Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some of you have seen this quilt already. It is my most recent completion. It is fairly representational of my style. SCRAPPY! (Should closeups be added in this post - any advice on how?) However I ususally use novelty prints. This is a gift for one of my bridesmaids. There is a virtual twin for my other bridesmaid - had to keep them "even steven." (I also have to remind myself not to tell them about my brand new blog so this gift will stay a secret!) The theme of my wedding & the quilt is Black & White and red roses. (The green is for the leaves and stems) I used the pattern from "Nickel Quilts" by Pat Speth. A Nickel is a 5 inch square charm & I trade them - variety is the spice of life! I traded for a few of these, but the majority came from my stash.


Holly said...

Oooh, may I be a bridesmaid - I'd love a quilt! *VBG* Welcome to blogging, Amy. I wanted to tell you about a book you might be interested in: Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds by David Pollock & Ruth E. Van. Amazon has it.

The Calico Cat said...

Thanks - I have been thinking about that subject.... While I was born
in Germany & lived there for 4 years as a young child - I don't think it
counts (as a TCK) becasue we lived on military bases that were
homogenously American.... Does that make sense?
Thanks for the book suggestion. I'll browse through it when I go to

JudyL said...

Amy: I'll bet your bridesmaids are going to be shocked to get quilts! That's a lovely quilt and a fantastic gift!

Judy L.

Barb said...

Dang,girl, not too shabby on getting your blog together. Awesome! I do close-ups on photos with my scanner. I also use Picassa/Hello and they have a crop feature and a zoom feature for photos either off your scanner or off your computer.

Tonya R said...

Gorgeous quilt. Yes, try downloading Picasa (search on google to get to it) - very helpful in fixing photos up.