Monday, February 27, 2006

How to post about a quilt show?

I know getting one of those "web shots" would probably be easiest, but I shall post them when I want and include any close ups - so I can say why I like the quilt or just why I took the photo.... In that vein, this quilt was not part of the juried show, rather it was in a special exhibit where a guild took a common phrase and made it into a quilt - you can read the phrase for this one on the close up. ("If the shoe fits, you bought it at Nordstrom" - was another) But I like this quilt for the color choice - two of my favorite shade/values - and the applique on a pieced quilt. It reminds my of an Apron that Barb did that you can see on her blog, Lemon Apron.

cat quilt

Not much to say about this one.... 9-lives.

But I want to know, do all indigos go together? I bought a bundle of reproduction indigos at the quilt show this past weeked & I have some Asian indigos - will they work together? (I plan to piece the repro. ones with shirting prints.... So the Asian ones would have to play with them too.)

Plan A - traditional log cabin - logs cut 1.5 inces
Plan B - some other "traditional" two color/fabric block
Plan C - mix in other reproduction fabrics - traditional block
Plan D - What would you do? - the amount of fabric is small... mostly fat 1/8ths, a few fat 1/4ers and 2 or 3 1/4 yard pieces...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

quilt purpose

Why do you make quilts? So these two beautiful babies have a place to rest! (Same quilt - before and after hostile take-over...) RB wants to be where Rhapsody is located and vice versa. Sharing is only an option when it is Rhapsody's idea.... (Rhapsody is the one with red eye - apparently the red-eye reduction on my new smarter than me camera does not work on Rhapsody's beautiful blue eyes!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I almost forgot

I also kind of asked (more just thought about out loud in type) about how to spend my Quilt shop Gift Certificate - I bought the fabrics to make the pink cover quilt on what I think is the current American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. I will mix in fabrics from my stash, but I bought quite a few tone on tone fat quarters and yardage for the back and for the binding.

While out with Vanessa, I let her talk me into making a bed size quilt for her - she bought the fabrics, but I bought some of my own - for the quilt listed above and some novelties for my I SPY quilts, some bright TOT fabrics to use as star points in my charity quilts that will go with my stash of white, tan, cream, light backgrounds, and I got some pink & blacks to go with the Loralie fabrics - pieced back if nothing else... I am addicted... (And going to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival on Saturday - where I "may" spend more money on fabric - specifically brown and/or burgundy....) Anyone else going? I know that Mary is going, but our time there will not intersect, she luckily does not have to attend on the weekend...


Since I am going on a Great Barrier Reef cruise in May, do I need or just want a Marine Pack: Take your Cyber-shot® W series digital camera to the depths of the ocean with the MPK-WA marine pack from Sony.
Water resistant to a depth of 132 feet
Protects your Cyber-shot® W series digital camera while underwater
Bright yellow highlights make it easy to see in low visibility

to go with my new camera..... (We will be snorkeling & in general be in splash zone for 5 days, if not more when in Sydney Harbor or at a hotel pool...)

I have come to the conclusion that I just "want" the HUGE memory device and the extra lens and the tripod and the fancy carrying case.......

Since I asked for advice...

Since I asked you guy for advice on how to spend my Gift Certificate at Williams & Sonoma, I figure I should tell you how I used it....
I bought an alligator and a Salmon cookbook (that I can't find to hyperlink).
We also used our Sears gift cards to get a digital camera. (We took my father's advice and chose one that uses AA batteries instead of a "special" battery - just in case something happens and you can't buy another special battery. And one of my friends got us a photo stick that goes with this camera as well as the one that we registered for... :o)
Enough on that so that this post does not sound like a laundry lisdt of things got and bought.... But I had to tell yall that I finally got a digital camera & how we use the GC that I asked about.

Hopefully I will be able to upload a photo real soon....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

last one today....

Below are several posts pertaining to my wedding this past weekend. These are the photows taken my my friend Kathy F. or her husband Joseph and my father or someone who he threw the camera too... I hope you enjoy them & I hope to post more once the professional photos are done.

wedding gift quilt

This photo is of my most of my mini-quilt guild. (In the begining, we all work at the Social Security Administration, now several are retired or working elsewhere. We meet in the classroom of a local quilt shop, Seminole Sampler, monthly to Sew-n-tell. Several of us belong or belonged to a local quilt guild too.)

Left to right in the fron are Beth R. and Kathy F. in the back are Tobi S., Barbara B., Sharon O., Nancy M., Shelley B., Deborah K. and Michael & me. Not shown are Aurelia who recently had back surgery, Genie who had to leave early, and Lynda B. who passed away a few years ago and who is missed dearly.

