Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chess quilt, not to be confused with a Chess Pie

So the rainbow, chess, underwater loving boy of mine wanted to make a quilt.
I had the mini chess fabric because he plays the game (he has beaten the computer). I got a lot of it - it was on sale. :o)
I also had a  Kona Primary solids Jelly roll, so I decided to cut the chess fabric into 2.5 inch strips so that they would work together.
We chose 2 oranges, 2 yellows, etc. I sewed them together after Jacob cut them - we were going for random.
I had some octopus fabric - not nearly enough mind you so I found some on etsy for an arm instead of an arm and a leg.
We had to top made & the back purchased in near record time, so I had the long armer quilt is as a rush so that my son would have his new quilt before the novelty of his involvement wore off.
The binding is also a rainbow. This all happened early in 2015. He also has a small stash of underwater fabrics. When I shop in a brick & mortar fabric shop I allow him to choose 1 piece & he usually chooses an underwater print. Most recently he chose a minky back. He has his lefty fabric scissors, so I guess we need to start tracing squares & get my featherweight ready for little boy fingers...


ruthsplace said...

Lovely quilt.I didn't realise your little one was a lefty too.

Rian Ammerman said...

Very creative! Haven't seen you for a while--Jacob has grown so much. Love that beautiful red hair...