns given for a couple cutwork appliques. This one of mine may be a monochromatic quilt in blues or a blue & yellow quilt. (Nothing to suprising there, huh?) One of the block makers in Mimi's book did the monochromatic blue version - it looks like blue on white china. :o) Does anyone remember me wanting that Porcelain Kitty fabric... (Can you say backing.... UGH I am so bad to myself!)

Oh & for the record, I am now "really" thinking about the "Taupe" BAQ too... Or maybe just a BOM... Like this one from Pinwheels: PING. I have been assured that none of the 200+ fabrics in the actual Chrysanthemums will repeat - so it will benice & scrappy just the way I like my quilts... It is English Paper pieced, so I can have it as a to go project... I think it is even less expensive that the kitty BOM from Keepsake Quilting that I shared yesterday.... (It is only 9 months...) I would rather have the kitty patterns anyway... Not to terribly thrilled with the watercolor background or the setting...

A question for you knitters & some serious temptation

What is soy wool? I just saw the package on this blog (but I don't get replies from that blogger, so I did not bother to ask....). I guess soy is kind of like cotton, hemp, or flax? (In the same way that wool is like silk or angora. Welcome to my mind!)

Oh and Paula has just provided the biggest temptation for me.... EVEH! I love taupe & I want some of each...

My favorite online purveyor of fabric has it & it costs far less than I have paid in the past... (Oh & they still have that kitty in a tree fabric that I have been DREAMING about for days now...) I have a birthday in less than 2 weeks... Can it be a birthday present to me? (Or I could do this BOM from Keepsake Quilting....or both?)

Amy Piecing

What I was trying to describe is a lot like Bonnie's 9-patch method as described here in her free sister's choice pattern. (Scroll down a bit...) Only I was more scrappy with my charms. To me the 25 patch was just an extension of this idea... The short end of the story is that typing it out, glues what I need to do in my mind... Kind of like talking through it....

I attack my quilt tops in a similar manner when possible too - I don't care for long rows...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1 Last post this morning

I just figured out my oops in calculation on my cat charm quilt! (& the tiny bit about statistics that I know from my class last night came into play!)

Firstly, last night we lad a lecture that included levels of measurement - one of which is "interval-ordinal" - like when you ask several paople their ages - there is a real number difference between the numbers... Well when you are making a charm quilt, there is also a difference between needing 733 & 926 charms... I am going for a square, not a rectangle...

Luckily I made 2 extra 9-patches & not 2 extra 25 patches.... Easier to add to rather than take away... Oh and I set aside 32 singles - now I only need ot set aside 25 singles - which will in turn give me enough pairs & 4 patches... (The lack of enough pairs was my heads up that "Something was Awry in the State of Denmark" last weekend when I stopped to count what I had pieced...)

Why does she need pairs and 4 patches for 25 patches, I start by piecing everything into pairs (minus the 25 singles - since 25 is not even) & then I piece those into 4-patches. However, only the 16 patch will use ony 4-patches, so I also set aside several pairs (4 pairs for each 25 patch) So I take the 4-patches and piece them into a 16 patch, then I add on a "row" of 4, I then add on a row of 5, finally creating a 25 patch - I don't know if that made a hill of beans worth of sense, but it works for me. (I prefer units to rows...) So for the twenty five 25 patches, I need: 25 singles, 100 pairs & 100 4-patches. - I already have 2 extra 9-patches, so I need to "do the math" again to fix them & still have the numbers for the rest...

