Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A list of ideas

This list is more for me that anything else - although your input is appreciated/solicited....

I am generating ideas for pink/brown/cream quilts.

(I have about 3 different - could be comingled pink/brown stashes.)

1 is my Japanese Taupes, 1 is super scrappy & 1 is The Buggy Barn's In the Pink collection.

So far my list is comingled & only a few ideas are set in stone.

1. Card tricks using only the taupes.
2. Tumbler charm quilt using only the taupes.
3. Pattern from a magazine using the "super scrappy" (I have too many in that pile already for the quilt, so while I could wait to do this last & include the Taupes & BB prints, I won't.) selection - besides the magazine pattern included burgundy & greens too.
4. Shoo-fly variation - some from all. I am going for a quilt that Laurie shared with us.
pink & brown I kept the photo I like the quilt so much. (I call it a shoo-fly variation - it could also be considered a snowball variation.) I am going to do mine in light (pinks & creams) and medium & dark browns.
5. 1/2 square triangles - again some from all.
6. something using only rectangles - again some from all.
7. brown cats? Some from all. (not sure about how to add the pink - but my girl cat is the inspiration for the whole pink & brown quilt idea!)
8. pink/cream "blocks" with brown alternating squares/brown & cream blocks with pink alternating squares.
9. rail fences (I sketched something from a magazine... sue me I buy enough magazines!)
10. mixed sizes (6 & 12 inch blocks) & mixed colored stars.
11. pink/brown 4 patches with cream setting triangles strippy quilt (or border for one of my many other ideas).
12. Bento boxes - all (maybe even the burgundies & greens from the magazine quilt stash.)
13. Attic treasures - All again maybe even the burgundies and greens
14. Quiltville's Star Struck using only the BB prints.
15. 42 squares (there are 21 in the BB collection) with white sashing. (I saw this in blues & browns and liked it.) 6 x 7 layout.
16. double stars - All & more creams/whites/shirtings
17. - numerous sketches
18. - I still want to scan some books

Is 18 a long enough list of ideas for 1 color scheme? (I think I have enough fabric to do "most" of these in a twin size - some I plan to do bigger, like the magazine pattern.)

Somewhere in the middle I mentioned my inspiration, RhapsodyRhapsody & the pipe-cleaner bumblebee you can't see it here but she has a pink tongue & pink toe pads. There is a nut shell is my pallette.

Monday, November 27, 2006


O.K. for a recap, I baked a turkey, squash & apples dish, parsleyed potatoes, cranberry with apples, raisins, & nuts relish/sauce, maple bourbon sweet potatoes, & I made boxed stuffing (the scratch stuffing did not work out...).

I also made an apple/pear crisp, a pumpkin & a pecan pie.

remember my plea for help...

Once again this year, my pecan pie did not set! Two years in a row I have made ice cream sauce.

Everyone made it here in one piece & got back to their homes as safely. We even ventured out to the National Zoo on Saturday.

Over all my 4 day weekend was rather lazy - so lazy that after a few errands were run early on Sunday, I sat in front of the TV with two cats on my lap for pretty much the remainder of the day. I did momentarily think that if my sewing machine were set up in front of the TV that I could sew, but...

The best news - my girl cat is talking to me again. (I think she is happy again.)

The rest of the story: When I got her, she was an only cat and would talk all the time. I can mimic her very well, she even smacked me for talking back. During this time, I was away from her for the better part of 10 hours a day, so I decided to get her a feline companion.

She stopped talking to me.

When he was lost & she thought that she reverted back to only cat, she talked to me - when I found him - she attacked him again and quit talking again.)& so the story went for at least 3 years. She only tolerates the little boy. It is only o.k. to cuddle when it is her idea, etc.

Now that we are in our new condo., she is talking to me once again. She even gave me a warning nip when I was talking back too much. :o)

On The Road Again (A MEME)

Another MEME from DebR.

1. If you had to move 100 miles or more to the north, east, west, or south, which would you choose, where would you end up, and what's so great about there?

OOOh this is a hard one, I can easily exclude east as I would probably end up in the ocean (Although that is debateable because my sense of just how far 100 miles is is rather vague.) North would plant my in Pennsylvania - not too bad...
South would be Virginia - again not too bad...
West would be West Virginia, but you knew that - again not too bad, but probably the bottom of my list...
So I would definately end up in the "or more" category - which could put me anywhere & I am not really sure where I would go...

