Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fabric fondler in in the making

He wanted something purple, but the shop where we were pretty much sucks in the purple department. (I tried in vain to buy a purple there in the past.) then he wanted ocean & almost got blue on blue whales. (I tried to talk him into Pirates & my husband tried to talk him into realistic sharks, then I saw the purple whales on this print & he was smitten.) I think that fabric was close to US$11 per yard, so yes, he does have good taste. I'll have to introduce him to online shopping & the joys of a sale bin. Because the other print that I got also near $11 was $9 online.

That was code for I kind of doubt that I will be returning to that shop. two time now I have had less than satisfactory encounters with the owner. (She should learn to keep her mouth shut since she is in a customer service industry - more or less. Apparently my husband was not considered her customer, well now I'm not either.)

In other news, I just got an iPhone5 & am learning how to use it... I use a MAC at home, but I do not get the most out of it - I am positive. I wasn't happy that when using the camera, flickr wasn't an upload option... & I am still refusing to be a Facebook person & so much is Facebook centric - grumble.

Any advice?


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I also do not intend to use Facebook so I miss out on a lot of things too. I don't have an "I" anything so I can't help you out there. I do have a tablet that won't let me watch TV on it because it doesn't support Flash Player.

sophie said...

Here are a couple options. There's a Flickr App which allows you to upload images that you have on your phone or take a photo and upload it. Also, if you use the Instagram app, there's an option to upload the image to Flickr (as well as share it on Instagram).

ruthsplace said...

Cute fabric. I hate rude store owners, if you have alternatives there's no reason to keep giving her your business.

My little one is getting quite the stash as well.

Quiltdivajulie said...

No facebook at our house either. I use Picasa for photos (from the iphone to the mac to the net).