Friday, October 11, 2013

yesterday & today

Not long ago, I found a "lost" project.

Back in about 2007, I started a project that had 360 pieces - no big deal. In 14 sizes - still not a real big deal. As ever I was going for very scrappy & in a surprise to most of you it was going to use cat fabrics.

I had about 1/2 of it pieced & then boxed it up for our move. (The thinking was that this way the pieces would stay fairly flat...)

The box was the problem. I don't generally store things in boxes (I'm a bag lady). So this box sat on a shelf for several years. (I remembered the project, but it wasn't one that called out to me, if you know what I mean.)

Maybe 3 weeks ago, I pulled the box of the shelf, on a whim really, and found this project. While it felt good to find it, it still wasn't calling out to me. Until yesterday.

As I mentioned earlier, I had pieced about half of it & had cut out some other pieces - but there we no notes, so I spent a good mount of time figuring out what I had already done & what I needed to do. (I needed to cut some & sew some more.)

Luckily my pile of "scrappy back" squares was cut to 10.5 inches, because I needed 15 of them for this top. The rest of the cuts cam out of my scrap bin - YIPPY. Although in hindsight, I had a good wonder on what exactly is a scrap, I was able to get 5.5 x 12.5 rectangles out of those scraps... (Yeah, this pattern is ideal for large scale prints & when I started the project several years ago, I cut accordingly - yay me.)

What do you call a scrap? Does your definition change with the fabric? (or your mood?)

By the end of the day, I had all 30 of my blocks pieced into rows, today I will finish piecing the top & pieced the back out of an equally old piece of flannel that I purchased to be a quilt back - so it is fitting.

Then I will piece Fractured blocks so I can come back here later for a Fractured Friday post.

(I also got some happy surprise mail yesterday - a fat quarter bundle of some Voile fabric by Anna Maria Horner - I have that pieced into a back already - I just need a bit more Voile so it will be big enough for my Liberty Lawn & Shott Cotton top. I placed that order yesterday.)

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Carla said...

I have a sort of weird system.

I tend to be fairly conservative with my scraps - Small or oddly shaped pieces that I can get a 4" - ish square out of. Anything smaller and I usually chuck it, unless it is something really special.

I've also recently started collecting for a string quilt, so now I'm keeping strings that before I would have tossed. They are in a separate bag from the rest of my scraps which I keep folded and in a box.

I always try to go through my scraps first when starting a new project - I try to cut from those first so I don't waste more fabric.

I've also started cutting 5" squares out of "leftovers" - too big to be scraps, too small to go back into the regular fabric bins. I keep these for charity projects. I went through a whole lot during my 100 quilts for kids push, so now I'm slowly collecting them again. It was a good way to use up fabric I didn't love.

Lastly - if it is a fabric I really love, I tend to hold on to every last stitch.

Like I said, complicated. :D