Thursday, August 10, 2006

Are you or will you be in Virginia?

My husband just sent me this! :o)

March 18 through December 3, 2006 in Richmond, VA Quilts of the Old Dominion
Sponsor: Virginia Historical Society/VA Consortium of Quilters
Cost: $3-5 (students, seniors, adults) Free Sunday
Comments: Quilts made in Virginia before 1900 on display with modern quilts to show variation in technique. There are three separate rotations of quilts, please see our website for dates.

Virginia also has a Quilt Museum. Well worth seeing especially in the fall since Sky Line Drive is close to the museum. Also near there and really neat is Luray Caverns.


Mary said...

I'm in VA a lot these days but about an hour and a half from Richmond. I'd seen this somewhere - Maybe Quilter's Newsletter but doubt I'll be able to make the exhibit.

I also want to see the VA Quilt Museum one day - I have a sister that lives near it but haven't been to her house either and she's lived there for years. We usually meet at Mom's when I see her.

susan said...

Would love to see it, but no, not in VA any time soon.

I have been thinking of what you said in a comment on this post of mine:

The Calico Cat said...
How nice & what a great way to reuse the dress! Destined for hand quilting, huh?

And I was wondering if you had any suggestions on quilting this project? Am looking for any ideas...


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