Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skyline Drive

While it is still fall...
We got up early & drove to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, we started at the top & drove all the way south. (We've been there several times before this was out first time driving the whole thing.)
Sunrise on skyline drive
Hike on skyline drive
We always hike, this time we hiked to Lewis Falls it had an 800 foot change in elevation over the course of a mile - you go all the way down, then all the way up - so it is a 2 mile hike. (My son was right when he said it was like the Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon.)
Lewis falls from the observation point
The falls from the Observation point.
Just a flashy fall picture.
The 2 mile hike round trip had an 800 foot change in elevation.
On the way back up.
My little hiker.

How I make a scrappy quilt (at least 1 way)

Charm quilt - it is the safest (I was going to say easiest, but keeping track is tedious & gets tricky) to go about getting scrappy.

Traditionally a charm quilt is 1 shape, no repeated fabric. There aren't any quilt police, so if you choose to use multiple parts of 1 fabric - go for it! (I added setting triangles - that might nullify my "charm" quilt status - don't know, don't care.)

I've done two king size cat charm quilts.
Cat charm quilt
This just shows the best "on the bed" shot. (This is quilt 2, that orange print has fish on it - cats like to eat fish...)

Also many of the fabrics repeated from quilt 1 into quilt 2. (Seriously, I purchased the fat quarter or bigger piece, I can use it in more than 1 quilt.)

Quilt 1 has that yarn print as the setting triangles. Kitties like to play with yarn...

I pieced both of them randomly. I have seen charm quilts done where all of the yellows are kept together, etc. I really like them, but it is not in my nature to make a quilt like that.

I am about to dive into the minutia of the charm collecting.sorting.
If there is a print in orange, red, & purple - I probably bought some of each.
In the resulting quilt that works like this:
Another trio of halloween kitties
Where the same part of the print is cut from each piece.
or like this:
different fabrics different scenes
That garden print came in 3 different colors, the red one is a kitty in the grass, the blue one is a kitty behind the urn, & the yellow one is a kitty at the bottom of a bird bath.
WIP 1 with RB
Trying to sort - with one of my helpers, RB who is not longer with us.
Back when I was buying for my cat charm quilts, I'd buy a farm scene for the 1 barn cat. (Officially I traded a lot too.) Or in the case of this one a pig print - I love how that piggy is holding a kitten.
I still occasionally buy a cat print...

See how the bright ones play with the tan ones & the dark ones play with the light ones (I'm not thrilled with the WOW ones, but the quilts are done.) it is the scrappy theme that holds it all together!
Only 1 link up per person... (I previously linked with my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt.)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Scrappy Burgoyne Surrounded

This is an old pattern, but I used the instructions that were in a American Patchwork & Quilting  magazine. In the beginning I shared parts of blocks:
Working on more Burgoyne surrounded blocks
Then blocks:
Burgoyne surrounded
Then sashed blocks:
Burgoyne surrounded with dashing & cornerstones
I wasn't supposed to sash all of the blocks all the way around, but I realized that too late. In this photo of the top, you can see how I "fixed it."
Goal met. Burgoyne Surrounded top finished. Can you spot the mistake? Or my clever fix?
Then I sent it out to be quilted & waited for what seemed an eternity.
That is when I really started to gush over all of the scrappy goodness! I love a scrappy quilt, 90% if not more of my quilts have 100's of different pieces of fabric in them. It is easier to get 100 pieces to play nicely together than it is 5 - in my opinion. I think that in this quilt there are some mediums that are able to be used as lights or darks, because there are so many other true lights or darks to make your brain go along with it.
I was able to use some hoarded pieces.
I hoarded that girl paying twister for a long time.
& I was able to use my favorite Heather Ross cat print.
My all time favorite Heather Ross cat print - also a well hoarded piece.
Another shot of my new quilt.
Another couple cat prints, one light, one dark. (I've make 2 "king" sized cat charm quilts in the past as well as a couple other cat themed quilts.)
 I really do like it.
I'm a fan of text prints & 2 more cat prints. The red "dark" is probably medium, but it works as a dark here.
 Wine & kitties
More text & more cats (again a light one & a dark one.)
Warm & cool
More text & yet another cat print. I also like the cool & warm prints that are similar but different.
Old cat with even older cat fabric!
I wasn't going to share another cat print (There are others that are not in this photo homage) but this one has my kitty, Rhapsody. (She is a 19 year old Tonkinese cat.)
My Burgoyne Surrounded quilt
Here is the full thing quilted - with me peeking over the top.


Monday, October 06, 2014

counting smounting

Well I ended up with 2 extra geese.

& a top that did not work out as envisioned. I saw my geese all flying up.

1st problem, I did not press so that I could easily piece that way - up & down it is.

2nd problem, by virtue of the way a flying geese unit works, (1.5 x 2 or something like that) my geese are actually flying right & left.

Next problem, it is long enough, but not wide enough to be a lap robe/throw size quilt.

What border would you add to 1 or both sides, but not the top & bottom? (Or do a good job selling a top & bottom & both sides border.)

150-ish more flying geese does not sound like the right answer right now... (I did make the wonky ones & could trim enough of those down, but...)

Oh & it officially is both bigger that I thought & too small...

I thought that it would be 36 x 24 - ish (No idea where those numbers came from, but as I was piecing that sounded "right.")

Alternate solution: call it a long baby quilt & let it be finished. (I'm almost there considering that just flying geese is how I envisioned it & now a lot of my ideas feel like - just slap something on to make it bigger.)