Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I wanna be in pictures

rhapsody's movie
That's my girl! Since we are in the middle of a move, I am watching this movie on my laptop. This same laptop had a commercial for this store & there mascot, who would walk across the banner and leave the screen periodically - much to the chagrin of Rhapsody! She would try to catch that mascot and when it left the screen, she would look behind the laptop trying to find it! So she is my computer junkie! - She will watch a little TV too, but she loves the laptop.

BTW This photo was take right before she decided to sit on the keyboard completely blocking my view of the screen.

Aside, that is the fish quilt on the bed. <;}}}}-<


susan said...

Our cat ALWAYS wants to lay on top of the magazine or newspaper we are reading, but she has not tried the keyboard yet! Love the fishtype!

BTW - I gave your URL to a blogger with BETA problems:


(and apparently your post on having problems helped her out, so thanks!)

Anonymous said...

What an adorable kitty! My Rocky (technology assistant around here) is always in front of my computer screen--making it very difficult to see what I am typing!!! Gotta love 'em. KC Quilter

Sweet P said...

Hey, you have an Apple laptop and a kitty that likes to watch it.

I tried to leave you a message on your blog while I was at work the last couple days and I couldn't do it. I wonder why? I know you wouldn't have the answers, but I wonder if it has something to do with ISP addresses.

debraspincic said...

Can you send me your email address? There is a project going on that I think you may be interested in knowing about.

Anonymous said...

How cute that she's busy watching a movie! Once in a while, Elvis barks at a doorbell on TV.

Sounds like your move was 'OK' and that you're getting organized there in your new home. Ha -- does it feel like home yet? Probably not for a while. Are the kitties confused, or have they settled in?

Mary said...

I was just able to post a comment on Judy's blog under my blogger identity so I thought I'd come here and try too. The other day when I commented I still had to use *other*

Deb H said...

My cat has paid much more attention to TV since we got a new wide screen TV recently. He'll sit & watch a whole program, especially if it has animals in it.

Anonymous said...

She's such a PRETTY computer watcher too... :)

Mine love it when I play mouse pointer games on a white screen.