Monday, May 16, 2011


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(An old photo, but I wanted to throw something up there...)

With that said, I worked on some quilting this weekend - I found a place on the Brown Bear quilt that needs a quick unpick...

The cat ABC back still needs completing - ditto the Martian quilt.

I cut some more for my low-volume quilt - need to count, but I will probably end up with enough for 2 quilts (Some of my lights are rather dark - go figure.) so I am not totally worried about cutting too much & I want to add in the ones in my stack that are not already in the mix.

I got the last piece of fabric that I have been "wanting" for my orange & aqua quilt...


How bout you?

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Stevens Family said...

wow, you've been busy! I've been on vacation this week so all I've been able to work on during the long drive has been a binding. The quilting isn't completely done but I wanted something to work on.