Friday, September 29, 2006


(I think that is Latin for beware.)

I know a lot of you own long armers and some of you are even in business. Others of you may already have a relationship with a long armer. Still others like to do the quilting yourself either by hand or on your domestic sewing machine (DSM).

I use a couple/few long-armers - spreading the weath - determining what I want quilted & who does what...

With that said, one of my quilters who does not do pantographs or super complex quilting, but rather does quilt specific all-over quilting (rather than just stipple/meander) at a rate comparable to simple pantograph/stipple/meander is married to a fellow who just lost his job. Long story short, she may have to sell the long arm... [She does not have a website or blog.] & with her husband out of work, they need income.

So if you need stuff done & want to give her a shot - let me know & I'll give you her e-mail. She is in Michigan, & I regularly mail stuff with no problems.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Here comes trouble...

DSC01392 We are still getting stuff in place - the upholstered furniture is set to be delivered on the 10th - YAY! Here is Rhapsody our hostess in our entryway nook. This had been a coat closet, but the previous owner cut off the top part to open up the space. I got this bench at Crate & Barrel, it has 3 cubby holes below the cushion - maybe future quilt storage? (Probably more likely to hold bags & slippers...)

DSC01398 In our bedroom, we have a wall of book cases, this is the right side. I am not 100% sure that those quilts will stay there - I have other quilt storage locations in the living room... ( & some of these will be hung on the walls once the furniture is in place & we figure out what to hang - where...)

DSC01397 The left side (4 book cases total).

DSC01396 & the the trouble that my title alluded to... RB in my china hutch. I had just walked away to get another curio, turned around & look what I found! Now I know why I got a glass front cabinet!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So you like to look at quilts...

DSC01380 The cat charm quilt. This quilt has about 605 cat charms all 4 inch squares, no repeats. (Although when one fabric was printed in 4 colors - I used each of the 4 colors in this quilt.) I can sit and stare at the fabric in this quilt all day....

DSC01381 This is one of my most clever cat charms... You see this is a "pig" fabric, but what is that pig holding? A kitten.... AWWW I think this is a KP Kids fabric - I love their designs & I would love to have another of these charms - or the same thing in a different color.... Yes, I have started a new cat charm quilt... (more on that later.)

DSC01382 A corner shot, so you can see that the quilt is set on point and thatthe backing is flannel & partially kitty flannel at that! I traded or was given for two of those charms. The blue on white, I got at JoAnnes - wish I got more (it wasn't/isn't the best quality) I have wanted to use it several times since I ran out of the tiny amount I purchased. :o( I love the small scale & the blue on white and the novelty-ness of it...

DSC01384 Rhapsody, modeling the quilt... Next to a charm that looks a lot like her... >^..^<

New cat charm quilt: Once upon a time ago, (Probably last December or January) I wanted to finish up several I Spy quilts.... I asked and several people sent me novelty charms for this endeavour. In return, I made star fling quilts for charity. To do those, I needed 3.5 inch squares of novelty prints. I trimmed my "scrap" novelty pile into 3.5 inch squares - that pile included cats. In addition, I already own a literal ton of cat fabrics so I cut into them too into 3.5 inch squares, ditto my other novelty fabrics. Once I had a huge pile (That trimming is mindless & I did it while watching TV not paying much attention to actual accumulation.) I started to sort them... I alsways start my sorting buy pulling out the cats. I thought if I like to see different cat fabrics in the same quilt, someone else will too. So I started to make charm packs. The next thing I knew, I had a big enough pile for the start of a charm quilt - while still sharing the furry goodness of a fabric purr. So there you have it, I am knee deep into a second cat charm quilt. & Theanks to a little help from my friends, I already have some new to me cat fabrics! YAY!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back to our regularly scheduled quilt blog...

DSC01378 In the begining there was a cat who loved to lay down on quilts. His name was R.B. (Rhythm & Blues) & he got caught napping on quilts all the time. His mom set this quilt aside - waiting to take a photo of the whole thing to share on her blog, but in the mean time she was doing a lot of other things around the house... She comes around to get the quilt for a photo op & look what she saw - a sleeping kitty - o.k. everyone say, "AWWWW."
DSC01387 After waiting fo rthe kitty to wake from his slumber, the mom-blogger was able to spread the quilt onto her bed for a photo. WOW that is a rainbow log cabin.

