Monday, February 27, 2006

cat quilt

Not much to say about this one.... 9-lives.

But I want to know, do all indigos go together? I bought a bundle of reproduction indigos at the quilt show this past weeked & I have some Asian indigos - will they work together? (I plan to piece the repro. ones with shirting prints.... So the Asian ones would have to play with them too.)

Plan A - traditional log cabin - logs cut 1.5 inces
Plan B - some other "traditional" two color/fabric block
Plan C - mix in other reproduction fabrics - traditional block
Plan D - What would you do? - the amount of fabric is small... mostly fat 1/8ths, a few fat 1/4ers and 2 or 3 1/4 yard pieces...


Helen in the UK said...

Love the 9-lives quilt - too cute. Also congrats on your new camera. I would recommend you invest in rechargeable batteries ASAP - cameras seem to eat them up so fast :)

Patti said...

The nine lives quilt is really cute. Would be especially great gift for a cat lover.

I would put all the indigos together - after all, they are all from the same color family. There's no reason at all not to put them together unless you a shooting for a strict cultural look.

Vicky said...

Your indigo fabrics will absolutely go together. Just be sure to prewash them as there is a lot of excess dye in them. Trust me on this!!!

Anonymous said...

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