(I would adapt just fine almost anywhere if I were told, "We are moving here." But to actually be free to choose somewhere... Not sure!)

2. Do you have a favorite stretch of highway or byway for driving, touring, or wandering?

Skyline Drive (The Skyline Drive runs 105 miles north and south along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park.) Especially in the fall. (BTW The Virginina Quilt Museum is close...)

3. Are you happier to start a trip or return home?

Start. I love the sense of anticipation and adventure - wondering what's ahead. When I come home, I'm always glad to arrive safely, of course, and to get to see my dogs and cat again, but the end of a trip always leaves me feeling a little let down. That is Deb's answer, but it fits me perfectly - minus the dogs - so I'll keep it.

4. Plane, train, automobile, bicycle, or foot?

I can admit that even with all of the extra stuff, I still love the whole airport experience! BUT on PBS, I have seen more than a few "rail journeys" and I am completely enamoured with the idea!

5. Do you overplan or underplan your travels? (Assume that "no" is not a valid answer.)

I overplan! (But I am flexible & go with the flow once I am "there.")

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thank your first commenter day! & Happy Blogiversary to me!

Neil, over at Citizen of the Month, started a tradition last year called "Thank Your First Commenter Day." I found out about this from DebR at Red Shoe Ramblings.

Purely concidentally this is my 1 year blogiversary!

Much like a gangly teenager, I sauntered into blogging (because far too many bloggers did/do not accept anonymous comments - I still don't "get that.")

Judy L. of Sunshine Quilts was my first commentor! Thanks so much for the support & encouragement!

Deb also thanked her most recent commentor too, so I will follow through again agreeing with the honoring the present & past aspect of blogging. The person who commented most recently on my blgo was: Andi at Cotton Pickin'.

If you missed it above, as of today, I have officially been blogging for 1 whole year!

Today is also supposed to be WIP on Wednesday & Hopefully by the end of today, my bathroom renovation with be a completed object! In that vein, last night, we bought a new toilet seat cover, so I did not get to sew in my cat charms. (I half heartedly auditioned setting traingles fabric... The batteries in my camera are still dead - so no photographic evidence yet.)

Not unlike many other Americans, I will be off having a Thanksgiving meal tomorrow with friends & again on Friday with family, so I will not be blogging until Monday - so feel free to chat amongst yourselves!

Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful to have you all among my blogging friends.

For those who are not actually celebrating, I hope that you take a minute from your day to share your thankfulness for your family & friends during this trying time in which we live.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


How suprising is it to think that you got inspiration from a blogger, but when you go back, they did not do what you remembered any way.

Well that just happened to me. (Sorta).

In my mind, on Lucy's blog, she has an on-point WIP with two different sized blocks - hence two different sized setting triangles. In actuality, she has 1 size blocks and sashing... (It has the two sizes of setting triangles.)

Bringing that back to "inspiration." I have decided to set my charms on-point (again), but this time I am making them into blocks of 25 first. Then I realized that the setting triangles would be rather large *CLICK* (Aside: What about how Lucy has two different sized blocks with setting triangles?) So now I am inserting 9 patches on the edges and using smaller setting triangles.

I will actually be piecing two setting triangles with the 9 patches to make the big setting triangels needed for the 25 patch blocks.

I have all of my charms cut for this project!

I actually have "too" many, so there will be some charms on the back with the very large scale prints that did not get turned into charms at all.

Maybe I will have a "block" sewn for WIP on Wednesday. Hey, stranger things have been known to happen.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Even better

We can chat about Thanksgiving!
JudyL. blogged her menu (plans), here is mine:
First, my husband & I have accepted an invitation for Thanksgiving.
Second, we are also having "Thanksgiving Friday" so that my In-Laws & friends can share in the bounty. (not to mention left-over generation.)
Turkey - oven baked with Reisling
Stuffing (from scratch unsure which specific variety although, I do know that it will be full of vegetables except onions)
Maple Bourbon Sweet Potatoes
Oven roasted potatoes (or parsley dill boiled potatoes)
Acorn Squash with apples
cranberry sauce from scratch with apples, raisins and pecans
Another vegetable... maybe Spinach
pan dripping gravy
Apple pear crisp
pecan pie

Am I misssing anything? Are your menu's similar? Wildly different?

