Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Scrap vomit II.

Scrap vomit II. by aviva_hadas (Amy)
Scrap vomit II., a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

This is an admittedly bad photo of the quilt(s) that I am currently working on & tried to describe yesterday.

Just replace the purple with orange, red, or yellow. (The pink one will use the same pattern but it will be more pink. The green one will be all novelties.)

Monday, July 29, 2013

A dog quilt

Untitled by aviva_hadas (Amy)
Untitled, a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

Yes, The Calico Cat is sharing a dog quilt!.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but there are quotes printed on the fabric in the background. Those were fun to peruse.

The dogs are made out of Japanese Taupes.

I have a rather large collection of this type of fabric (& 4 100% completed quilts that use them exclusively) I have been revisiting those friends as of late - I put together a quick simple top using them so that I could have a hand quilting project while on my trip to NY & then I decided to do the very popular pattern, Swoon, in taupe as well. (I need to change the blade in my rotary cutter before starting that one - poor excuse, huh?)

So while I haven't been cutting for the Swoon, I have been sewing on my scrap vomit (S.V.) quilts. (The 30's name for this pattern is Steps to the Altar.)

Yeah completely different, but it was fun to do some mindless sewing.

You may recall that I 100% finished a blue S.V. & purple one, then I decided to do the rainbow. I now have the red, orange, yellow, green, & pink diamond blocks pieced - with the exception of one row on one yellow diamond - it must be hiding among the scrappy rows.

There are 2 blocks, one creates a double diamond - color & black, the other is 100% scrappy both are based on a 7x7 grid, the 1x7 parts of those blocks are what I am calling rows. I need to piece roughly 140 more of those rows then I will piece them into blocks. (This way my fabrics will hopefully be more evenly distributed.)

1 more tid bit on the scrap vomit quilts - the green one uses all novelty prints & the pink one uses a lot of pink scraps & scraps that have pink in them - not exclusively, but probably 90% of the scraps. (I figured that it would be fun to completely embrace the pink.) I have a nice flannel for that back of that one that has brown cats with pink accents.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Untitled by aviva_hadas (Amy)
Untitled, a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

Jacob & I went with one of my girl friends on a mini-vacation to the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, we went to Dutch Wonderland & Jacob loved it.

On Thursday, we wet to Quilt Odyssey which is a largish quilt show with a juried contest (I had seen many at Mid-Atlantic), where I got a couple pieces of Japanese Taupe fabric.

& On Friday we did "Amish Stuff." (nice tour, Amish style lunch, etc.) & shopped at the PA Fabric Outlet, where I got enough fabric. :o)

I'm so glad tomorrow is a Saturday so that we can rest from our vacation. :o)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fabric fondler in in the making

He wanted something purple, but the shop where we were pretty much sucks in the purple department. (I tried in vain to buy a purple there in the past.) then he wanted ocean & almost got blue on blue whales. (I tried to talk him into Pirates & my husband tried to talk him into realistic sharks, then I saw the purple whales on this print & he was smitten.) I think that fabric was close to US$11 per yard, so yes, he does have good taste. I'll have to introduce him to online shopping & the joys of a sale bin. Because the other print that I got also near $11 was $9 online.

That was code for I kind of doubt that I will be returning to that shop. two time now I have had less than satisfactory encounters with the owner. (She should learn to keep her mouth shut since she is in a customer service industry - more or less. Apparently my husband was not considered her customer, well now I'm not either.)

In other news, I just got an iPhone5 & am learning how to use it... I use a MAC at home, but I do not get the most out of it - I am positive. I wasn't happy that when using the camera, flickr wasn't an upload option... & I am still refusing to be a Facebook person & so much is Facebook centric - grumble.

Any advice?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Favorite Martian

My Favorite Martian by aviva_hadas (Amy)
My Favorite Martian, a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

The top had been done for far too long. I wanted to do "something" with the back, but I never worked on that something.

Then one day, I finally pieced those rectangles to gether, surrounded it with a green solid & called it a back (no photo right now), luckily I had the Kona Mocha strips saved for the binding & housed with the UFO, so that once I had the back done, I could send it off for long arming.


Amy's show and tell by JessieAller
Amy's show and tell, a photo by JessieAller on Flickr.

Earlier, I shared a not so great photo of this gift quilt...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A view from the top

DSCF9857 by aviva_hadas (Amy)
DSCF9857, a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

The windows are tiny & oddly shaped so all of the photos are kind of funky like this one.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


DSCF9792 by aviva_hadas (Amy)
DSCF9792, a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

Another one from Antietam.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Just a pretty picture

DSCF9782 by aviva_hadas (Amy)
DSCF9782, a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

For about a month, I wasn't downloading my photos off of the camera, so this one is now at least a month old from when we went to Antietam Battlefield.

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