Monday, August 28, 2006

Md. State Fair

It has already been said around blogville, but it is fair time and it is no different here in Maryland. These two quilts were doen by my friend Genie.

Congrats on the ribbons & a fine showing at the state fair!

(Now I need to go to see them in person.)
As you can see, she made the tradidtional Baltimore Album Quilt (BAQ)all her own! That is her house in the middle & they own a farm, hence the cow & chickens.

I have a BAQ UFO - mine is on point, and has a heart/cat theme. I also did a lot of the paper cut type blocks... (Kind of like the cow block - only with a cat in the middle... - the border of that block is a paper cut type block. The reverse applique heart next to the cow block - I did both versions of that block, that is also a paper cut block - while I am at it, I did the one next to that too...) Posted by Picasa


cher said...

great eye candy Amy...are you going to finish your BA ufo?

Linda_J said...

very nice!! Congrats to the ribbon winners

EileenKNY said...

Amy, I give you so much credit for doing the BAQ. I love them but I have NO desire to make one, so I'll enjoy yours vicariously when you post it.
The NY State Fair is over 4 hours away, so we've never been there, and the local county fairs are just live infomercials for vendors.

Ruth said...

They are gorgeous quilts.Quite breath-taking!