I finally found out what a fried turkey is...

How bout a meme?

DebR shared this one & I am editing it for my own purposes.
I just have to get something out there & colors can help get you out of a funk...
First, I am so not talented in a blogging way to create the banners for each color...
1. Closest red thing to you? Sharpie marker
2. Has anyone ever cheated on you in a relationship? yes
3. Last thing to make you angry? RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC (What a difference a 1/2 hour can make...)
4. Are you a fan of romance? Not romance novels & often "real" romance is creepy to me...
5. Have you ever been in love? yes
1. Closest green thing to you? Official calendar
2. Do you care about the environment? yes, though probably not enough...
3. Are you jealous of anyone right now? Not really
4. Are you a lucky person? If you are talking about bad luck, yes.
5. Do you always want what you can't have? unfortunately
1. Closest purple thing to you? There is some purple in my office quilt.
2. Like being treated to expensive things? of course
3. Do you like mysterious things? I like mystery novels...
4. Favourite type of chocolate? dark - with mint, champagne truffle, milk choc. with peanut butter - oh wait a minute you asked for 1 type, huh?
5. Are you lonely? I'd rater refer to it as introspective...
1. Closest blue thing to you? the handles on my scissors
2. Are you good at calming people down? probably not...
3. Do you like the ocean? yes, can I go on vacation?
4. Are you a logical thinker? yes
5. Can you sleep easily? on occasion
1. Closest yellow thing to you? book cover
2. The happiest time(s) of your life? eww this is far to hard... (& sad that i can't think of something after reading it and typing it into the list...)
3. Favourite holiday? my vacation to Australia
4. Are you a coward? YES
5. Do you burn or tan? BURN
1. Closest pink thing to you? post it notes
2. Do you like sweet things? YES
3. Like play-fighting? too much...
4. Are you sensitive? YES
5. Do you like punk music? It's o.k., I loved it as a teen.
1. Closest orange thing to you? There is orange in the quilt with purple...
2. Do you like to burn things? not so much
3. Dress up for Halloween? NO
4. Are you usually a warm-hearted person? probably not
5. What would your super power be? The ability to see into the future.
1. Closest white thing to you? tissues
2. Would you say you're innocent? HECK NO
3. Always try to keep the peace? more often that not
4. How do you imagine your wedding? in the past
5. Do you like to play in the snow? I like snow when I can stay home, especially if it falls on Sunday night through Thursday night & accumulates! Do I actually go out in it - not really.
1. Closest black thing to you? My long sleeve t-shirt.
2. Does the colour you wear affect your mood? I doubt it.
3. Are you sophisticated or silly? A mix of both
4. Do you have a lot of secrets? Not a lot...
5. What is your favourite colour(s)? I don't really have a favorite - quilting has helped my grow to lov them all!

As with all MEME's, Take it if you want it. Or if you have "nothing" else to blog about.

Friday, November 17, 2006

There is a time

1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
6 A time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.
9 What profit hath he that worketh in that he laboureth?
10 I have seen the task which G-d hath given to the sons of men to be exercised therewith.
11 He hath made every thing beautiful in its time; also He hath set the world in their heart, yet so that man cannot find out the work that G-d hath done from the beginning even to the end.
12 I know that there is nothing better for them, than to rejoice, and to get pleasure so long as they live.
13 But also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy pleasure for all his labour, is the gift of G-d.
14 I know that, whatsoever G-d doeth, it shall be for ever; nothing can be added to it, nor any thing taken from it; and G-d hath so made it, that men should fear before Him.
15 That which is hath been long ago, and that which is to be hath already been; and G-d seeketh that which is pursued.
16 And moreover I saw under the sun, in the place of justice, that wickedness was there; and in the place of righteousness, that wickedness was there.
17 I said in my heart: 'The righteous and the wicked G-d will judge; for there is a time there for every purpose and for every work.'
18 I said in my heart: 'It is because of the sons of men, that G-d may sift them, and that they may see that they themselves are but as beasts.'
19 For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them; as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that man hath no pre-eminence above a beast; for all is vanity.
20 All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all return to dust.
21 Who knoweth the spirit of man whether it goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast whether it goeth downward to the earth?
22 Wherefore I perceived that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his works; for that is his portion; for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?
Ecclesiastes chapter 3

This about sums me up right now... I am rather blue & feeling a bit introspective. (Not that I can express my thoughs well on paper/in cyberspace. My gifts are not with the written word.)

