Tuesday, November 21, 2006


How suprising is it to think that you got inspiration from a blogger, but when you go back, they did not do what you remembered any way.

Well that just happened to me. (Sorta).

In my mind, on Lucy's blog, she has an on-point WIP with two different sized blocks - hence two different sized setting triangles. In actuality, she has 1 size blocks and sashing... (It has the two sizes of setting triangles.)

Bringing that back to "inspiration." I have decided to set my charms on-point (again), but this time I am making them into blocks of 25 first. Then I realized that the setting triangles would be rather large *CLICK* (Aside: What about how Lucy has two different sized blocks with setting triangles?) So now I am inserting 9 patches on the edges and using smaller setting triangles.

I will actually be piecing two setting triangles with the 9 patches to make the big setting triangels needed for the 25 patch blocks.

I have all of my charms cut for this project!

I actually have "too" many, so there will be some charms on the back with the very large scale prints that did not get turned into charms at all.

Maybe I will have a "block" sewn for WIP on Wednesday. Hey, stranger things have been known to happen.


Jeanne said...

Haha, I think you must have the biggest collection of cat fabrics in the western hemisphere!
Jeanne :)

Andi said...

I need to see pictures, LOL. I'm so visual when it comes to layouts!!