Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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For a change, this photo has something to do with the text.

The are Hershey's Special Dark & Walnut cookies.

I pretty much followed the recipe on the back of the chip bag. (I used more walnuts - I am nutty what can I say. & I used whole wheat flour.)

I used a cookies scoop & my helper was ready & willing to help as I scooped those "meat balls." & he likes dough - I could not keep his fingers off of the ball as I scooped the next one. Luckily he did not find out that he likes dough until I was almost done scooping.

It is on my cutting board, but don't let that fool you, while I put fabric up there on the cutting mat, I did not actually cut any fabric.


julieQ said...

Yum! I just love that these special cookies have a special helper...kinda magic!

*karendianne. said...

Oh no. Cookie Monster - again!

Susan Tidwell said...


Rhonda said...

My mouth is watering!!!