Happy: new home/Sad: all the problems since then
Happy: the correct furniture arrived/Sad: the damaged the Pergo flooring
Happy: the store will pay to fix the floor/Sad: finding someone to give an estimate & do the work. (Our flooring may be discontinued.)
Happy: new bathroom/Sad: still not finished
Happy: new kitchen appliances/Sad: Dishwasher = "broken" repairman due out to take a look soon.
Happy: back in school/Sad: HOMEWORK
Happy: back to quilting/Sad: not really
Happy: I am able to share my fabric wealth/Sad: my brain will not let this just be o.k. - I keep wondering if everyone else is wondering about my sanity (I often over think & am overly suspicious. I am working on this, but...)
ETC! My life is like a comedy of errors, for every "good" thing something goes wrong - with very few exceptions.

Well that is enough drivel for one day... I hope we all have wonderful weekends...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A MEME (for those of you who have "nothing" to blog about.)

Because I have nothing better to do.
1. Flip to page 18, paragraph 4 in the book closest to you right now, what does it say?
(o.k. the really spooky part about this is that when I opened the book I was on page 18.)
"A typical person probably has a working vocabulary of about 10,000 words." How to Make Your Writing Reader-Friendly by Richard Dowis
2. If you stretch out your left arm - as far as possible, what are you touching?
A window.
3. What's the last program you watched on tv?
Something on Thanksgiving on the food network.
4. Without looking, guess what time it is.
Boy was that hard - as soon as I read "without looking" I glanced... It is 8:19 - later that I would have guessed.
5. Except the computer, what can you hear right now?
My co-workers... (They are nto talking about work - so I don't feel guilty about blogging.)
6. When was the last time you were outside and what did you do?
An hour ago, I walked over to the coffee shop.
7. What are you wearing?
White blouse & black lacy skirt
8. Did you dream last night? If you did, what about?
No dreams that I remember.
9. When was the last time you laughed?
About an hour ago in the coffee shop. (I definately give them a good laugh.)
10. What's on the walls, in the room you're in right now?
Windows - 2 walls worth & white paint.
11. Have you seen anything strange lately?
The Potomac - not really strange buy for 1/2 the year you can't see it through the foliage & you can't see it after dark, so when I saw it yesterday on my way to class, it was a bit strange....
12. What do you think about this meme?
It’s a meme. What’s there to think about it?
13. What's the last film you saw?On TV or at the cinema?
The Princess Bride it was on TV...
14. If you became a multimillionaire, what would you do with the money?
Travel, work on ending hunger in the world.
15. Tell us something about yourself that most people don't know.
Oh. Far too much pressure - can't think of anything that isn't way too much information, or just plain not interesting.
16. If you could change ONE THING in this world, without regarding politics or bad guilt - what would it be?
Poverty & hunger - but that is 2 things...
17. Do you like dancing?
I like the concept, but am too shy and self conscious to really let myself go.
18. Last crafty endeavour?
I cut cat charm squares.
19. What do you want your children’s names to be, girl/boy?
Hannah/Haven't considered the boy option...
20. What amused you recently?
A Goth couple at the park who named their boy Gentle. (I am not sure why this amused me & not it is not amusing in the funny sense of the word. Just in the makes you smile sense. I have no idea what I would have thought they would have named their son. I don't think Gentle would ever have been on a baby names list in my head.)

WIP on Wednesday & top 10 gift

A couple bloggers are sharing one their "top 10 gifts." (A painting & a piece of Jewelery have been mentioned.) One of the gals mentioned that she usually asks for her gifts, so there is not suprise, etc.

I had to think long and hard on mine, because I too ask for what I want & they usually get something similar but different. Like when I was in High School, I wanted a bottle of White Linen perfume/cologne - never sure which is which. I got White Shoulders...

I also have a bad habit of getting what I want when I want it...

I have two to share... The quilt that my great grandmother made that I shared last month (I think.) & my NEW fancy dancy sewing machine. :o)

I am still cutting cat charms. I was going to share a snap of the pile, but my camera batteries are not charged.

