Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Question, question, I've got a question

If you get a quilt quilted by a longarmer, most of the time because of the density of the quilting there isn't a lot of drape - aka it isn't cuddly. Not good or bad, just an assumption before I ask the question.

If you densely hand quilt do you get the same effect?

Full disclosure, my top is still being basted so I haven't gotten past minimal quilting yet.

Oh yeah, On the blog, I typed it, I'm going to hand quilt a quilt. & no I'm not smart enough to start with a crib quilt, I'm starting with a KING size quilt. I have quilted smaller pieces, & I got a frame that I hope will fix my previous "can't get past the point where I can bunch up the quilt" problem.

Memory - such a fleeting thing to have... One of my UFO's is a hand quilted lap quilt. So I am apparently not starting with a KING, but it kind of sounds like I might be moving on to a king before finishing a lap.

In other news we went here
After going to the quilt show in Hershey, Pa, where I got my great grandmothers quilt appraised & spent too much money.


hetty said...

I admire you for going big! I have never quilted anything bigger than a wall hanging by hand. I noticed the drape was not as nice when my quilts are quilted by a longarmer. When quilted by hand the drape seems to be better. But I am not an expert on this matter.

Exuberant Color said...

Hand quilting always is softer, drapes better because there isn't a stitch on top and bottom at the same time like there is in machine quilting. You could ditch quilt the king first along the block lines and then do the hand quilting and maybe it would be sturdier for the duration of the hand quilting.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Not every thing has to be densely quilted. But if you're going to hand quilt a king sized quilt, perhaps you can ask your longarmer to baste it for you first. Most of them will do this service (just big giant stitching in a very loose allover meander or straight lines). Have fun hand quilting ... it'll be a very soothing project. Will you use a heavier perle cotton or the smaller hand quilting cotton?

Vicki W said...

Go big or go home!

Rhonda said...

I think hand quilting, even densely done, is softer and hangs well.

ruthsplace said...

No advice, just Wow! Hand quilting a king sized quilt! Most I've ever done is a cot sized.

I am planning on hand quilting my queen sized quilt when the top is finished though.

Celia Ambrose said...

To answer your question, I would refer you to contact Tim Latimer, or Sharon Schamber who do beautiful handquilting. You can google them, or look on YouTube. Good luck with your quilting. I do domestic sewing machine quilting, and have a midarm quilt machine and frame. But I enjoy quilting on my portable machines on the dining table.