Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The binding fabric.

The binding fabric. by aviva_hadas
The binding fabric., a photo by aviva_hadas on Flickr.

Yeah another completed quilt. This one is an ABC quilt in blue.
(I buy ABC panels. This one I saw in pink & in blue, I bought one of each before I ever get pregnant. I have since send the pink one off to be made into a quilt for a girl.)
I sent 2 letters off to 11 girls in an online Bee - it was tense for a month or two, but I love the result. My GF also did 2 blocks. So I did 6, including the two that bring this to a 5 x 6 (The panel had "Now I know... & Next time..." as two "blocks.) layout.
One of the backing fabrics is a print that shows the Hebrew "Alphabet" Aleph-Bet. I loved that juxtaposition, but I also loved being able to use a rather ugly print. (The other two backing fabris are also Judaic in design & "go with" the Aleph Bet print - because they were all made by Alexander Henry. (The one not showing here is a Hanukkah Print.)
Back to the "ugly" comment - at least it is not blue & yellow or blue & white - common themes in Judaic prints.
I had hoped to use what I had on hand to border this quilt, but what I had that was big enough did not work, so I shopped (with some help from my friends) for the borders during my monthly sew-n-tell meeting. (I like them o.k., I love that the quilt is done.)
The binding did come out of my stash, a Joann special & it feels like it. (I bought it because I went through a period when I purchased some (sometimes a lot) of every Judaic print that I found - to support & to promote the making of this niche product. I am happy to have been able to use the fabric.


Rhonda said...

You are whipping or churning those quilts out. Way to go.

Miri said...

Great back! I just love the front of the quilt and using the Hebrew print for the back is very clever. I know exactly what you mean about "ugly"-why do Judaic prints have to be so strange-on the whole they remind me of wrapping paper!