Aside: I saw this quilt in one of those "yearbooks" for quilts, along with the directions.)I used Eleanor Burns' method of Quilt in a Day to piece these blocks. A good deal of that "DAY" was during my lunch hour at work.

Here is what I did, I cut the strips and sub cut the squares for the first seam. I took the pile of squares to work and pinned the correct number of red/orange, orange/yellow, etc. combinations together. I took them home, sewed them together and pressed them. I took the pairs back to work and pinned the next log to the pairs and repeated the home portion until I had my blocks pieced.

Working thusly, I pieced this block in about 1 week! (At the time, I was unmarried, no kids, etc.)

DSC01390 Just a glimpse of how I use novelty prints....

DSC01388 A shot of the back - also in the not so distant past, I used a lot of muslin for backs - especially the extra wide stuff. Big stipple using rainbow thread - today I would have it quilted differently, but *repeat after me* "Done is better than perfect."

DSC01389 One of the many ways that I use cat fabrics >^..^<, this particular piece was hard to use in this quilt because it read as orange and yellow & I needed one or the other for the effect, hence its proximity to the green. Oh yeah, that is a trick I learned - orangey yellow looks more yellow next to green and more orange next to red!DSC01391 On display in my home. Can you see the Bose stereo system? No, GOOD! (The rumpled quilt skin fish was made by my friend, Kathy. I made the cross stitch - BQ = Before Quilting)

Monday, September 25, 2006

This and that

A. I forgot my camera at home - so no photos & no stories about all of my WONDERFUL pictures.

B. So this will be a picture of what is in my mind.... A "whimm" of sorts. (whimm = works hidden in my mind)

C. I am looking for the free pattern that want to share - so far I found all of these goodies in one place! (goodies in this sentence = free quilting patterns) & here & all of these free cat quilting patterns! (including the one that I was looking for!)

D. What I wanted to find from the begining is this free cat applique pattern. "Love me, Love my cat." I have shared this link before - I know because I asked Jeanne if it would be a good pattern for her appli-quilt method...

E. What made me think of it yet again? I have started to fill my in the closet shelves (these only just the straight across version - the system was in place with two shelves - I got 3 more) Photo pending... I found that I have an ample supply of cat fur fabrics.... I know several quilters who are reluctant to buy brown - go ahead hold your hand up in that air like you just don't care - we can't see you anyway.... I am not - I have several that are VERY realistic and others that are more like black on black polka dots & still others that make me wonder, "Is that really a cat fur fabric?" Many of my pieces are hand dyeds, several of which have chunks taken out of the middle from my "hyper-realistic" applique phase... So I "NEED" to use some of my lovelies & this is the PERFECT pattern. (I can be scrappy!) I am planning on using all kinds of scraps for the hearts - not sure about the backgrounds yet...

F. back to those shelves - so far they hold my PIGS (Projects in grocery sacks) that have been liberated from their bags. (Please tell me that with my ample supply of cloth bags that I can throw out the paper and plastic ones... I am a BAG lady & I am going through withdrawls as I empty my bags...)

G. one last peek in my mind - the Liberated pigs that I can recall off the top of my head are: @ 3 Judy Martin inspired patterns, 2 dogwood patterns, 2 pink & black projects, 2 pink and brown projects - 1 primary 1 secondary - yes I have a plan for my scraps!, 3 taupe projects, 1 primary, 1 secondary, 1 teritary - yes I have a plan for my scraps & and plan for that scraps that the second pattern will create!, something in orange/pink/raspberry - Irish Chain variation or 1/2 log cabin variation - or both..., blue & yellow cats - too many fabrics for 1 quilt...., something in plaid/striped homespun, CW repro. baskets, sushi quilt, ETC! REMINDER These are all uncut bundles of fabric with books and or patterns (or just ideas).

H. UFO's live else where....

I. Fabric collections (not just the cats - not yet slotted for a project will live on another shelving unit also form the container store... (Yes, I have the cover to protect the fabric from any light dammage.)

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I have been collecting "blog fodder."
I will share some of that now.

