Thursday, January 02, 2014

word of the year

I'll take prepare.

I need to prepare for my upcoming cruise vacation. (I have my spiderweb that needs to have its paper removed & I hope to finish a string so that I can remove those papers too.)
Also for the cruise, I prepared a bunch of squares that shall become half square triangles.
For the cruise itself, not the quilter on vacation needs projects portion. I am preparing for my birthday & for fun activities, meals & excursions.

I need to prepare to get sleeping beauty into Kindergarten. Parent's interview first, then after our cruise an assessment for my little reader.

I need to prepare to sew up more of my stash.

I need to prepare for our last family vacation before we are shackled to a school calendar to the Desert Southwest in May. So far we have plane tickets, car rental, & hotels/lodges planned.

I need to prepare more at work...

I need to prepare more healthy food.

I need to prepare for my athletic endeavors.

See prepare is a pretty good word for me.

I do not need to prepare for a nap - I have that one in control as does my little buddy.

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