Monday, October 15, 2012

Party Venue - check

DSCF8561 by aviva_hadas
DSCF8561, a photo by aviva_hadas on Flickr.

Someone is almost 4!
We are having his party early there is just too much going on with everyone to try to have a Thanksgiving party. He had previously been invited to a birthday at this location (& others) so when he wanted balloons, we choose this one. (You see that he loved the car - all of the kids did. He also liked the bounce houses - especially once momma joined in on the fun aka showed him how to do it.)

Yesterday at the Fire Station open house they had a bounce house - guess who decided not to go in it... But last week he did bounce at the pumpkin patch... So by the time the party rolls around it will be anyones guess as to how much participation there will be from the birthday boy.


ruthsplace said...

4! He is getting so grown up. I hope he has a wonderful party

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