From a now defunct web based fabric shop

The winners of the "You think you've bought a lot of fabric" contest. These are retail customers. The names have been omitted to protect the innocent.
1st place: $13,589.41
2nd place: $10,574.06
3rd place: $9,358.49
Honorable mention:

I used to love that shop - my bill never came close to any of these numbers (not even in aggregate.) See, it could be worse.

As you know, I recently went to Australia & would dearly love to return! As a quilter I want/need to make a quilt to commemorate my experience. I searched high & low to find a suitable pattern & found one that will do the trick (I am even going to "design" 1 or 3 more...) but in the mean time I found this BOM. Lovely, huh? Lucky for me, I do not need any more fabric, so a BOM is not justifiable... However, the designer sells the patterns here at Aussie Applique. Can you say TEMPTED! (She also has a seasonal series of cat patterns and a kangaroo/koala pattern and an Australian table runner....) The patterns "can" help me "use-up" my fabric stash...

Speaking of fabric stash, I got the "in the closet" shelves up yesterday - now to get the fabric in there!

I thought I had more fodder...

Does anyone else save tidbits from around the net so that they can share them later?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I never did blog any of my Chihuly photos (The trip coincided with the blogger in beta fiasco.)
flowerwithreeds75 This one is one of my favorite photos. You see, I was able to focus on the flower and have the glass soft in the background. (I think that was part of Chihuly's idea with exhibiting in a garden...)
ferna75 Definately simpler & a nod to my green discussion earlier. :o)
boatg75 I am very happy with this composition.
boatcloseup75 As a blue & purple gal, I liked this boat/pondscape far better...
basketa75 Another favored photo (good POV on this one, IMHO)...

I guess that is enough for a taste... (There were a several other glass styles represented, so I could keep going & going & going - I meant I took over 200 photos...)

2 more things

Maybe my rack will be more like Bonnie's...

& Blogger in beta is letting me post again - without haveing to use "other." :o)

quiz-y quandry & quilty question (in red)

I have seen a ton of quizzes on blogs, I have even participated in a few, but I have never posted one to my blog & I not 100% sure why...

Most recently is the "What shade of green are you?" quiz. At first I barely glanced at it thinking with was what color instead of shades of green... The I saw so many greens.... As someone who made a Project Spectrum Green quilt, I can attest to the variety of greens out there! So I took the quiz & I am a different color that those that I have seen blogged! I am Mint Green. However, when I do those quizzes they invariably mess with my computer - so much so that this is my second time to write this post.... (Mint sounded pretty o.k. for me, but I can not share the mintyness here...) Back to no quizzes on my blog for me.

Quilty - In my condo, we have white crown molding.... I want to get some quilt hangers. The kind that can kind of look like crown molding.... Should I get them in white too? The other option would be a dark wood to kind of go with the other wood furnishings. Maybe like this: Quilt rack or this type not this kind... (I am also going to get a floor rack for the non-decorative aka grab and curl up in front of the TV quilts. In addition to two glass fronted storage chests...)

Remember that you can choose "other" when commenting. When you choose "other" you can leave your name & blog URL. (Or anonymous & sign your name.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I wanna be in pictures

rhapsody's movie
That's my girl! Since we are in the middle of a move, I am watching this movie on my laptop. This same laptop had a commercial for this store & there mascot, who would walk across the banner and leave the screen periodically - much to the chagrin of Rhapsody! She would try to catch that mascot and when it left the screen, she would look behind the laptop trying to find it! So she is my computer junkie! - She will watch a little TV too, but she loves the laptop.

BTW This photo was take right before she decided to sit on the keyboard completely blocking my view of the screen.

Aside, that is the fish quilt on the bed. <;}}}}-<

Monday, September 18, 2006

I forgot

The master bathroom is completely gutted! (That project is at least going smoothly!)

The furniture that we ordered arrived yesterday (Except for those items that are not scheduled to arrive yet.) We started to assemble the diningrom chairs....

We are about to hire a hand man.... The other furniture is bound to be "harder."

I need to track down our bathroom fixtures....

Are we done yet?

