Monday, September 22, 2014

I apparently can't count

So in my last post, I thought that I had 391 blocks & decided to make 8 more for an even 400.

The other day, I made piles of 25 - I actually only had 346...

4 more to 350 or 14 more to 360.

I'm going for 360 (anyone surprised?).

Yesterday, I pulled to necessary lights & darks. Only about 3 or 4 are repeats... (some of my lights are decidedly medium light, but in context...)

So I pressed last night so that I can start cutting for my next session of "the last blocks for this quilt."

In the meantime, we went hiking

Kindergarten is continuing to wear him out

I finished & mailed a commissioned quilt

& I switched out my hanging about the couch quilt

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yep, I'm still working on the geese.

Last night I finished trimming the 1/4 that will be "perfect." (Many are far from perfect - oh well, as an overall composition, I'm hoping that the little imperfections will blend in.)

I'm pretty happy with my values on 90% of them, again I'm hoping that the overall composition will emphasize the light "sky" dark "goose."

I counted them after I trimmed the last one. I think there are 391 - so I need 9 more. (16x25 layout)
Luckily, I can trim 9 from the 3/4 pile that is wonky. OR I can make 9 more. I have the fabric. (Any guesses which choice I will make?)

Went to the last fair of the season & saw this lovely quilt.

I was surprised that it didn't get a ribbon. (& I completely did not care for the big winner.)

Kindergarten is wearing this one out thoroughly. (Or maybe its the lack of a nap.)

This was at 5:30 last night & it has happened 3 or 4 other times as well.

Ah well, I guess that is all that it fit to blog...

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

working away...

While I can't say that I did not buy fabric for this quilt, I can say that I used a lot of what I have on hand & did a cracking good raid in my scrap bin! (Also I am fairly confident that I will be able to use the fabrics that I purchased in many other quilts. AKA I didn't just buy novelty prints.)

I also want to state that I was inspired by:  Bars: A Modern take on an English Strippy Quilt made by Rachel at 2nd Avenue Studio.

I was also sort of inspired by Eleanor Burns, I purchased enough of her rulers & watched her make the units enough times on her tv shows & webinars.

So I started from the point of "what fabric do I have?" I have a lot of 5 inch squares. I went from there to, "can I make them using the 5 inch square? (without having to trim them down first?)" Yes. YAY - ok now what size for the background? Roughly 7.5 inches square. O.K. I'll make mine roughly 8.5 inches square so that I can make some wonky, askew, irregular, imperfect. (& some perfect too - because I can.)

From there the great fabric collecting/cutting extravaganza started.

As I just said, I have (had - ok have) a lot of 5 inch squares, so I started there pulling mediums & darks (trying to avoid prints that included white - goal = high contrast.)

I could sort & cut without feeling guilty about not working on my commissioned quilt. (I had to wait for the embroidery to be completed & for the specialty fabric to arrive. ahem, I'm going with that excuse.)

I had previously un-paired warm/cool squares - after finishing the previous half square triangle quilt, I was no longer inclined to make the warm/cool one. Too bad many of them were lighter that I wanted in this quilt. But that also helped me make this far more scrappy than warm & cool with lights.

At this time I also pulled lights & started to cut 8.5 x ? pieces (If they are bigger on purpose, then I don't have to trim them to the exact size... Also some rectangles might emphasize the imperfection aspect better.)

I quit counting how many light squares there were after 250 - sounded like a reasonable number of pieces... But then I found some more prints & I had completely forgotten about my light solids (I added quite a few solids - to help emphasize the "light" knowing that some of the other lights could read medium.) When I added the solids, I added some prints with white - the solid would make them look medium.

& I purchased some lights - why not... (Don't Answer that.) If 250 is good than 400-ish has to be better, right? (& I pretty much only make big quilts, so why not "plan" for king size?)

I still don't know how many there are.

Onto pining lights to mediums/darks.
then drawing lines, then sewing on both sides of the lines, then cutting them apart.
Now to press & pin back together, then drawing more lines, then cutting on the lines again.
Like this one with a rectangular background.

The full stack of the units sewn waiting for the cut.
(I guess 18 inches to 2 feet high.)
After the cut:

At this point, I realized that the units are smaller that I thought they were going to be. No I did not go from can I use a 5 inch square to "What size with the unit be?" I bought "all" of the rulers, so I wasn't starting from I have this ruler that makes this size so my fabrics need to be this size.

Needless to say I was shocked to find that they end up 1.5x3. But you get 4 of them...
Here they are:
& Here they are:

Did anyone guess that I was talking about flying geese?