Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I've made some more spider webs, here are 8 of them.

for those of paying attention, yes, I did cut into that pile of fabric. & I have purchased a couple more charm packs that I cut into post haste.

I eve got one of those new hexagon charm packs - I won't be doing that again. They are twice as expensive as the squares & while I can get one 3.5 inch square from either, I can only get two 2.5 inch squares with a lot of waste or two strips for this quilt.


Rhonda said...

Oh Amy, I just love your spider web. The colors are fantastic and that green just brings everything together...LOVE IT!!!!

Susan said...

With all the string blocks I've done, I've never done spider webs. I should try that when I finish the current string quilt! Yours look great!