The quilt blocks all have meaning that might not be readily apparent, but starting in the top left, is a Milky Way block - "M" made by: Genie, Interlocked Star - "I" made by: Shelley, Concorde - "C" made by: Aurelia, below that is a Hunter's Star - "H" made by: Sharon, then an "A" Star - "A" made by: Beth, on the bottom from the right to the left are an Exploding Star - "E" made by: Deborah, Log Cabin Star - "L" made by: Tobi, Annie's Choice - "A" made by: Barbara above that are a Minnesota Star - "M" made by: Nancy and a Yankee Puzzle - "Y" made by: Kathy F. What does that spell? "Michael Amy" The center blocks are "Two hearts joined as one" made by: Genie and a Bridal Bouquet made by Kathy.
Deborah bought the focus fabric at a quilt show, I attended with Kathy S., who mentioned that I really liked the fabric - I snuck back and bought some of it after a long debate.... Deborah passed out the fabric, coordinated the project and set the blocks - she also paid a local long armer to quilt it :o)

The girls & the boys

Kathy S., Me, and Vanessa
Daniel, Michael, and Ronald

posed photograph...

This photo should be self explainatory... Michael, me & my dad...


Michael & my dad, probably right after the, "Are you sure you want to marry her?" speach...

There is a saying about picking your family...

(I think my father may have smiled in 1 or 2 pictures, he was definatly less than cooperative with the professional photographer - but armed & ready with his own camera... Go figure!)

getting ready....

Suprise you thought it was going to be a rollers photo.... (maybe later)

Here are Michael's brother & mother setting up the seating arrangement table :o)
(In the frame on the table next to the roses is our invitation.)


Here are my grandparents, Mary & Walter.


This is the groom's side of the family, left to right are Michael's step-father Walter, his mother Leona, his brother Daniel, Michale, Me, Michael's step-sister Rachel and his step-brother Daniel. (Michael's mother had been a widow for many years before being introduced to Walter who had been a widower, they got married in November 2004.)

Here are a couple photos of the father daughter dance and the mother son dance. (I tried to crop these, but they were taken at too low a resolution; therefore, we got pixelated....)

wedding party

Our wedding party (& the other half of my dad.....)
left to right, Michael's brother Daniel, his friend Ronald (Who happened to be our second witness for the Ketubah) & my friend's Vanessa & Kathy S. Notice the lovely ROSES! Royce, our florist, did a lovely job & I got EXACTLY what I wanted!

You can see the brides maids quilts in the background - they opened them while I was getting made-up.

chuppah inspection

Here are "Doc", Cindy, & Kathy F. inspecting the chuppah prior to the wedding ceremony. (No one had to inspect it & it could have been as simple as a piece of muslin or as elaborate as a big fancy flower arrangement. A commonly used item is a family table cloth - so I have been told. But most couples use the one that is provided by the synogogue or Rabbi - velvet with fringe....)

The bride & groom along with their families, attendants, & the Rabbi stand under the canopy during the wedding. Why? Different reasons, one being: the chuppah is a symbol of the home to be built and shared by the couple. Like the tent of Abraham and Sarah, the four sides are open to indicate all are welcome into our home and our lives. As a temporary structure, the chuppah reminds us of the fragility of life.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pre-wedding - CORRECTION

Prior to the actual wedding ceremony, the groom "veils" his bride. This ritual is called bedeken.

The practice of wearing a veil derives from the account in Genesis 24:65 of how Rebekah covered her face with a veil when she saw her husband-to-be, Isaac, approaching. Further support of the custom is taken from the account of Jacob being tricked into marrying Leah instead of Rachel. Jewish grooms have assured themselves before the ceremony the woman they were to marry was in fact their intended.
This "ceremony" is so the groom can verify that he is getting the bride that he wants. He is reading something similar.... (I don't recall quite what - nerves....)

Right before the bedeken (shown above) two witnesses sign a religious wedding contract called a ketubah. This is Joseph G., BTW also in this photo are my father (in glasses above my shoulder) The rabbi next to Michael & our professional photogrqpher Shane Carpenter. He and his assistant were WONDERFUL & I can't wait to see those photographs! (But Kathy & Joseph got some great shots too.)

The cake

The cake, under the frosting is a tuxedo cake (each tier is cut in three - vanilla cake and chocolate cake layers - not marbled, divided by either lemon or raspberry filling)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's etc.

I am glad that I read the ring first.... I was really in a sour mood earlier, but now that I have seen so many lovely quilts & read so many stories, I feel better!

I was "off" becasue while Michael & I had a lovely dinner out, he reacts to stress differently than I and so the "date" was highly un-date-like if that makes sense. I guess that is one of the things that we will need to learn about each other as we are about to embark on this crazy marriage journey.....

