Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hiking by aviva_hadas (Amy)
Hiking, a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

Just one way to spend a weekend. Before the hike we had a bbq & after the hike we swam in the lake.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Do you know what I have?

Oh course you do - 4 charm packs.

This tale is the birth story of a quilt. (or 3)

So I have liked Spider Web quilts since they got popular on flickr - 3 maybe 4 years by now.
But I wasn't thrilled with the various construction methods.

They I saw the Wacky Web on Missouri Star's youtube & that resonated with me.

So I got their starter pack with an extra pack of the papers - I wanted a king size quilt & did not want to run out of papers. (I needn't have worried.)

& I started my green spider web & loved every minute of piecing the triangles. I'm liking the assembly as a whole a little less, but... It's partially pieced as I type.

But I had cut too many strips for it, not a couple too many a 1/4 of a quilt too many!

I also had (have) a lot of unused triangles.

So I started to shop for backgrounds. I wanted to go super scrappy - but not trite aka white background.

I chose a print by Anna Maria Horner & almost immediately abandoned the super scrappy, now I am building more or less an ode to Anna Maria Horner - I've included other prints that "go with" the main print...

That left me with the pile of green/blue & by now a bit of everything strips for yet another spider web. (If it was worth doing once, why not do it 3 times?)

So I went back to an idea that I played with when deciding to go super scrappy & yet not trite. Scrappy solids.

I dutifully asked my husband when I purchased the large piece if 4 charm packs would be o.k. - I don't recall, he may have been non-committal.

At any rate, when an online purveyor of fabric sent me a coupon, I looked to see if they had an Kona charm packs for this project & they did so I got some. :o)

Now I have to keep the colors together, so that I get a blue star & a green star, etc. whether or not I try to arrange them into a rainbow at the end of the block piecing remains to be seen. (I doubt it.)

I also have some pretty great internet friends.
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Desert Southwest

So we are begining to plan for a trip to the Desert Southwestern United States next May/June time frame. (Probably May 24 to June 1)

Probably flying into Las Vegas - willing to drive @ 5 hours per day to get to a destination.

We are active adults travelling with a 5.5 year old - so no long hikes & no camping.

Any advice? Must see/do things? Places to stay/eat?

Right now we have narrowed our list down to:

Zion National Park
Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim)
Antelope Canyon
Bryce Canyon National Park
Arches National Park
Death Valley National Park

We have a National Parks pass & so would prefer to visit National Parks.

Any advice on how long to stay in each area? (I know you can stay in 1 park for a week, but we are probably more interested in seeing the vistas as a whole.)

Where would you stay in Las Vegas?

Thank in advance for any input.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

IDSO Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner

IDSO Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner.
I'd like a fat quarter, but can probably get away with a fat eighth or several 5 inch charms.
If you know of a store that has it for sale, I am willing to buy.

Friday, June 07, 2013


Selvages by aviva_hadas (Amy)
Selvages, a photo by aviva_hadas (Amy) on Flickr.

So on flickr, someone asked for selvages. I used to send them to someone else, but she is no longer using them, so my pile of selvages sat. I thought about putting them in the pet bed filler bag, but...

So I sent the selvages. In return she sent me some brilliant scraps & this little quilt that uses selvages.