Friday, December 23, 2011

Dreidel sugar cookie - the only one that did not spread out into a circle.

My recipe is apparently too soft.
Care to share your recipe?

I did a tray with sugar - a bit of nostalgia on my part. (I had 6 colors.)

The rest are waiting for Jacob to decorate. I ended up making circles - since the rest spread into circles anyway.


cityquilter said...

maybe a bit more flour would help them hold their shape....not sure but that's what i would try...

Amber H. said...

I actually had this same problem, but my secret is to separate the eggwhites from the yolks. When you add your wet ingredients together, just put in the yolks, and then start adding your flour and whatnot. It's gonna be REALLY dry, so at the end add the whites. I do this and I have no issues with my cookies not holding their shape.