I had a lovely piece of Tuna (leftovers for lunch, YIPPEE!) and Michael had Salmon. Tuxedo Strawberries for dessert - instead of the coconut cream pie that I was tempted to order. :o)

I was tight and in pain (more than I have been for the past few weeks, but not as bad as when I started.) for PT today, apparently my stress comes out quietly through my body - I get itchy too. I do feel better now, but not 100%.

We got a gift certificate to Williams and Sonoma any advice on how to spend $50? (W&S is a very expensive store & I don't want to buy food or soap or towels...) If you actually reply THANKS SO MUCH! I am stumped & would have rather gotten a gift card to one of the stores where we registered.... The La Crueset is a lot less expensive there as is the cuttlery.

Tonight I am going out with one of my bridesmaids - last single gal hurrah of sorts. I am spending the night since she lives north of Baltimore and parking in my neighborhood is a challenge after 6. Michael will be away with his family until the wedding, so this morning was probably the last time for me too see him until the bag day. (I may see him tomorrow if the timing is right to pick up some wedding gifts so I can deliver them to our storage locker.)

Hopefully next year I will have a hearty quilt photo to post for the holiday. I have seen several lovely ones! & I do want to make one for myself.... (I may even know the pattern!)

Monday, February 13, 2006


Photo courtesy of Fons & Porter....
1. My birthday Gift Certificate to a LQS finally got here today. (it was mailed on or about Jan. 25) I could have walked there and picked it up quicker than it took the USPS to deliver it. So now it is a Valentine's gift. When I was told about it, I was going to get huge hunk of a light batik and a huge hunk of a very dark batik with which I was going to make a Fon's and Porter scrappy batik tumbling blocks quilt (shown on my blog) so I could use some of my strips and scraps.... Now I want to make the pink quilt from the current American Patchwork & Quilting magazine (seen on Finn's site - scroll down it has the yellow background - in a different color way - that also piqued my interest)...

2. We got 10 inches of snow and all I can say is thankfully it happened this weekend. (6 days and counting till my wedding next Sunday!)

3. I am finally back to cutting for my I SPY quilts! And a public THANKS for those who have sent charms or big scraps. :o)

Friday, February 10, 2006

pink and ___

Quilt photo courtesy of Fons and Porter "Love of Quilting" magazine. (It is the pattern that I reference later.)
My super-bowl shopping experience revisited…. I just got a copy of Fons and Porters current magazine. (It was one of those days….) I found this pattern and thought, “My cat fabrics can work with that!” BTW you can see my cat fabrics here: "fancy cats" I have the panel and figure those can fit in the big squares. I also have 1 yard cuts of several of the “go withs” and I have a few that “go with” but are not part of the line. Any ideas? (Now I need to get some for the border and some for the binding - I forgot about that on Sunday - probably a scrappy back...)

I have been mulling over a pink and brown quilt for a while.... off and on.... I guess mine will be pink and black instead.


Just a few things, this is a faux log cabin (original design by Billie Lauder). In her directions, you use fae few fabrics, but I like them scrapy! When it was done, quilt was made from stash!

Some of my lights are a bit too medium, some of my darks are a bit too medium too.... This quilt was made for a dear friend who loves dogs, so there are doggie fabrics as well as a cat fabrics & crabs and lobsters too. I did an off center barn raising for the setting of the blocks - I only wish that the blocks were finished smaller so that the pattern could be more dramatic... Know what I mean?

And yes, ladies, those are Mini Daschund puppies pictures! My dads dog had another litter. (Judy, do you see Speck's twin?) he is not a "breeder" but he does own a fully functioning pair & the little boy got through the diaper. (I am going to have to tell dear old dad about crates.) Yes, he does sell the puppies...

The rest of the JCPenney story. We sent a letter and got one in reply expressing appologies and included a $25 JCP gift card.... Better than nothing I suppose.

One final note - we are expecting snow in the Washington DC area tomorrow and Sunday. To which I say, "What the H@ll?" Can't I get a snow day? & There had better not be a repeat next weekend...

9 days and counting...

Monday, February 06, 2006

This is the back of the gift quilt - yes those are all cat fabrics & some of them were new to me! (The Navy one with whilte outline kitties, the tiny pink bit on the bottom of the photo - side of the quilt, the "old fashioned" CW Repro? near the Laurel Burch kitties, and the Pastel one above the red piece....) So it is true, there are cat fabrics that I do not own.... (or is it now that I own this quilt.....)
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Gift Quilt

On Saturday, I was presented with this gift quilt! It was not a complete suprise. By nature of the yahoo group, I knew that something was planned, but once the players were know, they took the chatter off line and this is the result. I met Jo (the coordinator) and Beth (the binder) at Capital Quilts for the delivery. Thanks Jo for taking the photos and for coordinating a lovely gift that shall be cherished forever! (Thanks to everyone else who participated.)
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Friday, February 03, 2006


Does any one (not) read the Crazy Aunt Purl blog? ("not" in parenthesis becasue she regularly gets 80+ comments & we all know that most readers do not comment!)

