Monday, November 25, 2013

I need to get this in writing

Last week sometime, Jacob was looking over my shoulder while I was looking at Thanksgiving recipes. (I tend to make the same things the same way, but I also search for new stuff.) Anyway I was looking at the stuffing recipe on do it delicious & Jacob asked, "What is the green stuff?" I said, "Parsley." He saiud, "Oh, Passover lettuce." Made me smile...

I also need to do a bit of meal planning here & Thanksgiving planning/prep. (I'll throw in a birthday & Hanukkah because we don't have enough on our plates already.)

Rotisserie Chicken
vegetable (snow peas, sugar snap peas, baby corn are available options)

make cranberry sauce & apple sauce

chicken nuggets from scratch (take the breasts out of the freezer)
one of the vegetables not chosen on Monday
Birthday Cake!

(Pickup the cake, pumpkin pie, groceries - incl. challah & mushrooms - take Jaocb to 5 year old check-up where at a minimum he will get a flu shot.)

make cranberry sauce & apple sauce

more rotisserie chicken
the third vegetable
latkes - ? Hopefully I made the apple sauce earlier this week.

Make cranberry sauce, apple sauce, & get the stuffing ready for the oven.


Go to the gym @ 7:00 for an 8:00 spin class (The class will be a "sell out," arrive early to get a seat.)
(Husband will go to get pumpkin donuts for THANKSGIVUKKAH)

Take turkey out of the refrigerator to bring it up to room temp.
(Stuffing preped the night before, cranberry sauce already made, pie purchased)
bake Turkey (baste with hard cider)
brussels sprouts (when turkey is resting)
butternut squash (Roast while the turkey bakes)
Stuffing, bake while the turkey bakes
microwave 1 or 2 sweet potatos
While the brussles sprouts roast & the turkey rests, turn the lower oven to keep warm & leave the stuffing, sweet potatoes, & squash in the oven until time to serve
Carve the whole turkey
set aside 1 breast, one thigh, etc. for leftovers
serve one breast sliced & one thigh with stuffing, cranberry sauce, & vegetables for THANKSGIVING LUNCH
pie for dessert
boil the carcass & neck for stock. Chop & set aside cubed turkey for leftovers recipe

Donuts for HANUKKAH

Birthday Breakfast at IHOP?

Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch & dinner (cube challah & allow to dry out)

Saturday make challah, mushroom, & turkey bread pudding

Quilting list of things to do:
bind 2 charity quilts due early December
wrap 2 quilty gifts (one to mail & one for quilt swap)
order gifts for sew & tell & wrap them
bake cookies for exchange (mail with quilty gift)
bake cookies for sew & tell
bake cookies for Carla's party
sew new 2.5 inch squares quilt(s).
make backing for the last 2 scrap vomits
sew grey blocks

What are you up to? What's on your holiday menu?


Carla said...

Sounds like a busy week. Hope you get it done!

hetty said...

Hmmmm. Let me see. No birthdays around here for a couple of months. We're not Jewish, so no Hanukkah for us. Already made the applesauce and cranberry sauce for this year. We celebrated Thanksgiving in October, (that's the Canadian way)so no turkey for us. As for quilty stuff, I just have a few things to finish. So I guess I'm not nearly as busy as you are.

Rhonda said...

You've got the right idea, writing everything to-do down. I'm sure I'll forget to bake or purchase something before Thanksgiving.....sigh!

Paula, the quilter said...

I plan my steps on the desk blotter calendar that I keep on the refrigerator door. Sunday: pull the turkey from freezer and put in fridge. Monday: Make the stuffing and cook the brown/wild rice. Tuesday: Boil eggs for deviled eggs and roast the squash. Wednesday: make the pumpkin pie (from scratch) and the cranberry relish. Thursday: stuff and cook the turkey, make the vegetarian side (roasted squash, black beans and the rice) and put in the oven, make the mashed potatoes and warm the rolls. Eat and enjoy.

Unknown said...

So busy + a 5 year old!