Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yep, I'm still working on the geese.

Last night I finished trimming the 1/4 that will be "perfect." (Many are far from perfect - oh well, as an overall composition, I'm hoping that the little imperfections will blend in.)

I'm pretty happy with my values on 90% of them, again I'm hoping that the overall composition will emphasize the light "sky" dark "goose."

I counted them after I trimmed the last one. I think there are 391 - so I need 9 more. (16x25 layout)
Luckily, I can trim 9 from the 3/4 pile that is wonky. OR I can make 9 more. I have the fabric. (Any guesses which choice I will make?)

Went to the last fair of the season & saw this lovely quilt.

I was surprised that it didn't get a ribbon. (& I completely did not care for the big winner.)

Kindergarten is wearing this one out thoroughly. (Or maybe its the lack of a nap.)

This was at 5:30 last night & it has happened 3 or 4 other times as well.

Ah well, I guess that is all that it fit to blog...

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ruthsplace said...

I like the geese blocks. Kindergarten wiped our little one out after school for the first term, it's a big adjustment.