Monday, October 07, 2013


There once was an old lady who collected I SPY charms. I don't know why she collected I SPY charms, perhaps she'll make a quilt. But she had already made several I SPY quilt for her young son.
So she decided to make an ADULT I SPY & so collected & traded accordingly.
zebra, quilts
She had Zebras & Quilts
aliens, victrola
lobsters, wine
& wine
money, VW vans
Queen Victoria, sewing notions
Queen Victoria & sewing notions
paint by number
Paint by number
Campbells soup
& Campbells soup (quite coincidentally next to some mighty fine non-branded beers.)
Tiffany lamp
A Tiffany Lamp
mushrooms, chocolate
A box of chocolates
seagull & math
Good old fashioned arithmetic
pinocchio & circuit-board
a circuit board
farmers market & reading
a farmers market
blue birds & Alice
Soap & stamps
purse & music notes
A pocket book
a marionette
ink pens & kerchiefs
ink pens
robots & TV dinners
Robots & a TV dinnner
marbles & tricycle
Then she remembered how much she loved those old fashioned childish prints...
yoga & rhinocerous
She still kept yoga
cowboys, helicopter, & yogurt
& yogurt
gold fish, poison, bunk beds
& potions
Mercury rocket, turtle, kittens
& a Mercury Rocket
Jiffy pop popcorn
& Jiffy Pop Popcorn (Do you remember that - oh how much fun was that to make?)
doctor cog, nanny bee
Even though she had more that enough prints, she kept adding cute things like nanny bees
beach, apple pie
She even used "precious" pieces like this beach print
secret squirrel
Do you see the secret squirrel, she loves this kind of print.
& a button card
Coors Beer (I wonder if they even know that they are on fabric with Amstel? I believe that there is some Miller too.)
sushi, cigars
Cigars are in the adult realm,
inch worm, white water rafting
but the inchworm is a childhood favorite - I had a riding toy inchworm.
casette tapes
As a child of the 80's she has cassette tapes
boom box
& a boom box
chickens, cowboy
& yet the lure of a sweet cowboy, surely is too juvenile for an adult I SPY & yet there it is

pool & peas
Along with a pool scene
magazines, quail
& a pile of magazines
double decker bus, fish
a double decker bus
rodeo, may pole
a rodeo & a may pole
backwards "F", lightening bugs
tennis, yoyos
The backwards "F" - go ahead look at it again - if it had an error, you better believe that this little old lady collected it!
sushi, school group on a field trip
garlic, rome
An Italian scene & garlic - another fun coincidence...
math, dance
I purchased that dance scene just for this quilt!
ticket, aquarium
Even as I was sewing today, I was still adding in prints, one of the latest additions was this one of tickets.

Now that all of my blocks (80 9-ptaches) are pieced, I am done with collecting for this top. & yet I still have a pile of novelty charms & I plan on using 10 inch squares of novelty prints as a pieced back...

I hope this jibberish was not too horrible to read, it is just how I spent my day & apparently a large portion of my quilt life.

What else do you see?
Can you guess what might be in the charms that did not make it into this preview?
What would you have added?


Mary said...

I too love "I Spy" quilts and fabrics. I say I"m making them for the children (other people's grandchildren) but really it's so I have an excuse to collect all these neat novelties and to use them

JillB said...

I have made several I Spy quilts for wedding and anniversary gifts! They can be just like a big scrap book - favorite foods, pets, cars, hobbies, dates, honeymoon, school mascots, sports, astrology signs. Elvis, adult beverages, calendar months of special dates, etc. IT IS SO MUCH FUN finding the fabrics! One went to med school in the Carribean and I bought a panel of the world and cut out that portion of it - another stumper was a couple who were into ballroom dancing - I finally found a big band. My husband says that I do not charge enough - but I am having too good of a time!!!

Carla said...

Very cute. Can't wait to see it done!