Monday, November 27, 2006

On The Road Again (A MEME)

Another MEME from DebR.

1. If you had to move 100 miles or more to the north, east, west, or south, which would you choose, where would you end up, and what's so great about there?

OOOh this is a hard one, I can easily exclude east as I would probably end up in the ocean (Although that is debateable because my sense of just how far 100 miles is is rather vague.) North would plant my in Pennsylvania - not too bad...
South would be Virginia - again not too bad...
West would be West Virginia, but you knew that - again not too bad, but probably the bottom of my list...
So I would definately end up in the "or more" category - which could put me anywhere & I am not really sure where I would go...

(I would adapt just fine almost anywhere if I were told, "We are moving here." But to actually be free to choose somewhere... Not sure!)

2. Do you have a favorite stretch of highway or byway for driving, touring, or wandering?

Skyline Drive (The Skyline Drive runs 105 miles north and south along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park.) Especially in the fall. (BTW The Virginina Quilt Museum is close...)

3. Are you happier to start a trip or return home?

Start. I love the sense of anticipation and adventure - wondering what's ahead. When I come home, I'm always glad to arrive safely, of course, and to get to see my dogs and cat again, but the end of a trip always leaves me feeling a little let down. That is Deb's answer, but it fits me perfectly - minus the dogs - so I'll keep it.

4. Plane, train, automobile, bicycle, or foot?

I can admit that even with all of the extra stuff, I still love the whole airport experience! BUT on PBS, I have seen more than a few "rail journeys" and I am completely enamoured with the idea!

5. Do you overplan or underplan your travels? (Assume that "no" is not a valid answer.)

I overplan! (But I am flexible & go with the flow once I am "there.")


Deb R said...

That was fun to read your answers. I'm always glad when you tag yourself for one of these! :-)

Hanne said...

For the stitchery - the fabric you have drawn on + 1 layer of muslin - and then just stitch through both. The knots and thread stretches behind will not show. The "sandwich" is stable and good to work with. Enjoy :-)

Mary Johnson said...

I usually skip over the meme's but this one caught my eye. I'm also adaptable I guess - I never would have picked Minneapolis as a place I would live but it looks like it will be fine. I'm also intrigued with the train journeys we watch on the travel channel and plan to take one eventually. And finally I'm definitely a planner - I research my trips and usually have at least one book on the city or area I'm visiting - my travel book section is growing with all the trips I take.