Sunday, July 13, 2014


Have you been to Delaware? What can you do there? Ordinarily I would visit a National Park, but Delaware does not have one. I'm not terribly interested in visiting the beach. If your suggestion is 5 year old friendly that would be a bonus. Just a day trip... (My Geography fan is apparently collecting states.)

Speaking of 5 year old friendly, we are headed back to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA & Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA in a couple weeks. (As of now - Quilt Show on Friday, Amusement Park on Saturday - we booked one nights stay in a hotel, I would like to visit the Country Kitchen in Intercourse, PA on the way home.)

Sadness = when your cat runs away as you try to pet her. Or Irritation = when your human really doesn't understand "meow." (She is treating me like a kitten.) Not the best photo, but this is my life right now. She hopped up to "see me" but when I reached out to pet her she ran away. So sad, I eventually followed her (as she wanted to begin with) she has a full food bowl & 2 bowls of fresh kitty water. What more could she want? Oh yeah - chicken or beef or fish. Too bad kitty momma is sipping on an iced mocha. :o)

My son is kind of into dinosaurs. Dinosaurs...
So the Smithsonian's dinosaur exhibit is closed for 5 years. Good thing he likes other things too. The boys left me to rest while they went to the National Mall to the Natural History museum - just in case & to see the ocean exhibit.

I am kind of addicted to Eleanor Burns & I am going to have to blame Carla for this new addiction. I've been watching her TV Shows - they are on her website, on Vimeo, &on Youtube. (& I have invested in a couple rulers & a couple books...)

I have accepted a commission to make a wedding canopy (Chuppah) for a couple in Israel. The center is with a machine embroiderer as I type. There is no way that I could appliqué the quote like on my chuppah.
My Chuppah

The commission will be similar but different.

Still thinking about how to use those warm/cool squares... Maybe as Eleanor Burns style flying geese.

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Anna said...

Oh, now I get how you're doing the stars. Visual aids are visual. :)