Monday, October 08, 2012


Pile-o-scraps by aviva_hadas
Pile-o-scraps, a photo by aviva_hadas on Flickr.

So I spent my holiday baking a pumpkin cake that turned out pretty bad (Rhonda this is your warning) but I am sure that my almost 4 year old will eat it anyway.

& cutting scraps. Not just any scraps mind you, but my Y2K (Raise your hand if you were quilting back then.) scraps. It just occurred to me that this albatross has been over my head for 13 years.

I was thinking that I would use them in my scrap vomit quilt, but there are so many Y2K (2000 +/-) pieces & I have so many other scraps - kitty scraps out the wazoo! That I might just make a postage stamp quilt using the golden oldies.

Back to the scrap vomit idea - since I have so many kitty scraps (already cut & un-cut larger scraps) that my scrap vomit quilt would be the hair ball version!

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Saska said...

I'm cutting up scraps too....squares--2sizes, diamonds, and tumbler blocks. Let me know if you need some different colors.