Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Monday was our first day at the pool.

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This little someone did not want to leave! & to think he pitched a fit about putting on that swimmy diaper earlier in the day. Hopefully we won't have that fight again.
Because he likes the pool or because he is potty trained, I'll take either scenario. The training isn't going so well. He is very opposed to wearing underwear... Edited to add that at 2.5 he can say, "I want a diaper." & When shown the blue swimmy diaper, he can say, "I want a white diaper."


julieQ said...

Your baby is growing so much...pretty soon he will be saying "I want the car keys!"

Suzan said...

He knows exactly what he wants...sounds like his mama?!

Rian said...

Kids know exactly what they want and don't want. I saw a commercial for some cool-dude Levi-looking diapers yesterday. Thought of Jacob.

Rhonda said...

He is learning that he has an opinion and that someone (mommy) had better listen..... hehehehehe
What a cutie!!!

Greenmare said...

too too funny! A white diaper is better than a blue one huh?