Monday, November 13, 2006

bumblebees (gratuitous cat post - get ready to AWWWW)

Pipe-cleaner bumble bees are THE BEST CAT TOY's according to RB & Rhapsody! (Does anyone know how to make them? My girlfriend got them at her vet's office, a lady made them & the vet sold them to cover charity vet work - I think...)RB & the pipe-cleaner bumblebee

My cats are VERY finicky when it comes to cat toys. But they both like these!Rhapsody & the pipe-cleaner bumblebeeEven Rhapsody (I am too big to play with cat toys) likes them!

Have you ever caught a bumblebee in a Mason Jar? RB's bumble bee got caught - before it got swatted under the fridge...RB & cat toyHe did try to get it out...

He will carry this toy around and talk with his mouth full letting everyone know that he caught the bumblebee. & he will bring it to my bed as a trophy. So cute!RB wants that bumblebee Do you see the wrinkle in his nose? Also very cute. If you scratch on his jaw, he will wrinkle his nose - one side at a time depending on which side you are scratching or both....

Unslumped - Is that a word?

Better yet is it true? I was so not in the mood to work on my homework this weekend, so I cut cat charms. (Those kitty fabrics just make me smile!) I have no idea numbers wise how many I cut but I do know that is was a LOT. I think I cut about 2/3 to 3/4 of my cat fabric stash - which is out of control! But I LOVE the variety! I also sorted so that I would not cut twice. I have two & three cuts of several prints & I had some already cut from some time ago. I also wanted to have a pile of "Catberry" by Debra Mason (free pattern using some of the fabrics that were/are available), 30's, etc. prints all together - those piles help the scrappy/random quilt come thogether with more ease. I'll have a pile of 30's, "Catberry", Laurel Burch, Nancy Wolff, a pile of singles, etc. from which I will pull 1 of these and 1 of those for my first seams...

Second - Jules got a new quilt for her new baby! I contributed this block:
applique block & it has been killing me not to blog all about it. (That was the only quilty thing that I did in FOREVER!) Hey there is one of my 30's kitties - I better check the pile of charms for that one. :o)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

After the vote...

Well actually before the vote, I took my car for an oil change on Sunday. On Monday after my class, the oil light started to blink on & off.... (I pulled the dipstick & it looked dry...) So Tuesday before voting, I took my car back (The check engine light was on by the time I got there!) to have them fix what they broke - it is better now & I did not have to pay for the fixes & I am not going back to that shop!

Then I went to vote... I hope all of you did too! Since it was late morning, my polling station was relatively deserted so I was in & out! I voted in DC so the outcome was known already - casting the ballots was just a formality.

However in Virginia it is still unknown who won - the moron or the pervert... (I think Maryland was boun to switch - they have a strong Dem. history - IMHO they only got a Republican Gov. last time because "Anyone was more qualified that Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.")

I unfortunately forgot to get a shot of my WIP on Wednesday - so this blog will be back to quilting tomorrow!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Rag Quilting & A Virtual Quilt show

Rag quilting. First I was so suprised by how many have not tried it. (I think everyone around "here" has tried it!)
I sent this to a few people who expressed interest... I hope it make sense. It will save your wrist!

"I have since learned a better way to do the ragging....
It is a bit hard to explain.
When you cut & sew use 1 inch seams.
Now line up your rotary cutting ruler with the seam & cover the seam by about a 1/4 inch.
Now using an old rotary cutter blade, starting at the ruler edge, cut perpendicular to the ruler - creating your ragged edge. (DO NOT CUT TOWARDS THE RULER - YOU CAN JUMP THE RULER & CUT YOURSELF.)
Caveat, I sew in sections not rows. So I would sew all of my row 1 sqaures to my row 2 squares and my row 3 squares to my row 4 squares, etc. And rag all of those seams.
Then I would make 4 patches & rag all of those seams, etc."

This does not get rid of the "unfinshed look" nor does it get rid of the lint that you will get when you first wash it. You really should go to a laundromat to wash and dry it the first time. Those washers and dryers are more heavy duty to handle the mess. (This also works with homespun fabrics and denim - not so much with cotton or batik - although I have seen them done with those fabrics - they don't fray as much as the flannel or homespun.)

Ready for a virtual quilt show? Here is an Australian one from the Canberra Quilters, Inc. be sure to check out both online exhibits. "Annual Exhibition 2006" & "Celebration Quilts 2001" After viewing them, I have to ask, "What is a Brumbie?" & Since we all have favorites, mine from this grouping is the green and orange medalion, "No, Sam" by K. Harrison.

