Thursday, May 03, 2012

More from the quilt shows

Once upon a time ago, I started a Baltimore Album Quilt (took a year long class) I only have 1 more block to finish to make the big quilt, but... (Yes, there always is a but) once we learned paper cut blocks, I no longer wanted to do the style that had multiple fabrics. So here I sit with a couple blocks that have multiple fabrics that would look o.k. together & several that are paper cut... Several years ago now, I thought, why not make a couple small quilts rather than one big one? I guess the resulting quilt would look something like the one above.
Just for giggles, the quilt below was in the same show - I used the fabric in the background on this as the background on my BAQ (Or the same in a different color way - it came in 2 versions.)
Here are a couple of my blocks...
my BAQ blocks with sashing
(For those of you who have been around this blog long enough - yes I shared them before in 2007.)
These show the background better:
my cutwork hearts

Back to the present:
A challenge resulted in these:
A different challenge at the same show resulted in these:


Melinda said...

I have several yards of that same background - I really loved it at the time but not sure if I will use it now.

Paula, the quilter said...

I can echo what Melinda said about having several yards of it. Now I know what it will look like as an applique background. I've seen it used as a light with some batiks.