Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another random vacation shot. I love how his eyes look in this one.

Another post that has nothing to do with the photo...

SO alack of responses to my questions yesterday - does that mean that everyone has a stash of all of their kids toys & books from the begining? (If you do, can you send me all of your old Play Skool & Fisher Price toys?)

Am I the only one who plans on culling the art work too?


Suzan said...

My sister says I have no heart. She kept EVERY SINGLE Fisher Price toy her children ever received. She kept clothing, shoes, books, everything. Now let me just say that she also has a 5500 square foot house and hasn't moved in 26 years. I had one truck in which I stored the stuff I thought worth keeping (and now the Matchbox cars are being played with by my grandson). As the boys were old enough to choose, I let them decide which artwork pieces they wanted to keep. Those I saved and gave to them along with their baby books when I moved to Seattle. I do still have in my hope chest their first baby blankets, first pair of shoes and I still have their first tooth. That's it.

paula, the quilter said...

I must be heartless too. I have a couple of books and a baby blanket. The artwork I either scanned or photographed and saved digitally. DS has two rubber maid tubs stored in the basement with things like baseball cards and hot wheels. That's it.

Ida said...

I culled as he outgrew.

Art -- you can scan/photograph, so that you have the memories. I lived through a flood. Many of my early art projects were lost. I have a plaster handprint from kindergarten, and a few school-aged christmas ornaments that my Mom kept.

By the time my son was in school, they weren't doing as much art (it's such a shame), or the art just didn't come home. I kept book reports, report cards, etc. that came home.

Not Lucy said...

I have more space than you do (an attic is a dangerous thing!) and I was raised by parents who were kids during the depression so things get saved for the next generation. My mom always had a toy box or closet for any kids to play with which had toys my brothers, sister and I played with and some she got at rummage sales and thrift stores. I have a good supply of toys that my kids played with along with some of the ones from my mom's toy closet that my grandkids and other little visitors play with.

The artwork from my kids got culled down to one bin for each child a few years ago.

Libby said...

Culling artwork is a necessary endeavor, unless you want to be featured on an episode of Extreme Hoarders. On books - I still have all the books that were mine as a girl along with those that belonged to The Princess. Books are hard for me to get rid. The only toys saved are a select few VERY favorites that now all live with The Princess.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Scan the artwork and toss the originals. Otherwise you will need a storage building within a year.

Books - I don't know if day care centers accept used books or not. Dentist offices? Pediatricians? Mom's Day Out groups? My sister's children were younger, so our excess went to them.

Toys - garage sale is #1, gifting gently used toys to friends with younger children, donations to church nurseries, play groups, etc. (and then there is always Goodwill, although they generally toss stuffed animals due to germ concerns)

My mother kept EVERYTHING so I am inclined to clear out more than store. You are NOT alone on this!

Saska said...

I kept a LOT of things, but I had the place to do so.
A lot of the things that I kept...the boys couldn't remember. I was heartbroken, but I learned that things were important to me and not to them.

Ask your local library if they would like the books, or is there somebody else who is having a baby who would enjoy them?