Friday, December 23, 2011

group quilt

DSCF6974.JPG by aviva_hadas
DSCF6974.JPG, a photo by aviva_hadas on Flickr.

Another group quilt that I participated in. Can you guess which block is mine?

Moment from Mommyhood:
(Back story, we call "boogers" "yuckies.")

Jacob: "I like yuckies."
Mommy: "Why?"
Jacob: "They taste like me."
Mommy: stunned silence.

Second scenario (not as gross.)
After having been given a bag of treats for Hanukkah.

I gave Jacob one cookie (He had already eaten a donut.)
I said, "You can have one."
Jacob said, "Just one."
I said, "Yes."
Jacob said, "Not two?"
I said, "Not two."
After he finished the first one he took a second one & said, "Just one."

(Apparently I meant, One at a time. His father hid them while we walked away.)


Rian said...

Well, I don't see a cat block in that quilt so I'm going to guess you made the flower basket on the top right.

Rhonda said...

I am laughing about the first conversation with you little one. Too funny, mommy!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

I love your moments from mommyhood!! too cute! He really is growing up isn't he?

Deb H said...

No cats, so not sure which would be you, but I love the Mmmy moments. Too cute!