Monday, June 13, 2011

local quilt show

DSCF3884 by aviva_hadas
DSCF3884, a photo by aviva_hadas on Flickr.

Once upon a time ago, i was totally smitten with Koi - fabric in particular. I finished 1 Koi quilt, have one Koi UFO & I might have a Koi pile-o-fabric.

Mind you the one that is completed is a Faux log cabin, the UFO will probably be a spider web, & the pile-o-fabric was supposed to be a scrappy rectangles quilt.

Nothing near as artistic or complicated as this lovely piece.


Rhonda said...

That little quilt has so much interest. Love it!!

Rebel said...

Wow - that's impressive. I really like surface embellishments in art quilts am going to start incorporating them into my journal quilts.

Deb H said...

The distant shot doesn't begin to really tell the story, does it.
The close up of the fish & embellishment really show how lovely this little piece is. & how much work actually went into it!

Thanks for sharing the show!