Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vacation drama & we haven't even packed our bags yet.

This story is about traveling with food. We are traveling to Arizona & Utah. We keep Kosher at home. We are willing to eat vegetarian & fish out, but not meat - so McDonalds/Gas station fare is pretty much out for us. (Unless we want pure junk. Yes we can eat potato chips.) The national parks are not know to necessarily have vegetarian options & what they do have is pricey (Again, yes we can eat potato chips, but I don't want to pay $2 for a snack size bag.)- I understand the economics behind the pricing, that does not meant that I am planning on "buying" into it more often than "necessary." In addition to the Grand Canyon, we are hitting all of the major national parks in Utah & might even try for Death Valley in California. (Any Kosher grocery stores, stores with a kosher section - beyond a box of matzah? I'm not going to ask about Kosher restaurants, we barely have any of them here & we do have Kosher grocery stores & regular grocery stores with kosher sections? I'm not betting on it & we are flying into Las Vegas!) Unlike where we live, there are great spans of nothing out west - not even the aforementioned gas stations. (The high school that I graduated from is in Arizona - while I may be exaggerating, I am not OVER exaggerating. I am planning on driving 1+ hours without seeing much more that a landscape unlike anything we can see locally.) So I ordered prepackaged non-perishable food for us to eat in the car or on a hike or when the park food options are not open or too busy. (I've read that reservations may be necessary at the Grand Canyon lodge for dinner, I've been in long lines at other national park concessionaires.) It all arrived in plenty time & we felt like we had a good mix of healthy & fun (aka distracting from the long drive) food stuffs, while also having options so that we are not stuck with PB&J every day. Our hotel in Las Vegas is willing to accept a box - yay, I don't have to try to pack food in addition to the other stuff of travel. So Last Friday, late in the morning, I dropped off a box at UPS. Giving them 7 days to traverse roughly 2,400 miles. That is less than 350 miles a day for a company that makes its money by delivering packages. We will be driving those kind of miles without the benefit of a paycheck or profit to incentivize us. So why am I going on & on about this (Thanks to anyone who is still reading.) Yesterday, my husband got an alert that the box would not arrive in Las Vegas on Friday. Since it was sent UPS Ground, it would also not be delivered on the Saturday. Quick thinking as my husband is known for he goes into, ok lets have it sent to our hotel in Page, Az. instead. Since Monday is a holiday, it wouldn't make it to that hotel either. After not too long, we decided to have it returned to sender. (AKA Washington, DC where the food, water bottles, hats, etc. would not help us while in Utah.) Which brought us right back to the initial food issue! I have repurchased some items & they are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I will be packing them into our 3 bags - because if I put them all in one bag, that is the bag that is bound to get sent to LA instead of LV. (Heck that is too close - they'd send it to Anchorage instead!) Officially on a cruise, you can order kosher meals & they have vegetarian options. (But you can't get to the Grand Canyon on a cruise.)


Carla said...

Ugh that sucks. Sorry to hear it.

Rhonda said...

Amy, I stuck with your story the whole way. It's just like something to go wrong when you've planned so well.
I'm hoping all goes well for you and the family on your trip. Take care!!

cindyquiltsOR said...

I knew your family was Kosher and knew that could limit some options.

BUT! SHEEZ! Come on UPS ... what were you thinking?! You plan ahead, make detailed plans and get failed by UPS?!

Enjoy the Grand Canyon, I had a lot of fun there in 2000. And, we had to wait, in February, for meal seating so get that on their roster.