First, thanks for all of the lovely comments!
Second, after a second glance, the dining room is a different color warmer yellow while the living room is a cooler taupe.
Third - ugh where did we get all of this stuff & where are we going to put it now that we got it here?

Now for the general rant on moving & movers....

We hired contractor "A" (Two guys and a truck), the truck broke down, so he hired a sub contractor (two guys and a trailer). So we are looking a two trips instead of one (The job is charged hourly & the 30-45 minute trip each way costs...) o.k., not happy with that but o.k. anyway. The movers were supposed to arrive at the apartment at 10 - they got there cloer to 11!

(Right away he tells me that he is supposed to help another girl at 1 & that he might not get to the storage on the first trip.)

So they finally get everything from the apartment into the trailer - not so hard long considering we only has a bed, a table, some bookcases, & some other storage items. The trainer is only 1/3 full so I said, "Lets go to the storage and fill up the trailer." (Without seeing how much stuff we had he thought we could fill the trailer - which is why he agreed...) Well we couldn't but we filled it so that the second trip would/could be quicker...

They unload the trailer - the boxes part was no problem, but the scratched up the walls pretty good trying to get a bigger piece of furniture around the corner.... UNHAPPY! (Luckily, we have some paint - now to get some brushes for touching up....)

We finally got that back into the living room & it is waiting to be unassembled to that we can reassemble it in the "stewdio."

Hours pass while Michael & I are moving boxes into the other rooms (Appliances into the kitchen, clothes & books into the master bedroom, fabric, etc. into the "stewdio"...) I was actually making tracks into putting stuff "up" in the "stewdio" when we got a call for us to meet the movers at 9 at the storage place. We got there right before 9 & it was a good thing because that is the witching hour - I though we had 24 hour access... Michael & I unloaded the stoarge locker and had everything in the parking lot waiting for the movers who finally got there at about 10...

I don't know what time it was when we finally got the stuff unloaded...

Michael was talking to the guy about paying... (We agreed with the original guy to use our check card. This guy wanted cash.) They left without getting paid, but did not ask for any more money than we agreed upon up front - which is a good thing considering my walls, the wait, & the amount of work that we did that we hired them to do!

I guess the original guy will call Michael about getting paid, but he hasn't called yet...

Oh now my living room is once more filled with boxes & my "stewdio" once again looks like I have not started to unpack...

Oh well - no one said moving is easy...

I hope your weekends were at least more restful!

Friday, September 15, 2006

A view from my home.

Oh wow, I hope that does not end up in my blog that big (It did, I'll try again...) from the entraceAny way this is the view down the main hallway from the front entrance. (The door at the end is a storage area/cat bathroom - the door next to it is a linen closet and the door closest is where the heating/cooling unit is located.) Isn't that a great hall to hang a quilt on? A little blurry,from the entrance but this is the other view from the same entrance... You can see into the living room. That is the Dining room in the far right. (The ceilings are 12 ft. so you need the ladder to change the lightbulbs - too bad there isn't any place to store it inthe mean time.) The cut out goes to the kitchen. All of this area is painted a pleasant beige - not too light, not too dark. (Nice view to the woods out back & grass that I don't have to mow.)
dining room The dining room - it is the same color as the rest of the area.... living room view into kitchen A view from the living room to the kitchen. The previous owner had a pool table in the living room and had his TV on that top shelf. I will probably put a big basket with a quilt overflowing it up there. (The stuff on the middle shelf is the stereo system, including the little speakers above and the big black box below.)
kitchen The kitchen, a view from the dining room. Yes, that is a washer/dryer on the left... It will live with us for a while - I need to save for a new one. But the other appliances minus the microwave will be replaced to match the microwave. Including the fridge that is just out of view, but next to the range. On the walls opposite this corner is a bar with granite that matches - no cabinets however. You are seeing 95% of all of the cabinets in the kitchen. (There is a small set above the fridge and a set above the dishwasher.)
bedroom 2 This is my "stewdio" the master bedroom is painted the same, but it has a walk in closet while this one has shelves. (Can you see my stash on those shelves?) Have I mentioned that I love the purple paint?
main bathroom And the main bathroom. (I won't share the master bathroom - just visualize circa 1970's 3/4 bath...) This one had a tub, but it now has a shower with a "seat" and just out of view are side jets for a shower massage.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

What to do, What to do?

