Monday, April 22, 2013

The old reader - updated now that I have used it for a while.

1. I like it on my MAC.
2. I did not like it on my PC using Internet Explorer, but it works fine using firefox. So while I do not recall who asked me about the old reader, I no longer have the PC complaint that I had previously...

I have flagged the pages in my sampler book of the blocks that I want to do. Now to count them & hopefully have something close to 60 selected... Then i will need to draft my alphabet letters - they are 8 inches finished, the block in the book are 6 inches finished.

I am in 2 flickr groups that are sewing these blocks... I am almost motivated enough to piece one right now, but I need a nap after my workout. Can you tell my cat to come lie down on my lap? (Oh & my husband just went to pick up my son, so a few SHHHHH's are in order too.)

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Carla said...

FWIW I really like Feedly. It's an extension and not a web-based tool (yet) but it works pretty well and they are going to host a back-end replacement for Google's servers, so there's that.