Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Let's talk about value. First, did you know that there are 18 ways of defining value? I'm going to stick with the "fine arts" definition. (I can hear the audible sighs...) That being the degree of lightness or darkness in a color.

So when you have a pile of scraps & want to divide it by value, how many piles do you end up with? Three (light, medium, & dark)? I've read about systems that divide value into 7 (very light, light, medium light, medium, etc.). Me, I fall into the 4 piles group. & that is exactly how I spent President's Day - dividing a pile (& making more charms for those piles) of charms into light, medium light, medium dark, & dark piles.

Project A - snow balls will use the darks. It could also use the medium darks - I'm not so sure about the medium lights, because some of the light corner pieces are medium light.

Project B is a quilt in one of my newest quilt books. Where I am trying my darnedest to figure out transparency. The lights & the medium darks "work" & I hope to find a suitable dark at Mid-Atlantic this weekend & in the end I hope that the resulting quilt will show some transparency.

That of course leaves me with a pile of medium lights that do not have a project perse... I am o.k. with that because these piles are all from my Japanese Taupe collection & I have saved scraps that from lower valued fabrics would have been tossed. (I spent upwards of $20 per yard on some of these...) Now I have 1 old UFO in action, 1 new WIP and some scraps & charms & a couple more ideas brewing...

The question for those of you playing along - how do you divide your scraps when dividing using value. (I have previously divided by color &/or theme.)


Unknown said...

ACCCCK! I do not see color well and ask other people to help me.

Sheeez. At the market tonight I asked the clerk: are there shoe laces brown or black?

Quilting is still geometry for me so learning color will have to wait! I still use a lot of solids.

Rhonda said...

Well, if I get around to dividing my scraps, I use the 8 crayon method... black, white, yellow, red, green, etc. The only time I really use value is when I'm working on a project where the color tones need to blend in a gradual step by step way, i.e. the wings on an eagle going from a dark brown to a lighter brown. I think I just babbled an answer... sorry.

cityquilter grace said...

for me it depends on the project; some mediums are lights and some mediums are darks depending on the project and how they are placed...a tough question, amy...i have some mediums that are working as darks in a scrappy log cabin project.