Not unlike everyone else, I am wondering what to blog about....

I did not get around to taking photos of the condo during/after the final walk through this morning - I "NEEDED" to get to the office. So I am not going to yammer on about that!

I seem to keep packing quilty stuff. I NEVER would have guessed the amount of stuff that I already own!

The closet in my new "stewdio" already has a shelving system (a lot like this, only different, ya know what I mean?) - only two shelves - I want 4 maybe 5, so I have a place for a lot of stuff there. I also have a Container Store (love that place) shelving unit (this one in black - I need the canvas cover to protect my stuff from sunlight....) that will go in the "stewdio." Not to mention that fact that the existing bookcases will go in there as well as the existing kitchen table... I know I am in trouble space wise already....

So I am going to try to ruthlessly weed my stash & stuff.

New quilt.... I am also thinking about starting a new quilt - one that will be 100% pieced in my new "stewdio." The TAUPES are screaming my name. & There is a gift quilt that I want (different from need) to make for my dad, the train guy. To say my dad is a train FANATIC is to understate it a bit. So I already know that I am going to do railroad crossing as the pattern. Like this one: "Railroad Crossing" quilt. (Not like 80% of the others that I saw while trying to find something for you to look at...) I might add a sliouhette of a train on the top border.... (I have novelty trains to go where the photo shows blue squares, & My background will be scrappy - to the extent that some of them will be 4 patches & 9 patches in addition to the 1 big square on purpose.... Yeah I am a rebel!

I am leaning more towards the railroad quilt instead of the Taupes - simpler piecing & my "dark" strips are already cut out! (No to find them & the novelty trains...)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Not much new to say... (I really had nothing to say yesterday - I am not there yet, I am not a "reliver" so all of the talk is a bit much for me...) Besides, in my line of work, September (August too...) is equal to Tax time for accountants - so why the HECK am I blogging? Glutton for punishment, I guess...

I am not sewing! (at all.) but I have a "hand" project out of the packing harms way - just in case.

On the home front - the "rent back" period ends tomorrow... So we actually take possesion on Thursday.

Bathroom demolition takes place on Saturday along with moving (we hired movers - so I am packing like mad) and two different furniture deliveries.

I am also knee deep into kitchen appliance replacement.... We need to schedule a site survey to verify what we want will fit & work with what we have....

Hopefully some "before" photos on Friday.... & During photos on Monday!

Friday, September 08, 2006

2 bits

Michael & I are HOMEOWNERS! We signed the papers this morning. :o) Now for the fun filled packing time, moving time, bathroom remodelling time, pining for new kitchen appliances time, waiting for furniture to arrive time, & cats adjusting to the new area time!

The second bit - Many thanks got out to "The Quilter!" In a stash reduction move on her part, I got 3 NEW to me cat fabrics. (I own about 600 different cat prints...) Two are different color ways to those who already live with me & the other was BRAND NEW to me while already having lived a long-ish life with Paula.

Stash reduction for one equals stash enhancement for another...

No cat fabrics shall ever be turned away from my home... (I have threatened to neuter some of the boy cat fabrics, but then I go and adopt others...)

I am ready to start a new cat charm quilt... (I already have one that has about 605 different cat prints. It is still one of my absloute favorite quilts, I can sit and stare at the cat prints for hours!)

I am not sure how big the second cat charm quilt will be... I guess it will tell me when it is "done."

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just a quickie post

My grandparents are finally discussing moving into a Senior Apartment - so the "we have to get rid of stuff!" movement has begun!

I have been telling my grandmother for years thatthe only "thing" that I want is the quilt that er mother (my paternal great grandmother on my fathers mothers side) made. (I thought I was goingt o have to wait for the reading of the will & I know how she has been "storing" it...)

I got it yesterday! No photos yet, it is in a box along with some crocheted items that my paternal great grandmother on my fathers fathers side made.

The short version - I got some handmade items that two of my great grandmothers made.

I also got some woodworking items that my grand father made & a framed embroidery piece that my mother made in the early 1970's.

