Friday, June 24, 2011

try again

I tried to show these quilts from the last local quilt show that I attended earlier, but the gremlins must have intercepted them. Today it is all about the small/mini quilts.:
DSCF3896 I have a house quilt hiding in me - mine will have cats in the windows & doors. (Any one suprised?)
DSCF3895 This is like one of my UFO's, only mine will be bedsized. (At this show I bought 4 more shirting prints - I can't help myself.)
DSCF3891 Some of the hands were appliqued down, others were not... The light binding I find intriguing too.
DSCF3892 I can not fathom making half square triangles that small...


Suzan said...

Mini-quilts always fascinate me...not that I would EVER make one!

cityquilter said...

very nice little quilts...and about the either, not in this millennium