Well monthly she publishes horror-scopes (My spelling); here is mine & I am blogging it because it is so on....

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)Would you like fries with that Quarter Pounder of Stress? Your commitments to school or work combined with the constant demands from your family and friends have you near the end of your rope this month. That urge to escape your life and run on autopilot is particularly strong near month's end. You might begin harboring serious fantasies of sitting alone on a mountaintop and pondering your navel. Take a deep breath, clear you calendar for at least one full day in February, and commit to some serious alone time before you become commit-able. You may long for a padded room ... but I hear that straightjackets make your butt look big.

BTW The horror-scopes are about number 4 or 5 on my list of why I read Crazy Aunt Purl daily!

Physical Therapy seems to be helping - YAY! Nothing quilty going on, but I "need" to get some hanging sleeves attached, so nose to the grind stone time is here! (Actual "NEED" not just a want!)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

O fer crying in a bucket

Or something clever like that....

Our gifts have started to arrive. This is a good thing. (We are even almost caught up with the Thank You cards - an even better thing.) However; a new JCPenney SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) has arisen... Apparently, if a gift is shipped from JCPenney to us, we get a note on the invoice like this: "Ordered by: ______" Yay, now I know how to thank for the lovely gift. On the other hand, if it is shipped from the Factory, Oneida, for example there is no "Ordered By: _____." So we are left saying, "Who sent us this lovely silver serving set?" Our answer, we have to call JCPenney and ask them, "Who sent this, this, & this? Since I ordered two of those, how do you know which one was sent by whom? Etc." Yes, I am ready to pull my hair out!

This reminds me of my back.... (As if I could forget the almost constant pain.) I went for my fist Physical Therapy session yesterday & left feeling better than when I arrived. YIPPEE! I then went for my yearly OB/GYN appointment and that was even o.k. I was concerned based upon the position that one needs to take to get the test done. Everything looked normal & "No news is good news."

I have a funny aside about the "No news if good news" remark. When I moved to Maryland to go to college, I had a job at a grocery store. One of the regular customers was Dr. Q., one of the cashiers used Dr. Q. and had nothing but nice things to say about her.... So I started to go to Dr. Q. as well. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Q. as well. Two years ago, one of Dr. Q.'s Daughters (Dr. L.) was in the office with her mom - doing the "tests" (no problem...) The following year, I go to one of the "branch offices" and am seen by Dr. Q.'s daughter (DR. Q. does not go to the branch offices anymore) again no problem. Yesterday, I was seen by Dr. Q.'s other daughter... It was so funny - she has reviewed my chart and started by introducing herself as Dr. L.'s sister. (Dr. L. was at the hospital delivering a baby.) I also now know that Dr. Q.s' youngest son is in residency to be an OB/GYN as well. (The oldest son is a dentist.)

Back to my appointment, when Dr. L. (2) said that if something is suspicious I'll get a phone call and a letter. If not nothing. I said, "I know, no news is good news." She said, "Yah, that sounds like my mom."

Since I took the day off for my appointments, I ran by a quilt shop and spent one of my birthday gift certificates - I bought backgrounds. I wanted a dark light - light medium to go with the Moda pack that I got as a gift. (The jury is still out on whether or not I am happy with any of the ones that I chose.)

I then took some of our gifts to our storage locker... Bad move - I tweaked my back... I felt better after rest & I informed Michael that I would not be lifting the gifts any more.

An aside about the gifts - I now have JCPenney's calling me verifying that we received gifts and that we know who sent what...

Today my office gave me a "shower" and we ate out at the Cheesecake Factory - definately not on my diet, but I did choose well (Tuna and salad greens). I got another Sears gift card, I think I am 3/4 of the way to the digital camera! :o) They also gave me a turkey baster, because during another "eating out" (We don't need an excuse & my hips are proof positive of that point) experience we discussed different uses for Turkey Basters - someone used it to get the water out of a broken Dishwasher another guy used it to siphon out brake fluid, etc. One guy said that there are "delicate" uses too - I'll let you use your imagination on that one.... But that is the "reason" for the "gift."

Sorry to blab on so long, but I started, left, and came back to this blog over the course of my day! (Tomorrow I have to catch up on blog reading!)

I need to try to get some pictures taken on my throwaway camera, becasue I think I got some cute kitty shots that I want to share! How is that for a teaser?