I hope to get some antique kitchen items when my grandmother actually moves - like an old glass rolling pin.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

YAY! EDITED (in red)

Tazzie wanted Photos - so here ya go! (I have been so irritated with blogging lately, that I have not even tried to post a photo - well I did try to post a Chihuly photo yeaterday...)

"Stars in the Court House" by Amy aka The Calico Cat. Quilted by Linda Sue. Pattern inspired by Fons&Porter - they used a different star & did not go "wonky" (on purpose!) A gift for my B-I-L. Is it masculine? It is completely not me - but I have an idea for the scraps...

I shared the blocks earlier & perhaps a helper kitty shot - him sitting on the border pieces that I was trying to attach...
I really like how this turned out! It is scrumptiously soft in real life - brushed cotton on the back. Scraps in the border (I love the border treatment!) - though I wish I saved the green - for another project...

(Anyone have any "shout at you green" homespun plaid? What about a "bossy high contrast" big plaid - like the purple one in this quilt?) I think Cher (Marathon Quilter) or Patti (Quilting is my Passion) went to a local show & shared pictures - one of which was a "Chinese Coins" variation with applique (In my mind at least, I have been known to embellish other memories.)... Ring a bell?

It was Patti - (I have one of those memories - can't remember what I need to remember, but other things get stuck like a steel trap!) You can see it - if you go back to April 6th on her blog - click the "Patti" link above.

A little closer view... I was SOOOOO happy when I found that red. It is not homespun or shirting like the rest of the top or brushed cotton like the backing, but it is PERFECT - if I do say so myself. I found it at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival this year.

So why is it wonky - you may be asking... Well, I needed to "square up" the blocks. I decided instead of fussing to get it right on 90 degrees, that it would be easier and more fun to skew it. Some roll more than others... It probably would have made more sense if my logs were also skewed, but.... It is done! and "Done is better than perfect" EVERYDAY in my life.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chihuly in Flickr

I just started a flickr. I have uploaded several Chihuly photos complete with comments. I can not figure out if I have my own flickr or not, bu everything is tagged Chihuly. (I also uploaded them onto my webshots - address below in previous post.) Enjoy!

Here is THE problem

O.K. I took this quote verbatim from Debra at Debra's Design Studio. I could not have said it any better...To the best of my (Debra's and mine) knowledge (which is small), there is currently a thin line between blogger and blogger beta users that will not allow beta members to comment on blogger blogs if the only comments allowed are for blogger accounts.
If you only allow blogger accounts for comments, I cannot comment on your blog. If you allow others or anonymous comments, I can comment on your blog. I can post as other or anonymous with a blogger beta account. (Had I known. . .).
Once you have gone to the blogger beta, you are no longer a regular blogger. You cannot go back or go between the two systems at random. You choose beta, you stay beta. Or, you design a new blog.
I am sure in the close future, Google will figure out how to make the two systems compatible but until they do, we have to go behind their backs for comments.My suggestion is this --- turn on your Anyone feature in your preferences (Who can comment?). Then, I can comment.

I am trying to do wordpress - with limited success. (My photo did not show up...)

How do you?

How do you make a picture smaller? If it is 2221KB now, how do I make it 1500KB?

If you want to see the Chihuly shots, they are up on my webshots (as are about 1/3 of my Australia photos/some previously seen here!) Sorry, some are sideways and I have not cropped them yet... (Well, I did, but that was in Picasa - who still does not talk to blogger beta.)

I am trying to start a wordpress blog.... I may try typepad too - wordpress is not "my thing" so far.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Well we got to NYC fine. Michael's mother is also doing fine. (Although she will have at least 1 more surgery...)

Ernesto was a terror on Saturday - several downed trees and such, but we were uneffected. :o)

I went to a quilt shop on Saturday - the 1st - so it was o.k., I purchased fabrics for a landscape quilt. & a few for an Irish Chain variation.

Michael & I went to the Chihuly exhibit today and it was wonderful. I took over 200 photos, so once I get back to Washington, I hope to upload them and to share a few.

I will also be moving my blog to a new venue - I am just so PEEVED with blogger beta.

I also have a new quilt to share (The log cabin with stars that I shared while it was in progress is quilted.) but that too will have to wait.

I hope all of you are doing o.k. & I blog ya on Tuesday. :o)