Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A back...

This is the back to the stretched stars (Number the Stars) quilt that I showed in the last couple of weeks. More & more of my backs will be squares like this. I have been culling my fabric hoard & keeping a 10.5 inch strip for scraps & scrappy backs.

Scraps - yes, I am actively embracing quilting with scraps. (I still have some yardage, but...)

So I would like to pose a question on Blogtober 2nd...

What quilt/blocks can you make with 2.5 inch squares. (trimming some of them down is fine.)
I'll go first - sorry if you don't know what I mean by what I call it - if that is the case, let me know & I'll try to blog a photo of it.
1. Granny Square
2. Postage stamp
3. Scrap Vomit (Steps to the Altar)
4. 4-patch or 9-patch (& if you have enough 16-patch, etc.)
5. half square triangles - wonky & true
6. Stars - wonky & true
7. use them as sashing or border elements
8. use them pieced together as "pick up sticks" insterts (Slash & instert)

Now I need to make a flickr gallery showing some of these ideas to remind me.


Paula, the quilter said...

For some reason, I am dull right now. I'd like to see a flickr (or Pinterest?) board on this.

hetty said...

Have you seen Terry's Scrappy Stars? I love those! I have been working with 2 1/2 inch blocks and have found many quilts made using them. Some are on my blog.