Sunday, March 24, 2013


So one of the Scrap Vomit quilts that have planned is for my son. It will be mostly an I SPY (I've been fussy cutting smaller novelties). I say "mostly" because if necessary I will add other prints. & hey even polka dots are circles & stripes are lines...

While digging through my fabrics, I found an ABC print where the letters were small enough & spaced wide enough for cutting for this project.

Here is what I am going to spell out.

"Made with love by Amy Sheib for Jacob." (there are only so many letters - so Mommy would not work, nor would adding a second Sheib.)

Should I place them next to each other? Like Made (picture of a cat) by (Picture of an elephant) etc.?

Or just have the letters in order but spaced out, more like a puzzle? (There are 30 letters & 35 blocks...So that would be 1 letter in most of the blocks. Heck with his being short/young/twin size bed, I might make his quilt 5 x 6...)

Advice? Which way would you do it? (With the diamonds, I am kind of worried that right next to each other might not work... or might not work well. & I kind of don't like how the letters look right next to each other in a field of scrappiness. - They all cam from one black on white piece of fabric.)

I guess you can probably guess which way I am going to go, huh? (I'd still like to read your POV.)

Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Rhonda said...

I think spaced out is a good idea because that way Jacob will have to "spy" the letters. Makes more interesting, I think.

Vicki W said...

I vote for spaced out.

Vicki W said...

I vote for spaced out.

sophie said...

I choose choice #3 -- spell them out with the letters adjacent, along with some I-spy squares as art on the BACK of the quilt.