"Gratitude" The hourly quilt project being sponsored by Judy & designed by Jeanne has piqued my interest!

First, I have a ton of 4 patches in blue & yellow & some white (I actually have 25 patches) from a failed scrappy Irish Chain. (I have 25 patches, because I had to get that far before I knew that my "plan" would not work...)

So I got some yellows & I will probably go with the white...

However, (Kinda like a "but" and there is always a "but") I was thinking that I could substitute the 25 patch with a.... Are you ready for this? with a fussy cut cat print.

I don't know, right now I still have the yellows in a pile...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Rhapsody & the Rag Quilt

Has anyone not made a rag quilt? (I have actually made two which is suprising because they both were a pain in the arse - not to mention wrist/thumb.) I was behind the craze... (I was behind the Millenium charm quilt craze too... Still need to finish trimming them down...)
Rhapsody on rag quilt Here she is my little girl, Rhapsody, on the rag quilt. This quilt is an official couch throw.
1 rag front It is black & white with randomly scattered appliqued stars. I used a cheap white flannel for the middle layer inlieu of specially cut pieces of batting.
1 rag back Here is the back - funky flower garden. On the front in the seams, you can see a little of thes color peeking through. Which is fairly striking against the black & white flannels.

I don't know how it happened, but overall the quilt is rather narrow - hence its couch designation.

Since this was my second rag quilt, I did the clipping during my lunch hour at work over several months instead of a marathon session that landed me in physical therapy I still have joint issues in that thumb - a decade of cashiering in a grocery store is the main culprit, but clipping flannel did not help.

My first one was bigger & I donated it to charity. (The colors were similar - I used purples & greens & Trip Around the World layout.)

I used the scraps from this one in a baby quilt - it is in my gift pile. I used the scraps from my first one in a baby quilt too & sent that one to my cousin in Washington State when she had a baby.

Now I use flannel on backs...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Virtual Quilt Show

The Houston Quilt show winners are available for viewing one line.

My favorite is "Low Tide." (Even though there is a cat quilt...) What is yours?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Violet Crumble: Not Just a Candy Bar! (& Poetry Thursday)

Violet Crumble front Here it is: "Violet Crumble" another monochromatic quilt. This one shows how you can use everything from the palest lavendar to red-violet in one quilt. (The ones that look green are 50% green & 50% purple, it does not give the right "look" at first glance, but it is a great print.) 1 small suprise - no cat fabrics are in this quilt... Wider than my quilt holder ;o) FYI I don't use a design wall, I just pulled two blocks & verified that I was not repeating any of the 4 fabrics and sewed them together. I kept going creating biggere sections. In the end in the middle there are two pink & purples cat-e-corner to each other but other that that they are failry randomly placed in the quilt. If I had used a design wall, there might have been more thought into placing more "light" in the bottom right corner. I am happy with the way it turned out anyway.
violet crumble back Here is the back, 3 different flannels. Aside: I went to JoAnn's with my 40% off coupon to get backing - I think. They did not have 9 yards on the 1 bolt that I wanted to use - so I got 3, 3, & 3 - not smart, becasue this was I was only able to use the coupon on 3 yards... I only figured that out in the parking lot after my transaction. Oh well, live & learn.
violet crumble block Here is a close up (of the 50/50 green/purple - greta print, huh?) & the block quilting. There is a big flower in the middle and it is surrounded by smaller flowers.
violet crumble corner tulip quilting This is the corner - it has a tulip quilted on the diagonal. You can also see my scrappy binding & the striped flannel porion of the back. Also in this view is my piano key border.

"Black Cat"
A cat as black
As balck as coal
Is out upon
His midnight stroll,
His steps are soft,
His walk is slow,
His eyes are gold,
They flash and glow.
And so I run
And so I duck,
I do not need
His black-cat luck.

And you though this was a cat free post!

WIP Wednesday

WIP 1 with RB Which one of these is not like the other one?

It is Wednesday, so here is one of my WIPS (Works In Progress). When making a charm quilt, you need to sort & resort & resort your charms to try to make sure there are no duplicates. Do you see the 3 to the right of the 3-D kitty, they are similar but different & I LOVE IT! After sorting these, I was almost energized to sort & cut some more - ALMOST... (I also have not counted them yet. But I did find a duplicate...)