Friday, January 17, 2014


I've been working on these. What have you been working on?

This "block" is made up of 10 inch units. So there will only be 9 blocks, but the resulting quilt will still be large.

I want this done to tops stage by the time I board the cruise ship on Tuesday...

So I have been setting & mostly meeting daily goals. Yesterdays was to have the blocks pieced. Today;s is to have the long seams on these blocks pressed & at a minimum, the next seams to be sew to be pinned together. (I'd actually prefer to have the 3 long rows sew & pressed.)


Vicki W said...

Ohhhhh he I like that a lot! BTW, my friend is working through that bag of blocks you sent. Looks like it will make 2 veteran's quilts.

Rhonda said...

I love your project.....looks like loads of strips are being used up.
This year I'm working on small quilts to be given to nursing home clients, shelters and other needy folks. Each month I hope to make 5 quilt tops and maybe get them all machined quilted. With me doing the quilting, I'm not sure it will all get done but I'm giving it a very healthy try!!