Monday, November 20, 2006

Even better

We can chat about Thanksgiving!
JudyL. blogged her menu (plans), here is mine:
First, my husband & I have accepted an invitation for Thanksgiving.
Second, we are also having "Thanksgiving Friday" so that my In-Laws & friends can share in the bounty. (not to mention left-over generation.)
Turkey - oven baked with Reisling
Stuffing (from scratch unsure which specific variety although, I do know that it will be full of vegetables except onions)
Maple Bourbon Sweet Potatoes
Oven roasted potatoes (or parsley dill boiled potatoes)
Acorn Squash with apples
cranberry sauce from scratch with apples, raisins and pecans
Another vegetable... maybe Spinach
pan dripping gravy
Apple pear crisp
pecan pie

Am I misssing anything? Are your menu's similar? Wildly different?

I finally found out what a fried turkey is...


Rian said...

No pumpkin pie?

I am making stuffing from scratch, too. Our hostess sent me the recipe I am to use. I have been drying bread for two days. It takes a long time! I am using a combo of whole wheat, sourdough, and 9-grain. And yes, onions.

woof nanny said...

I was watching Food TV last night, an Iron Chef cook-off, with Bobby Flay against Too Hot Tamales. Bobby used the same ingredients in each dish (potato, turkey breast, cranberries), but each one (of the five dishes presented) was a different region of the US. Florida had a glaze with mango and guava and the potatoes were topped with plantains. New England I think had a maple glaze. Southwest had chilies in the potatoes and a side with cornbread tamales....
it was fascinating.

Paula, the quilter said...

My menu is very similar. On another note, I had to send a comment to Bloglines as my blog hasn't been showing up even tho I've been updating regularly. Hmmpfh!

YankeeQuilter said...

You can laugh at Fried Turkey but I had some the last few years in Georgia and really liked it. Very moist!

We are going out of town for Thanksgiving so celebrated on Sunday. DH doesn't like traditional Turkey day food to I have to add spanikopita for an appitizer and a cauliflower and broccoli casserole as the veggie!

Clare said...

How do you do your Roast Potatoes? I do them in duck fat with rosemary and whole garlic cloves - yummmmmy!

Jeanne said...

Sounds great! I just got confirmation that Dave will be able to join us, so I'm still thinking about my menu.

Anonymous said...

Wow, why didn't I get an invite?

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog! Just for you, I'll post my "Red Hot Apple Pie" recipe this week.;)