The Best & Worst

This one is from Deb (But you probably guessed that already.)
1. What’s the best place you ever lived? the worst?
Germany was by far the best place I lived all 3 times I lived there - even if I do not remember it from my infancy. So much "new" to do & so close to so many other places...
TEXAS was the worse place, more for the fact that I lived through quite a few of parents marriage go rounds than because of the actual place, although the need to take a whole day just to get out of Texas bites... (& I survived several car trips "family vacations" to attest to that one!)
2. What’s the best place you ever visited on holiday/vacation? the worst?
Australia - I had always wanted to go to Australia & it did not disappoint! I am ready to go back! I am not sure that I can state a "worst" place becasue I just like being in a different location... I even really LOVED airports before they got so damn crazy. But Kansas did not do much for me when we drove there from Texas to visit my uncle.
3. What’s the best job you ever had? the worst?
I know it is sad, but I have not had my best job yet... I am o.k. with my current job. The worst - take a seat this will take a while: Fast food joints, grocery store, etc.
4. What’s your best talent or ability? your worst?
My best ability, when I am your friend I am a thick & thin friend I don't dwell on foibles... But on the flip side, I don't make friends easily. I have even been described as unfriendly...
5. What’s the best decision you ever made? the worst?
The best decision was to go back to school (please remind me when I start to bitch about my Statistics class that is cloaked in the misnomer Problem Solving for Managers.) Well, waiting so long to go back to school is pretty high up there, but THE WORST was joining the Army right out of high school... (That was cloaked under etc. under worst job.)
Bonus (so we can end on a positive note!): What’s one good thing about you that isn’t covered in the questions above, but that you’d like to share with the world?
All of those good personality traits that you write about in your online dating profile - I've got them all - just ask my husband - of almost 1 full year! If you don't know what I am talking about, got to or the like & take a look - I think it is still free to look... Go ahead, you deserve a chuckle today!

WIP on Wednesday & my class last night

Well you all saw this yesterday, but it is my current WIP....
cat applique Forest Jane asked & I forgot to mention yesterday, so here is the scoop: I purchased the kit from Hancock's of Paducah - thinking that I would like a grab & go project, not something to agonize over in regards to the fabric choices... I won't be getting a kit from them again anytime soon. They did not lable anything - I have stuff left over... But just so you know, the cat is made out of an Ombre that we put out under McKenna Ryan's name & I already own a yard of it... (I got a yard of the gray too.)
I am still working on this too:
wip wed 9 patch
& this:
WIP 1 with RB
(I've been sewing on these while thinking about my 12x12x12 block...) I need to recount my charms & relook at my "plan" right now they do not seem to be jiving... I am having fun though.

My class last night - many of you know that I am back in school at American University taking classes for a Master's Degree (I am currently non-degree.) in the general field of Business (includes management, accounting, law...) So I signed up for Problem Solving for Managers - expecing a social science type class where we look at real cases of problems that a manager could face like short staffing... What did I get? STATISTICS! (If anyone knew the class was on Statistics based upon the title, may I borrow your brain for 3 monts?) The class is in the Public Administration school.

Tomorrow nights class: Business Law.

A call for Submissions

I know that hearts are a big theme in quilting - do you have any small hearty/lovey quilts? Maybe you want to display one or three in a gallery? Take a look: (If only I took that applique 12 ways class & subsequently finished the project...) Jan. 31, 2007 deadline!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My long productive weekend

A post with photos - there is your warning....

cats in the studio Here we three are in my Stewdio. Yes, I was sewing - on my cat charm quilt. (I need to recount my charms & rethink my layout?) That is RB in the front on his cat mat, Rhapsody is in my background on a heating pad - they switch out, apparently you can get too warm on a heating pad. I don't know who did the training, but everytime I go into the stewdio for any period of time, RB follows and sits on the heating pad... He does not quite understand that it takes a minute to heat up...

cat applique One of my McKenna Ryan patterns is started! You can see her version here: Chip. Overall I am very pleased with the amount I got finished - I only worked on this on Monday from about noon til 5 - I started by tracing everything and adhereing it to the fabrics - only after all of that was completed did I start to cut apart and fuse together. I am also quite please with my cat, you see my GF saw one where the difference between the face & paw wasn't so good & it ended up looking like a German Shepard snout... Also the paw placement was "off." The chipmunk is cute tooo - but way to many inny-outy cuts on tiny pieces! (Oh boy, I can't wait for the leafy top.... or for those flower stems...)

