Monday, August 18, 2014

flying geese - Drunken Chicken - life

Somehow (not really Carla mentioned her) I got hooked on watching Eleanor Burns, current stuff & seriously old stuff. & decided to buy a couple books & a lot of rulers. (Am I repeating myself?)

Now I am embarking on the great flying geese/stars making binge. I am starting with medium (I honestly don't recall the end size - oops) flying geese - scrappy dark & medium geese with scrappy light skies (hoping for good contrast throughout).

With that scheme in mind, I spent the better part of 2 days to draw the line on the back of these squares. I sure did go through a lot of pencil graphite (I really wanted to type lead, but pencils are no longer filled with lead & may have never contained lead my pencil using lifetime. I probably should ask Mr. Google.) While those enticing brightly colored pencils sat waiting for me to draw a few more line - no mere mortal could have done them all in one sitting - a pair of blue eyes spied them. I caught him staring & said, "Don't touch my pencils." Well that is all it took, he could think of nothing more than to grab those pencils. He eventually did, but did not take them away, just giggled at being able to grab them.
(I know that tape player is not a pencil, but...)

(not the best action shot.)

How many lines did I draw - probably close to 400. I quit counting the background squares at 250, but I know that I added at least 100 more.

I used several of the differently colored solids several times & a couple of the prints got used more than once - that is what happens when you don't cut all at once & when you buy the same print more than once & when you store scraps separate from bigger pieces & when your scraps are bigger...

What can I say, I don't make small quilts. With that said, my plan is to fashion these into at least 3 quilts, one will be wonky, one will be as perfect as possible & the last one will possible be the blend of both...

I'll call the wonky one Drunken Chicken - I haven't made that in years? Do you have a Drunken Chicken recipe? (Beer can chicken, bourbon chicken, etc.)

I'm also preparing for 2 completely different scrappy small stars quilts. I've pulled the big squares & have started to cut the small squares, but I won't start drawing lines until I have the first batch sewn. (Ha, yeah, I'm believing that one too.)

& I'm going to make JUMBO flying geese using my taupes.

Based on the first quilt described above & the fact that it took so long to draw the lines, how long do you think it will take to sew the lines?

& While I'm asking questions, why can't I find that other UFO?

Did I show you my love note?

What about my son's travel plans?


hetty said...

OMG! Too many lines. I am getting dizzy. That would take me hours and hours - probably days! I want to go to Costa Rica too.

Rian said...

Love Jacob's sweet love notes. What a doll!