Thursday, September 21, 2006


I have been collecting "blog fodder."
I will share some of that now.

From a now defunct web based fabric shop

The winners of the "You think you've bought a lot of fabric" contest. These are retail customers. The names have been omitted to protect the innocent.
1st place: $13,589.41
2nd place: $10,574.06
3rd place: $9,358.49
Honorable mention:

I used to love that shop - my bill never came close to any of these numbers (not even in aggregate.) See, it could be worse.

As you know, I recently went to Australia & would dearly love to return! As a quilter I want/need to make a quilt to commemorate my experience. I searched high & low to find a suitable pattern & found one that will do the trick (I am even going to "design" 1 or 3 more...) but in the mean time I found this BOM. Lovely, huh? Lucky for me, I do not need any more fabric, so a BOM is not justifiable... However, the designer sells the patterns here at Aussie Applique. Can you say TEMPTED! (She also has a seasonal series of cat patterns and a kangaroo/koala pattern and an Australian table runner....) The patterns "can" help me "use-up" my fabric stash...

Speaking of fabric stash, I got the "in the closet" shelves up yesterday - now to get the fabric in there!

I thought I had more fodder...

Does anyone else save tidbits from around the net so that they can share them later?


Shelina said...

That is an interesting list of purchases. Are those one-time purchases? After all these years, I finally got to $1,000 at my LQS where I hardly ever buy stuff. (You get a tote bag when you reach it, and a fat quarter with every purchase.)
Yeah, I do try to save blog fodder, but if I don't send it out right away, it seems too late to send out.

Shelina said...

I knew there was something else I wanted to say. That BOM is really pretty. Those birds are exquisite and the fabric is great too.

Sweet P said...

The BOM is awesome. Have you done stained glass quilts before?

What on earth would you be buying if you spent over $13,000 on fabric? That is totally mind boggling.

Jeanne said...

Those big bucks are mind-boggling all right, but I bet if I ever added up the net worth of all my quilty stuff, I'd be shocked. I'd rather not know ...

Those patterns are super!!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is not so much as what we "spend" on sewing stuff... but maybe how much it COSTS us to store it? Of course, areas where square footage costs more - it costs more to store... Personally, I would rather have a smaller stash and then buy new fabric, as needed.


aka Starfishy

Sharon said...

So now, you can start a pattern stash?

Kay said...

Good grief! There's a shop near here in the Amish country that supposedly gives you a pen (!) if you spend $100. What would you get for $13,000? Maybe a typewriter (manual of course). The Australian quilt is pretty-- I would love to see it, but not make it. Applique and I don't get along.

Cynthia said...

the BOM quilt you want to make is lovely. I haven't seen it here in Australia. I know my mum would love a quilt like that one as she really loves to see the Aussie birds coming into her garden.

EileenKNY said...

Funny about the purchase amounts; I have a friend who complained about spending $42! lol
Can you post a photo of the "in the closet" shelves? That's our next step in putting together my sewing room and we've not been able to find anything we like.

bettsy said...

I haven't seen that quilt before either ( and I have visited that shop less than a month ago - it is one of my local ones ) It certainly would be a special one.
As for shopping - well even over here where fabric is way more expensive - it would be hard to spend that much.