Do you see the Marti Michell logo sticking out (top righ corner) I am totally blaming Morah for that one... But I did buy it with a gift card & I have been supported in my purchase since I am doing card tricks & that uses 1/4 square triangles....

towel One final photo for Barb of woofnanny Over the posts (I was going to say years...) she has posted towel crafts & recently she posted something in this very orange shade - which reminded me of this towel set that my great grand mother made. (My father's other grand mother - I shared a quilt made by his maternal grandmother - this is by his paternal grandmother.)

Welcome any lurkers out there - I understand that this is delurking week - or maybe that was last week...
I got this from Patti (I did not choose the correct format for blogger, but it shows up anyway...)

***You Are An ISTJ***
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Sunday, January 14, 2007

love the concept, hate the execution

I really like old stories like The Owl & The Pussy Cat, by Edward Lear 1871. And the concept of that being a quilt is intriguing to say the least. Better yet as a panel... But this adaptation on equilter is not what lives in my mind as The Owl and The Pussy Cat. Now this "go with" of just the pussy cat in every color - I like, o.k. (I am becoming more descriminate in my cat fabric purchases.)

Added later: You know as I wrote this blog, I have been wondering just what is it that I don't care for about this fabric... One thing, in my mind I am seeing a pea green boat as the hull of the peas, with a leaf for the sail very realistic looking... I mean I am seeing undressed realistic animals - In my mind the apparent scale issues are naught.

Like last night when I was sewing on my cat charm quilt (Yes, it is on my list - & thanks for eminding me) I was happy to not have included any 30's prints... Oh and I had 2 charming cats with me as I sewed... It was easier than trying to figure out my 12x12x12 block... Which by the way is going to use the wider widths for the background - my must just can not cut it any smaller... She actually balked when she thought, it is too narrow already! Pesky little muse, huh?

Since I am blogging about one of my more favored subjects... I do want this cat print... Now that I have perused my online purveyor of choice, out of about 2 dozen "new to me/not owned by me" cat prints, I only found 1 that I really want - the best part about that is that I do not get that tempted to buy just one - no my needs are more like I want to buy a whole bunch - which in the long run is worse, but $$$ out lay alone... buying the one would be far less expensive, but for me it is easier to pass up 1, that 20...

Now my second favorite purveyor of fabric on-line is tempting me in a bad way.... I love this Porcelain kitty fabric - & it being blue & white means that I will fit in beautifully with my stash as I am rather fond of the blue & white combination in general... They have the above discussed The Owl & The Pussy Cat just pussy cat fabrics.... (If they have the kitties in trees I am in real trouble...) Pshew! That was close, the only one that I really want is the porcelain kitties - so once again, I am fine (for now).

Tomorrow, I am going to have a sew date with my friend & I am sew excited!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Ack I am a train wreck waiting to happen...

Today was supposed to be my 12x12x12 reveal day...

I had a disconnect between concept and execution on my project. I think my pieced background strips may be too wide, but when I was cutting them, I did not want ot cut them too small...

I am going to recut & try again... I might "make" both blocks and audition them later to see if the wider cuts are better than the narrow cuts in my mind... (Narrow cuts would have been perfect with a different pair of fabrics - I think.)

So I will wait to reveal until the 16th... & then I might reveal both of them...

In the mean time, my cousin & I had a wonderful dinner & we are both wondering how only 2 sane people came out of our mix... Her father, my mother & our uncle are all, how do you say, "odd." Without mentioning our siblings - or our non-common families...

Both stories relate to the train wreck theory...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

YAY & WIP on Wednesday....

My next photos will be "after" shots of our new condo! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we finally got our quilt hanging system in place & I hung the Asian Trip Around the World last night. (Tabbies Take a Trip Around Tokyo)

Any advice or comments appreciated on the following color scheme....

Black, gray, black & white, white and blues.... (Maybe a little silver and/or gold) The only other color would come from the blue prints if there is a tiny amount of color on the print.

YES that has to do with my WIP on Wednesday, but since it is also my 12x12x12 I don't want to show it until the 12th....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Anyone one know about....

The red exclaimation points [!] on the bloglines? Several blogs on my list have them... including mine...

News - my cousin will be in town on Thursday night - we are going to a real swanky restaurant called Kinkeads in Washington DC. This happens to be restaurant week, so quite a few of my other choices were already taken by other diners...

I have a play date on Monday... My GF & I are going to work on similar but different quilt projects by McKenna Ryan. She is going to do one of the Cucina Italiana patterns and I am going to do one of the cats! (Hey it is on my list...)

Nothing else newsworthy here - except that it is getting a bit colder... Standing water might actually freeze - in January! All I know is that it is begining to feel a lot like Texas... Growing up there (for a good 8 years off and on) if it was going to snow, it would be near my birthday at the end of January...

Monday, January 08, 2007

What I did on my weekend

I am not the only one...

Laura apparently also had a top waiting for a border...

But I sewed borders onto tops this weekend (last night to be more exact). I sewed borders onto 3 tops last night...

My two bulls eye flowers got their oranges added & they will be mailed to Suzanne's for long arming for the Quilt Studio charity project! I also seamed their back (Both will fit onto one - I checked!)

I also attached the border to my wedding signatures quilt - I am actually kinda pleased with how that turned out! (That back was already seamed and waiting.) You will never guess what got me going on this quilt - a freebee offer... So that is my motivation... Who'da thunk?

After that, I pulled out a project that fizzled and pieced a back right quick, so that she can take a trip too! While I was at it, I pulled out a Flimsy & got her packaged for a trip to the LA-er. So I have 3 FO's in my future & 2 charity quilts going as well.

But one of my most freeing experiences - I mailed off some stuff that did not talk to my muse & was actually makeing me feel guilty about working on (instead of something else) and keeping (instead of giving it to someone who will take please pleasure in it.) Hopefully she will show it later - I did not take any photos, not even of my little helper all sprawled out on my monster flimsy!

Ahhh A Meme

I knew DebR would not let me down!
Two-Fer Meme
Two names you go by: 1.. Amy 2.. Aviva-Hadas (But no one really calls me that...)
Two parts of your heritage: 1.. Polish 2.. Irish
Two things that scare you: 1.. the future 2.. Fanatics (I'll keep Deb's Answer - becasue this is such a good answer!)
Two everyday essentials: 1.. Rhapsody 2.. RB
Two things you are wearing right now: 1.. long gray skirt 2.. birks
Two of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment): 1.. Dunno 2.. Still dunno (I am keeping Deb's answers again but not for the same reason - I listen to the radio in the car, but I have no idea who sings what....)
Two things you want in a relationship (other than love): 1.. Security 2.. Independence (Those are good enough to keep... Thanks for doing the thinking for me Deb)
Two truths: 1.. I am neither sad nor happy - just muddling through 2.. I am nosey... (A yenta)
Two favorite hobbies:1.. Quilting 2.. Adoring two cats
Two things you need to do this week:1.. Finish my Arty Meme's 2.. Mail them!
Two stores you shop at: 1.. Trader Joes 2.. Whole Foods
Two favorite sports: 1.. Figure Skating 2.. Gymnastics (You did not want sports that I participate in, did you?)
Two shows you like to watch:1.. Dead Like Us 2.. Forensic Files
Two things you’d buy if money were no object: 1.. An extended trip around the world 2.. A single family house
Two wishes for 2007: 1.. Continued good health for my friends and family 2.. food for the hungry

Steal it if you want to - or if you have nothing to blog about, but let me know so I can go read what you wrote! (Or if you already stole it, let me know so I can still go read what you wrote...)

Friday, January 05, 2007

They have finally gone to far

Yes, I look every week - I am addicted, but I think they have finally gone too far...
As of this posting, I will not be getting any of this print....
I am not sure what it is that repulses me so - but.... (Ya know if they were cartoony, I'd be all over it...)

Do You Yahoo!?
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Something smart & something not so smart....

wip wed 9 patch Same photo different day...

To begin with I am not using a pattern or any software that tells you how fabric much you "need" or how many strips to cut...

So I started by cutting 4 strips from each of 38 fabrics in hot pink, orange, and raspberry - since I want those to be in the 4 spots. And then a spark of brilliance - maybe not - I set aside one of each for my 1/2 log cabin quilt using the same pallette. Then I cut enough yellows for the remaining strips...

One problem - I am not doing half with the yellows in the 5 spots and half with the yellows in the 4 spots - all of mine will be the in 5 spots. Many of you are now realizing that my math will not work... (I am not that far into the sewing , but I am feeling it too - I have a plan to fix it - I think.)

BUT (Yes, there is always a but) some of my orange, raspberry, & hot pink strips were not quite WOF as was my yellow - I was using what I had! So I have some extra 2 patches and some 1.5 inch yellow squares left over - thinking I would just make some 4 patches for the centers of some of my log cabins for variety... BUT I am now going to sew the extra yellow squares onto the 2 patches and even out my math a bit.... :o)

I still may have some leftovers, but I am prepared to deal with them gracefully!

Can you tell what part was smart & what part wasn't? Anyone else work this way?

Oh and after all of that chatter on sashing yesterday, I am doing the 12x12x12 project on the quilt studio ring... (I have always wanted to do a cat "sampler") using the theme of cats... I am going to let my muse dictate the techniques (hoping to try some new stuff) & then will sew them together into a sampler quilt... So I will be using sashing to bring them all together... :o) Maybe even some corner stones!

I know what I want to do for January - now to do it! (By the 12th no less...) Where is my ultra suede?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

First an UGH & the somthing quilty to ponder

The UGH - yesterday after exiting bloglines; therfore, signing out, I went to look at my equilter e-mail... I always check the new cat fabrics even if I am not going to buy any - yes there are occasions when I do not buy them....

They (the fabric manufactures/designers) have finally made a cat print that repulses me... (The x-ray one creeped me out, but that is different - I have some of that for ABC quilts - "x" is a hard letter!) & I e-mailed a quick blog post to share it.... It did not land in blog.... UGH!

Anyway, here it is: Elizabethan cats.

Granted there are many others that I probably would not purchase & MANY that I only purchased because of the cats, but that one is just plain yucky.... (I admitted yesterday in the post that disappeared & I state it again, it this particular print was cartoony - I would probably like it... I am not sure why I dislike this so much, but there you have it.)

O Kay & now for the ponderable...

Sashing When, why, how?

Let me start by saying that I know sashing has its place... I know that it is sometimes easier to add sashing than to make more blocks to get your quilt to be big enough, etc.

But I really like the secondary designs... What brought this on all of a sudden?

Mereth was talking about a quilt that her sister Keryn made and referenced the book that holds the pattern... Legacy The Story of Talula Gilbert Bottoms and Her Quilts by: Nancilu Burdick. As is the case for quite a few of the books on Amazon, they give you a sneak peak into the book. :o) In this book, you can see a Goose Tracks quilt. For me that is a PRIME example of why not to add sashing...

But then you can go to Anne's blog and see sashing used in a wonderful way! (I can't wait to see her appliqued border...)

Unfortunately, (maybe only in my mind) sashing often has an "I thought you had to use sashing" effect - not that I would use one as an example here - but I think you know what I mean...

Another reason what I am pondering this is one of my own quilts from the past - that is somehow related to Morah's recent postings about Marti Michell's templates... (I know my mind works in wierd convoluted ways...) I had to look... & then I searched the website further (These sites generally hide free bee quilt shows... & I love a virtual quilt show!) and saw this: World With Out End block (scroll to the bottom) which is the block that I used to make this quilt:

Blue & Yellow Stars. A quilt made well before I had any clue about 1/4 inch seams... It is still a quilt even though 1/2 the points do not match! & It was my first scrappy quilt & it is still one of my favorites!

Can you see how sashing would have ruined the effect? The yellow stars are a secondary design & the blue stars are a Tertiary design.

Which basically means that you have to put 4 blocks together to get the yellow star and the blue star.

On a side note, I am glad that I did not know to fear bias edges when I made this or it would still be a UFO - maybe not, back then I finished 99% of what I started... Even if it did not deserve it....

Why am I mentioning this... I have considered doing this quilt again - I think the templates would help....

Also, I am thinking that templates might help with my card tricks quilt too. (I am o.k. with the HST, but the quarter squares are a bit iffy...)